Jun 30, 2011

My Gardenia

Besides a vegetable garden, we also put flowering plants in the flower bed at the front yard.  My honey helped me picked the plants that will tolerate the summer heat.  Some of the flowering plants we got did not make it.  But it's okay.  Now I know which ones don't survive longer.

I had a shrub planted too.  Because of the flowery scent, I picked a Gardenia.  It says in the label that it can grow up to three to four feet (height/width).  Big huh?  I like its blooms.  Gardenia grows compactly and reblooms through summer and fall.

Planting Instructions for Gardenia:

1.  water before planting
2.  plant in full sun to part shade
3.  dig hole 3x the width of pot
4.  backfill and plant 1"-2" above soil level
5.  water and add more soil if needed
6.  mulch plants

I hope growing this Gardenia will be a success.

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Jun 27, 2011

Vegetable Garden

 We are so proud of our small vegetable garden.  The vegetables are growing big and tall.  We have okra, string beans, eggplant, black eye peas, tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos, squash, and herbs.  Thanks to Island Girl for the string beans and for the herbs.


Every other day my husband picks okra, peas, and tomatoes.  They quickly get large big time.  My honey water gives the garden good amount of water so the vegetables don't get dry.  

Oooh, I can't wait to make stir fry and vegetable soup.

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Jun 25, 2011

A Tiny Decision Can Change A Course Of Life

Life is full of ups and downs.  Success and failure. Sometimes you have the good thing, the next day it's gone.  It happens to everybody.  Life is full of changes.  And change is the only permanent thing in the world. It is undeniable that people change too.  A simple action, a small journey, and even tiny decision can change a course of life.

I have been through challenges and struggles.  Heartaches enveloped my soul for years.  But I faced all of them with confidence and strong self-control with a pull of motivation.  These helped me understand that, even somebody is there to help you, you have to rely on yourself to survive.  I am still aiming for a personal breakthrough. 

Although I (sometimes) feel down, just thinking about the people who mean so much to me bring joy to my life.  I believe that whatever hardship we encounter, we can conquer it with faith, patience, and diligence.

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Jun 9, 2011

Still In Postpartum

I feel totally exhausted.  There are so many things to be done but my energy level is getting low at the end of the day.  The priority is priority.  'Should always stick to the routine.  If not, it will be a mess. It is hard.  Especially if you are not getting any help.  I am trying to broaden my understanding.

I feel bad because crankiness gets me.  Short-tempered...don't feel like talking to anybody.  And I do things that are not supposed to be done because they are not good.  What is happening to me?  Is this still postpartum?  Or I just don't know how to handle things?

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Jun 7, 2011

Today's Humor: Visiting the Zoo

Three mischievous boys skipped school one day and instead went to the zoo one day for an outing.

They decided to visit the elephant cage first, but soon enough, they were picked up by a zoo security officer for causing a commotion.

The officer hauled them off to the Security Office for questioning.

The supervisor in charge asked each of them to give their names and tell what they were doing at the elephant cage.

The first boy innocently said, "Okay, my name is Gary, and I was just throwing peanuts into the elephant cage."

The second added, "My name is Larry, and all I was doing was throwing peanuts into the elephant cage."

The third boy was a little more shaken up than his buddies and said,

"Well, my name is Peter, but my friends call me Peanuts." 

Thanks to

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Jun 5, 2011

Fun With The Family

My honey had a four-day weekend off so we went out-of-town.  As always, we had a wonderful time visiting my in-laws in Tyler.  It was the Memorial Day weekend.  Besides hanging out and eating nice dinner, we watched war movies.  And oh, my mother-in-law showed us how to play Mahjong (American style).  

American Mahjong is a bit complicated than what I used to play.  I thought I almost had it (except for the 7's.  It should be 9's.  I will learn in the long run. I missed playing Mahjong.  It's a fun game.

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