Aug 31, 2009

My Favorite Coffee And Some Travel Tips

My friend N got back from the Philippines. She granted my request to bring me a pack of 3-in-1 instant coffee. I am so happy because that is my favorite coffee.

N had a two-week vacation in the Philippines. She said two weeks is just a short time because some of her travel plans were canceled. Instead of catching up those plans on the early days of her vacation, she just went home to her province and spent most of the days with her family. She really had a wonderful time, I saw it on the pictures she took.

What made N really disappointed was, the prices of the necessities back home went up really high...almost doubled. She told me that she watched her budget. N advised me to be very wise with our spending when we go for a vacation to the Philippines so we will not caught out of hand. Gee, even airlines' excess baggage check charges had geared up. Now my honey have to watch for our luggage's weights.

I appreciate N so much for giving us some tips and bringing me a pack of my favorite coffee :) Welcome back N!

Aug 28, 2009

Gifts And Stuff Are In Transit

As usual, the package we sent are full of stuff which includes the gift for my mother on her birthday. My honey and I bought some body essentials for the family.

The most special gift we have for my mother is a couple of nice tops. My mother likes blouses. She can pair them with any jeans, skirts, or shorts. Finding those blouses was never difficult because I just looked at clothing catalog online. She will surely like the trendy style of the clothes. The comfortable make is another advantage since the weather back home is unpredictable.

My mother appreciates all the things given to her. Clothing is one of her interests. That is why the women's Clothing Catalogue on the Internet helps a lot on my online shopping. I just have to be very careful with the size selection. But price wise, I get a big of a deal when I shop online. As early as now, online clothing stores displays their fall clothing collection for sale. Wide selection of trendy women's clothes are available. Prices are very low on sale items too.

Oh well, enough of the talking. What matters to me now is that, my mother will get the blouses and the other stuff by first week of October.

Shipping Service Comparison

We sent another package full of stuff to my family in the Philippines few weeks ago. This time, we are getting the service of Forex (head office is in Houston, Texas). I read about Forex's delivery services online. Actually, some of my online friends (Filipina) uses Forex to send their packages to the Philippines. We are still using our banks (PNB) rapid delivery service. But we want to try something new, hopefully, better. I think there is nothing wrong with shipping service comparison. We just want to know which shipping company has the cheaper and yet the better service.

Another Blessed Year For My Mama

It is my mother's birthday today! I am happy that God has blessed her another year. 'Called and wished her Happy Birthday. Her gifts and other stuff for the family are on its way so she will be expecting them next month :)

"We love you Mama!"

Aug 25, 2009

To Maximize The Space In The Bedroom

Remembering when I was in college and living with my cousins in my aunt's rented house, my life was full of struggle. As a working student, I had to wake up early to go to work and bring my school stuff with me so I can go to the school straight from the office. Also, my aunt's house is not that big, so me and my younger cousins had to sleep together side by side on the floor (of course we had a mattress). It went on until my aunt and uncle decided to buy their children a bunk bed to maximize the space in the bedroom.

The bunk bed they bought just looked like this. I still remember how my young girl cousin and I had fit on her spot below since we were both tiny :)

My aunt and uncle did a good decision because their kids had their privacy while their growing up. And they made a good choice for getting their childrens beds. My aunt did a bedroom make-over and she did a great job. Her kids loved it and were excited about their new beds. They invited me to sleep in their bedroom sometimes way back then.

Aug 24, 2009

On The Lighter Side #7: Bilingual, Chi, Success

If at first you do not succeed, call it Version 1.0

A dog applied for a job with the foreign service and passed all the exams easily. "You will need to show you are bilingual, said the interviewer, "Miaow! said the dog.

Seek out the road to success, but do not be surprised if you find it is still under construction.

Chinese medicine is based in the principle that the body is charged wit hlife energy, called chi. That is why chihuahuas bark so much.

What is the difference between one yard and two yards? A fence.

Obey gravity! It is the law.

Coffee News June 12, 2009

What's Your All Time Favorite Footwear?

Speaking of back to school, shoes is one of the top items purchased this season. See, this is the time to shop for footwear because of the huge sale going on in stores or even online. My friend at work already shopped pairs of school shoes for her children. Of course, she bought a pair of marc by marc jacobs designer shoes for herself too.

Everybody look for comfortable shoes to wear everyday. Me? I love wearing loafers because they feel comfy on my feet. Plus, they do not wear out easily...they are durable. Loafers are my all time favorite footwear.

Aug 23, 2009

Hosiery Is Tax Free Too

'Been a busy week for me at work because of the tax free weekend. Tax free weekend is one of the busy event in the USA. It is held before the school year starts. Here in Texas, the tax free weekend is August 21-23, 2009. That means the public does not pay tax for clothing, shoes, school supplies, backpacks, and other items associated to back to school.

I thought of buying something for myself. But I never get the chance until tonight. I remember there was a merchandise placed on hold for me in the hosiery section. Before we closed, my associate said it is okay for me to leave the counter and buy the pantyhose. So I hurried upstairs, I bought a pantyhose for $1.48. No tax :)

We work an extra hour during this event. My body is aching for a three days off now :)

Quick Money On The Internet?

Quick money on the Internet is easy if you know how to manage your resources when getting into a stock trading online. You have to be very smart on this.

An online broker knows how to handle his investment wisely. We know that businessmen have a very good analysis when it comes to their financial status. But online stock trading is quite different. A brilliant strategy is needed to become successful on this online trading venture.

Are you a stock trader today?

Needs The Best Training And Knowledge In Business

The thought of putting up a small business is still up and open. My honey wants to do a buy and sell business. I think that is a good idea since we like selling. But the resources are low right now. We need to get contacts. We need also need to get the best training to become more confident and gain as much knowledge as we can get about this type of business. High risks are possible so we should be ready yet careful.

If you have any tips and suggestions, please feel free to share them with me. I will highly appreciate it.

Know The Scent They Like

I was very glad that we came and visit my in-laws in Tyler. Also, I was able to give a birthday gift to my sister-in-law...though it was late. Better late than never.

The day was beautiful so me and my mother-in-law went downtown and bought the Pretty perfume that I had in mind for a present. Good thing my sister-in-law loves fragrances, so looking for the scent was quick.

Perfumes are the perfect gift to love ones too. If you want to give someone a fragrance, you should know the scent they like so they will not be disappointed with it.

Vision And Discovery

Did you know...

Night Vision
Tigers do not need night-vision goggles like humans do. Their built-in night vision is five times better than a human's ability to see in the dark.

Brewing Coffee
Coffee may have been discovered by an Ethiopian goatherder in A.D. 850, but it was not until 1800 taht the precursor of a coffee pot was invented by Frenchman. Before that, people simply poured boiling water through ground beans held in a makeshift filter.

Aug 20, 2009

Enjoy The Summer, Go Somewhere

Do not let summer pass without you having a wonderful vacation. You can visit the beautiful summer vacation spots locally or out of state either. One of the enchanting getaway destination is the Myrtle Beach Resort in South Carolina. If you are a beach bum, you will definitely find this place a getaway for you and your family. Worried about accommodations? The Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach offers affordable room rates. The location is desirable because it is the ocean front Resort in Myrtle Beach. Sounds appealing right?

My friend who resides close to the resort sent me an invitation to come over there. We already had travel plans before the invitation arrived. But I am looking forward to visiting her some time in summer next year.

Aug 17, 2009

Out-Of-Town Trips Are Always Great

A visit to my my parents-in-law has always been great ever since I came and meet them. My husband has a wonderful and beautiful family. They treat me nice and I love them.

We went to Tyler again this weekend. We used the new car and I drove all the way over there in the evening after I get off from work. It was a smooth and comfortable drive. My honey called his dad to tell him we will be arriving at about 1:00 A.M. When we arrived, dad and prissy (their dog) were waiting for us at the door.

As usual, mom prepared a delicious breakfast while dad made the good coffee. Then mom and I went to the mall because I had to buy a present for S, my honey's sister. She had her birthday last month but we did not come for the celebration because I had to work the weekend of her special day. Mom told me she likes fragrances, so I bought her a new scent from Elizabeth Arden called "Pretty". Mom said S and family is coming over for supper. I gave her the gift and she liked it!

We enjoyed the spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad that mom prepared. We watched the fishing video after supper because S have not seen it yet. She likes fishing so much. Sure time passes by when you are having fun. It was almost the sleeping time for kids so S and family went home. Mom, dad, my honey and I hung out in the living room for a while. Then when we got really sleepy, lights turned off and we went to bed.

Aug 14, 2009

Get The Best Insurance For Your Vehicle

Until now I still remember the accident we had few months ago. A young lady was driving a rental car. She was running higher than the speed limit in I-20 tailgating the car in front of her in the passing lane. Driving in the center (thru traffic) lane, my honey saw the quick flash of the brake lights from the car in front. In a blink of an eye, the young lady went out of control of her car and swung around three times in front of us. Though my honey had hit the brakes, still we hit her.

The insurance company of the rental car claimed for the damage. But our insurance said no because, according to the investigation, it is the young lady's fault. So we got paid for our vehicle's front bumper repair plus my honey got money for a rental car service to and from work for a week.

The insurance company of our vehicle is very reliable. They took care of everything. We just submitted an incident report. Having a very efficient van insurance makes a total difference than other insurance services. They give us the best service when it comes to automobile protection and damage claims. Depending on the automobile type, the quotes may differ but still the monthly premium is affordable. If you are interested to get free quote, visit for insurance products that you might want to check.

Aug 12, 2009

Rushed To Pay The Bill...Nearly Lost My Sunglasses

I was in a hurry to pay my store credit card bill at the mall because today is the due date until 5:00 P.M. Last month's payment was late and I do not want to do it again. So I rushed to the first register I saw at the department store and paid my bill. Then I shopped for a couple of Hanes hosiery and a hat with my nearly expired rewards coupon. When I was heading back to the car, I realized my sunglasses is gone. So I went back to the counters where I checked out and paid my bill, but the associates said I do not have the sunglasses with me. Ah! Ridiculous. I had no idea where I left my D & G sunglasses. I bought it for myself as a gift for working hard. Still in a hurry to go home before my honey gets home, I headed to the car praying that somebody might turn in my lost sunglasses in the store's lost and found area. I looked around inside my car hoping to see it somewhere. Then my eyes glanced the back seat and guess what I saw? My sunglasses! I uttered thankful words repeatedly. I drove home happily and relieved.

Geez!!! I almost lost my sunglasses.

Aug 10, 2009

The Kitchen Is The Heart Of Our Home

For us women, the kitchen is the heart of our home. Why? Because this is the only place where you prepare, cook, and serve food for the family. Also the kitchen is considered the busiest part of the house because here, the family gathers together for a delicious meal.

Though my kitchen is not so orderly like yours, I kept all my cooking stuff in a place where I can easily find them. I wish I have jk adams pot rack where I can hang all my pots and pans for easy reach. But everything looks fine to me. My spices are in jk adams spice rack that my honey bought years ago. So when I am cooking, all I do is grab the rack and choose the seasoning I want. Other kitchen stuff like utensils, silver and chinaware are placed in the cabinets. I am still checking jk adams products for fine kitchen tools though.

My kitchen is not as pretty as others have but it is the place in the house where my honey and I happily cook our food together. I think it is wonderful. I love my kitchen. Sure you love yours too.

Neck Bone Alignment Therapy

Unexpectedly, my cousin E and her husband did not come to the house on Sunday. E called at nine o'clock in the morning telling me she was hurting her back since Saturday night. I was worried. I asked if she did a lot of garden works. She said no. She thought it was because of her neck bone and back alignment therapy. It is like a small massage therapy equipment that is placed behind the neck. E mentioned its name to me but I forgot. The vibration from the pad helps in spine alignment. And a mild back pain is normal, that was the doctor told her.

Well, maybe we will schedule another day to meet next month because my honey and I had planned of going to Tyler this weekend.

Aug 9, 2009

Here Is A Help To Protect Your Home

How safe are you and your family? Is your home protected? I am asking these questions because I would like to know what you do to protect them.

Our surroundings has harmful influences, and it is very important to have Home Security Systems that will help protect our homes from bad people in the society. Do you have one in your home? If you do, you did the right thing. Safety is our priority and getting a Home Security service is the right choice.

We have ADT Security at home. And everyone's house in our neighborhood have them too.

Aug 7, 2009

Start Saving Water Now

Back home, we have always taught to conserve water. Whenever there is a leak somewhere in the water pipe that leads to the faucets, my father will fix it immediately to avoid wasting the water. And when we do the laundry, we do not let the water running while rinsing the clothes. We have enough containers to store the water for emergency use.

Saving water can also be done in the bathroom. You should not let the water pouring from the shower longer than you bathe. And, you should have a dual flush toilet in your home. Dual flush toilets have the advantage of reducing the monthly water bill. There are many ways how to save water but these are a few that you might want to practice at your homes.

Imagine how many thousand gallons you can save in year if you start saving water NOW? You can do it if you have the sincerity and dedication to do so.

Aug 4, 2009

Top 10 ECardsters Of July 2009

What a wonderful feeling to share this beautiful day with loved ones and friends, especially if you have something (food and drinks) on the table. The chit chats and laughter are the priceless treasured moments.

Anyway, I just want to extend my warm hugs to all the bloggers and readers who never fail to come by and stay a while here. Once again, I want to thank the Top 10.

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Aug 2, 2009

They Are Coming Over And 'Could Not Think Of What To Cook

My cousin E is coming over to see us tomorrow. Their plan of driving to Fort Worth is because her husband T is buying something that the retailer can only be found here. After buying what they want, they are going to Fort Worth Zoo. My honey and I were there last month. I guess we have to let my cousin E and T enjoy their visit at the Zoo and the beautiful animals. She learned that Fort Worth Zoo is named one of the Top Zoo in America, again. And that is true.

Anyway, I could not think of something to cook for the couple tomorrow. Oh oh! My honey baked a chicken this evening. Maybe we can have some chicken sandwich and salad for lunch. Hhhmm...I do not know if they will like that. Well if new things come up, we might just have to eat in a restaurant somewhere.