Dec 29, 2013

It Would Be So Nice To See A Deer

We are at the folks' house this weekend to visit and spend the usual weekend with my honey's parents.  We celebrated Christmas at home so we didn't come over on Christmas Eve.  As usual, our little one was very excited to see her grandparents.  They weren't able to come to DD's birthday party three weeks ago because of the winter storm that brought ice and below freezing temperature. So DD got to open her birthday and Christmas presents Friday.

Since we didn't have any particular plan yesterday afternoon, dad took us to the park because he wanted to feed the ducks.  But when we arrived, there were a few people fishing and the ducks were in the distance.  Dad didn't want to stir the ducks which will create a disturbance in the water and disturb the fishing.  So we went home instead.  On our way home, we told dad that we're going for a walk for a while.  DH, DD, and I had a little adventure this afternoon.  Well, we were just having fun walking, looking for interesting stuff.  

Hoof prints of a buck and a doe.

Then DH noticed these deer tracks on the ground.  The hooves print were still fresh so the buck and the doe were kind of strolling along side of the road.  Ah, we missed them!  It would be so nice to see a deer.

We had a wonderful dinner with the folks.  Their neighbor across the street came over to have dinner with us. 

Dec 28, 2013

Here's Another Way To Make Your Business Stand Out

If you own a business that relies on customer service, a uniform can go a long way toward making your employees memorable. Uniforms can be formal or casual, but they provide a number of important features that truly make your business stand out.

Professional Dress

If you are employing a number of different age and socioeconomic classes, you will find that what passes for professional dress may vary greatly. Uniforms are a great way to guarantee a professional look without the need to pass a dress code that may need frequent updating and require your time and employee hours to relay the information. Uniforms may consist of professional office attire, such as slacks or skirts and a button down collared shirt, or they may require specific articles of clothing. The exact configuration of the uniform is up to you, and there are now more options to choose from than ever before.

Recognizable Employees

A distinctive, professional uniform will allow you to be recognized for what you do. Recognizable uniforms allow customers to quickly find help in retail stores where they may need service or advice, and provide free advertising when they are seen outside of your place of business. Many companies have found this to be a very successful strategy, including places like the US Postal Service and UPS.

Functional Clothing for the Job
Uniforms can also provide proper attire for jobs that are too difficult or dirty to do in regular clothing. Coveralls, raingear, and cold weather attire are great perks to provide to your employees, depending on the job, and having the logo of your company on the clothing allows them to show their pride in working for you while wearing necessary protective gear. If the clothing is useful in more situations than just work, like a fleece jacket or hat, it becomes an advertisement for your company wherever your employees go.

Finding the Right Uniform
The right uniform should take several things into consideration. They should look classic enough to last a few years, but also have a fit and fabric that isn't dated. The clothing choices should also represent the kind of message you want your employees to convey.

Once you've decided on the uniform you'd like to give or require, the next step is finding the right place to create them. There are a number of uniform shops that can offer different choices. Online, one great option is Averill's Sharper Uniforms. Click here to see the great selection that they provide, no matter whether you're looking for a professional or a functional look.

Dec 26, 2013

Chistmas Celebration At Home

We had a great Christmas celebration at home.  My darling daughter had fun unwrapping her presents from family and friends and from Santa.  She enjoyed her gifts most especially the cute elephant tent and the new bicycle for toddlers.  

My living room was a mess yesterday-toys and books everywhere.  I cleaned it up last night but the tent is still up in the living room up to now.  I know she is really fond of it.  My husband and I are happy that our little one is happy on her first Christmas at home.

I did not prepare a big Christmas dinner (Noche Buena).  We just decide to make stir-fry noodles with pork chops.  Simple yet a delicious meal.  We celebrated Christmas at our humble home for the very first time.  The previous ones were celebrated out of town.  And last year, we were on our long holiday vacation and spent the holidays with my family in the Philippines.

Dec 20, 2013

Ways To Get The Lowest Freight Forwarding Quote Possible

When you have goods to send, it can often be a large expense you’d rather avoid. In many circumstances delivering your goods is unavoidable, for example if you are shipping products to a customer, and therefore delivery companies see opportunities to charge you high prices which you can’t get out of paying.

This is not something you have to worry about when you use a freight forwarder. They will have connections with a large number of companies and will be able to match you up with one to suit your needs whilst getting you the best price possible. Nobody likes to sacrifice good service for a good price, and when you use a freight forwarder you don’t have to.
The best thing to do when you use a freight forwarder is to first of all shop around and find the lowest price you can. You can then tell the freight forwarder the price they have to beat. Most companies will be much more willing to offer discounts if they know that by doing so they will be able to beat a competitor. If you don’t provide a quote for them to beat, you may not end up with the lowest freight forwarding quote possible.

To get the lowest freight quote, the best thing you can do is be flexible with your time. It’s usually much more expensive to arrange a morning or afternoon pick up than to arrange one for any time of day, so if you can make yourself available all day on your scheduled pick up day you cut down your cost. It also helps to plan ahead because most companies will be much more willing to offer discounts on unused cargo space before it leaves than to leave it unsold, so if you are able to send off your goods at any time, your freight forwarder might be able to get you a discount in this way.

Whilst these are all good ways of getting a low freight forwarding quote, there are things you can do yourself before you even get in touch with a freight forwarder. Your cost will be calculated according to the width, height and depth of your package and this will include any protruding parts, so when a package is an irregular shape, you may find that you are paying extra just to ship air. If you have packages like this, the best thing to do is pack them tightly together in a box, using the smallest packages to fill up the spaces. This way you’ll only be paying for space you have actually filled.

It’s always useful to consult a freight forwarder because they have much more negotiation power than you, as they are the ones who bring a lot of custom to the delivery companies and help them to beat their competitors. This means they can often get discounts for you just by asking, and they will be able to guarantee you a lower freight quote than anything you have received.

Weekend Snapshot: Winner!

I won one of the door prizes at the company Christmas party.
My dear husband and I attended his company's Christmas party last Saturday.  It was held at Blue Mesa Restaurant in Addison (Texas).  He introduced me to his new colleagues.  After the 'white elephant' style exchanging of gifts, drawing for the door prizes came up next.  I didn't know hubby wrote my name on his raffle ticket until it was called.  I went up to the  front and picked a prize.  My DH likes liquor (only on special occasion) so I picked the Coffee Liquor made with tequila. It comes with two shot glasses too.  Cool!  As I was walking back towards our table, his boss said "Are you old enough to drink that?".  That was funny!

Dec 18, 2013

Give The Gift Of Wellness Enter To Win $100 American Express GC

The Holidays are here again!  I bet you are excited about getting the items in your Christmas Wishlist.  Me? I have a few things in my Christmas list but the topmost important above all is good health for me and for all the family.  Next, I want something electronic that can be used while traveling or on vacation. ;)  I hope my dear husband will get the hint. However, a shopping spree is also ideal.  How about a $100 American Express Gift Card?  Not bad.  I can buy something that I really, really need.  Wouldn't you?

So how about joining me for a chance to win $100 American Express Gift Card?  A lucky winner will own this gift card courtesy of Northwest Pharmacy to enjoy shopping for gifts this Holiday season.  Entering is easy.  Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below and you're in.  This giveaway is open until December 31, 2013.  And the lucky winner will be contacted via email.

Part of celebrating the Holidays is preparing the Christmas and New Year's Eve dinners.  For those with heart problems, foods with cholesterol should be avoided. And if you win the giveaway, perhaps consider shopping for nutrition and wellness products to give to your loved ones.

Come and join now!  Good luck to us!  If I win, I will buy some wellness products too.  How about you?

Thanks to

Dec 12, 2013

Yay, A New Wok!

I bought a new cookware yesterday.  It's a 12.5" wok that I found at H-Mart (the Asian market recently opened in Plano, Texas).  My cousin and I did our grocery shopping yesterday afternoon for the Christmas party tomorrow.  We are going to make some spring rolls or lumpia as our share in the Potluck.  

I am excited about this new wok because I can make stir-fry noodles in it without crowding the ingredients.  I have been searching for a wok for some time now and gladly I found it at H-Mart.

Dec 6, 2013

Weekend Snapshots: Sleet And Icy Weather On DD's Birthday

Oh man!  Winter storm is here.  And it is bringing sleet and ice which makes it very difficult and dangerous to drive.  We got freezing rain here in Texas and the temperature dropped to 14 degrees Fahrenheit which is below freezing.  The freezing rain accumulated immediately and turned to ice overnight.  Bad timing because today is our darling daughter's birthday.  Awww...

Because there's icicles everywhere, tree limbs were broken and fell over power lines somewhere that caused power outage since 6 o'clock in the morning until 3 o'clock this afternoon.  So my husband drove us around the neighborhood to look and check.  Then we ate brunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant (thankfully they're open).  After having our meal, we went ahead and buy some firewood for the fireplace.  This is the very first time husband lit the fireplace since he bought the house in 2004. We thought, because of the very cold weather due to the winter storm, the firewood will cost a fortune.  But we only paid $20 for a big pile of oak wood.  Which is good. 
Daddy lighting up the fireplace. 
The birthday girl. :)

So the power was out until 3:00 P.M. this afternoon.  My husband wasn't able to roast the pork.  We told our daughter earlier that the folks are not coming over because of the bad weather condition.  But my cousin and her family was able to come over for dinner.  I quickly fixed broccoli cheese and rice, adobo, corn on cobs, and banana pudding.  My husband bought a rotisserie chicken.  Gladly my cousin and her family were able to come because DD was kind of unhappy when I told her that the guests aren't coming because of icy roads.  But as soon as I told her that Audrey and Alexis (my cousin's daughters) are coming over, her face lit up with cheer.

Even though the weather was bad, DD still had a great birthday celebration with her cousins.
Trees bent because of heavy ice.

See how heavy the ice on that tree?

Icicles.  See where the drops stopped and formed to ice.

A tree branch broken and fallen on the side of the road.

Dec 1, 2013

And So Our Christmas Tree Is Up!

Hello everyone!  It's December 1 and my family is helping me decorate the house for the Holidays.  See how my little one put the Christmas balls?  She was very excited about this decorating thing soon as I told her that we are putting up our Christmas tree this year.  And so, our Christmas tree is up!

She's my little helper.  :)
Under the tree with her buddy bunny.
I have to make a wreath for the front door.  My daughter and I will go to Hobby Lobby maybe this weekend.  And I still have to look for nice Christmas decorating ideas.

Nov 30, 2013

Party Dresses For The Holidays

Oh dear!  It's the Holidays again.  I bet you all are getting busy decorating and putting up your Christmas trees.  Or, maybe you have done it already. :)  But you haven't done any decorating for the Holidays yet, well, better start now before you get swamped with party invitations.

Speaking of party invitations, my circle of friends have organized a Christmas party to be held next weekend.  I am excited because this is the first time I will be attending my friends' Christmas party.  Now I am shopping for a party dress and shoes to wear.  Stores have been very packed and crowded on Black Friday so I am just doing my shopping for cheap evening dresses online.
What I was thinking to wear is this cute lovely A-Line/Princess V-Neck short dress.  I found this evening dress as I was browsing Fall collection of evening dresses 2013 on  I am not a tall lady so this style and length is just right.  I think it's so cute to wear to the Christmas Party.  I love it!  This comes in different colors too.  I am falling in love with this simple sexy elegant red dress.  It is also an A-Line/Princess V-Neck style, but a floor-length dress.  I bet my curvacious friend will drool on this one. :D
Now I know what style of dress I want, so better shop and buy the perfect shoes, too.

Don't wait until the last minute before you buy the perfect outfit.  Go to and start shopping. :)

Nov 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 2013

We had a great Thanksgiving Day celebration with my husband's family.  We woke up early, got ready, and drove to our folks' so we can be there before the Thanksgiving dinner at 1:00 P.M.  We ordered breakfast to-go at McDonald's so DD, DH, and I had something to much on the road.

Everybody's busy at the folks' house.  When we arrived, the rest of the family were there already except my husband's sister because she was still at work.  We waited for her to arrive then we ate super delicious Thanksgiving feast.

My mother-in-law.  FIL and BIL at work with that turkey.
Kids having fun playing board games.
My favorite dirty rice.
Grown-ups were playing Mahjong.  I almost win it. 
We also had lots of pies-cherry pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and lemon squares.  They're so yummy!  I enjoyed the pumpkin pie and the lemon squares.  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving Day celebration as always.  My sister-in-law, her husband, her son, and me played Mahjong.  I haven't played in a while and I didn't know how they play it here in the US.  My MIL taught me and I was kind of getting it now.  

Our folks' lemon tree bears fruits and they ripen around Thanksgiving.
After playing outside, DD picked some leaves in the backyard and gave them to me.
Cute napkin.
How about you?  How's your Thanksgiving Day?

Nov 25, 2013

My New Glass Top End Table

So in this online garage sale, I was able to find new furniture for my house.  To be specific, I bought a new end table for my living room.  Originally, I would have had a coffee table and an end table.  But I realized that my little one needs space to play in the living room and I don't want her to be bumping on the corners, I decided to just buy the end table for $30.  The seller was originally selling the set for $150, $100 for the coffee table and $50 for the end table.  They were both glass tops. I tried making offers.  And I also asked if she could sell separately hence I was only needing the end table.  I waited about three weeks for the deal to close because she was waiting for the other buyer's commitment to buy the coffee table.  Luckily, it turned out well. 
I was so happy !

So here's my new glass top end table.  I grabbed the opportunity to buy it because I like glass top furniture.  The glass is very thick and heavy. The base is made of solid wood in cherry finish which adds to the attraction (to me).  And furniture is still in excellent condition. 

My new glass top end table.

Nov 22, 2013

Leaking Or Frozen Pipes? Leave It To The Plumbing Experts

It's been a long time since me and my friend in Canada had a conversation online.  She got so very busy in her new job.  Plus, she moved to a new place closer to where she is working right now.  I am very happy that everything is going as planned regarding her being an immigrant in Canada and landing a good job that is related to her field of expertise.  She is also working on the petition papers for her son. We always have a fun conversation.  We reminisce the times as colleagues in a computer school.  The parties, gatherings, school events, and hanging outs were so precious moments. 

My friend mentioned that another reason she moved to a new house is to avoid too much stress about home maintenance and everything.  She found this new house she's renting now very nice and suited for her.  When she got a frozen pipe problem few months ago at her house, a plumber in Mississauga fixed the problem immediately.  On the other hand, we talked about the recent calamity done by the super typhoon in our province.  She told me her parents' house in her town got knocked down, too.  All utility services are not available as of the moment.  So tragic event.  We felt sad for a few moments during our talk.

Living without electricity is hard but living without water is one of the most difficult.  Plumbing services back home is badly needed there right now.  If we only have services like Mississauga plumbing, leaks and pipes problem will be resolved up front. We are very worried about our families back home.  All we can do right now is to do our very best to help and assist them with their needs.

I hope to see my friend soon.  Hopefully I can go to Canada or she can come over here to Texas.  Whichever works.

Nov 16, 2013

Need Some Help In This Frustrating And Heartbreaking Situation

I was very glad and thankful that I was able to reach and have talked to my brother and sister after the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit the island of Leyte.  I was very emotional because I got worried sick thinking about their situation.  After the typhoon, my brother visited my parents in Kananga the next day to see how's everybody doing in our town.  We were glad that they're okay but also saddened because my sister's and brother's houses were damaged.  All their belongings were damaged and wet.  She and her kids evacuated to my parents' apartment the day before the super typhoon made it's landfall.  According to them, it was a horrible experience and they thought it was the end of the world. There is no power and the communication went down immediately. 

Like everyone else who are severely affected by the super typhoon, my family is struggling as of the moment.  Our hometown was devastated, too.  The stalls and buildings in the market place were destroyed.  Prices of all the basic commodities went sky rocket!  Even the transportation rates got high that nobody can possibly afford to go to Ormoc City right away to get, at least, a cellphone signal to be able to be reached by a family or friend.  So frustrating that even relief goods haven't reached my hometown yet.  People are starving.

My circle of friends here where I live are helping us to gather donations for our families in Kananga.  Honestly, they need money to buy food, rice, canned goods, detergents, soap, toothpaste, sugar, salt, oil, gasoline, kerosene, water, tarpaulin, and small materials to do some repairs for their houses so they can have a place for shelter.  It will take time to rebuild their homes but at least, doing roofing and wall repairs can give them shelter from rain.  Food is scarce because grocery stores in my hometown haven't resumed yet. According to my brother, they have to fall in line at stores in Ormoc City that is selling rice, gas, kerosene, and groceries.  They haven't received any relief goods.  Very pitiful.

If you are reading this post, I would like to appeal to your kindness for a small monetary donation.  I am from Kananga, Leyte and our place was one of the severely devastated by the super typhoon Haiyan.  Please help me help my family.  My father got sick because of the situation.  I am not asking big.  A little help goes a long way.  You can email me at: for donations.  Thank you so much for your help.

Nov 15, 2013

Halloween Costume Party - Pirates

We attended a Halloween Costume Party on November 1st and this year it was held at a friend's house in Royse City, Texas.  Huge gathering like this one has to be held in a bigger house because of the big crowd.  

The Dainty Pirates
My darling daughter and I went to the party with rotisserie chicken.  We were in our pirate costumes.  I was able to come up with a costume theme this year.  I also volunteered to administer the games for kids. Oh the children had so much fun.  There's so many delicious food brought by the guests.  Of course, lots of picture-taking here and there.
I love those pancit.
cob web and spider
 My friend decorated her party room very well.  Cob webs, spiders, pumpkins, and witches were all over the room.  It was a spooky party room.  After the kids' games, we got the dancing started.  It was a great party!

Nov 10, 2013

Please Help!

This is the most horrible and damaging typhoon my country have ever encountered.  Super typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda) hit the Philippines and made its landfall Friday morning, November 8, 2013 which is Thursday night here in the US.  I was already aware of the coming super typhoon so I called my parents.  My mother told me that everyone's in the apartment including my younger sister and her kids.  My only brother and his family evacuated to his wife's aunt's house near a school.

That Friday morning I called my mother to double check.  She told me the winds and rains arrived and they saw roofs from neighbors' houses blown away.  I told them to be safe and pray and stay together.  After that I haven't heard from them up to now.  The whole province of Leyte is black out no power and the communication is down.  I am so worried sick.  

I saw news reports on television that were recorded earlier when the typhoon's landfall.  After that, black out!  News teams couldn't stream or broadcast information due to no electricity and telecommunication signals went down.  To those who were in the big cities like Tacloban and Ormoc and witnessed the devastation that morning, they were able to take photos and videos from their mobile phones and shared them to social networks.  After that, nothing followed.  No updates up to now.  

No news yet from my hometown Kananga.  Our neighborhood is located between a river and a hill.  My sister and her kids live there but they evacuated to my parent's apartment downtown.  I just couldn't imagine how our neighborhood and my hometown look like now.  So many people are homeless.  No electricity, no communication, no food, no clothing.  All I can think of now is look for a way to help my family, friends, and kababayans there, especially the young ones.

Right now they need food and clothing.  I am taking this opportunity my fellow bloggers, online friends...asking for your kind donations.  That would be highly appreciated.  No man is an island.  They need help.  Monetary or in's up to you.  It will help them start a new life.

My PayPal address is:
Mailing Address:  Mg Marly
                            6976 Meadow Ridge Cir.
                           Nevada, TX 75173

Thank you very much.  May God bless you a thousand folds. 

Nov 7, 2013

I Wish To Have A Garden Full Of Roses

Hello!  I hope you are doing well today.  We just came home from a visit to my MIL and FIL.  My darling daughter and I had a great time, as always.  DD enjoys being with her grandparents.  And she likes it when she spends the night with them and sleep in Na-na's guest room.

We visited our favorite attraction the Rose Garden in Tyler.  I forgot that the Rose Festival is held in October and I missed it.  The roses are in full blooms.  My little one couldn't get enough exploring.  She liked watching the fountain so much that she won't go anywhere else.  We also visited the area where my husband and I got married-the pavilion.  When we were at the Garden, I was imagining my own garden at home has full of different kids of roses.  Oh how fragrant my house would be.

Anyway, we finished our tour in town with a big lunch at Popeye's. 

Oct 31, 2013

Why Discuss Your Case Only with a Personal Injury Attorney

Are you the victim of a medical malpractice? Were you hit by a car while crossing the road when the light was green? Were you bitten by your neighbor’s dog? Did you slip on a wet floor at the mall and strain your ankle? Did someone back up in the parking lot and hit your car? These are all excellent examples of situations that warrant retaining the services of a Fremont personal injury attorney. Why do you need a lawyer? The advice offered by an expert in legal matters can prevent devastating problems. One of the tips a devoted counselor gives clients is that it is unwise to discuss their case with others. Why? Keep on reading.

Be Aware of Spies

Although you fully trust your best friend, siblings, and other close relatives, it is best not to talk to them about your situation. Yes, these people can be trusted, but that does not mean that other individuals in the room will keep their mouth shut. You may not even know that someone is eavesdropping. What happens if the insurance company of the other party finds out? They may use this witness against you if you said something incriminating.

Do Not Talk to the Police

Ask your lawyer to be present when you have to give a statement to the police. Your counselor will stop you if you are too generous with your information, and are about to say something the court can use against you. Although a lot of personal injury cases are settled before they are brought in front of a judge, some of them are not. You may have to file a lawsuit to get the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Insurance Companies Are in It for the Money

It is easy to trust that friendly, concerned voice on the phone. Be careful, because if that is the other party’s insurance agent, you may lose the battle by saying the wrong thing. Even harmless remarks can hurt your claim when they are taken out of context. Refer everyone inquiring about the incident or claim to your Fremont personal injury attorney. Your legal representative knows exactly what information can be released, and who can have access to it.

Oct 8, 2013

I Badly Need A Pan Cleanier

I was trying to make pudding with lemon and berries this evening.  I had the recipe and the ingredients ready.  First in the directions bring milk, sugar, cornstarch to a boil.  I did but they got burnt in my pan.  I was very upset because it didn't work out good.  Now my pan has the burnt residue of the mixture.  What shall I do?  It's stuck!  I can't use my pan right now.  I badly need a pan cleaner.

Oct 4, 2013

Beautiful Flower, Pleasant Day, Pretty Photos

It was a bright sun shiny day today.  So my daughter and I went outside and play this morning.  We noticed some Hibiscus blooms in the front garden.  I picked it and had our pictures taken with the flower behind our ear.

My Hibiscus plants are growing good.  They really give lots of blooms, and big ones.  They just need to be watered everyday in the summer.  Now that it's Fall season, rain comes and it helps the plants' growth. On the other hand, our vegetable garden has to be cleaned this weekend.  Sad to say that we are going to pull out the remaining tomato plants and okras.  Hubby and I will plant again in the Spring next year.