Oct 29, 2010

What I Do In The Fall

Some people like spring, while others prefer winter. I, however, tend to tilt my heart towards the fall. With so many pretty leaves changing color, along with the cooler temperatures, how can I resist?

When this season comes around, I always seem to want to go to places like cider mills. There is just something about the atmosphere that gets to me. It's like I've stepped back into another, simpler time when I visit one. Sure, there are people dressed in modern clothes, talking on cell phones as they buy their cider, but my point still stands.

I never go alone. What would the fun be in that? Usually, I talk a family member into going, after getting ready and setting the home security alarm from My mom is the most enthusiastic about it, but sometimes my sister might tag along. Once we get there, we like to go inside to look at everything for sale. They have cinnamon donuts, apple pies, and so much more. That's not to say we buy anything, though. The prices are rather high. But everything smells nice, and we like to go around sniffing things.

Probably one of my favorite parts of this fall event is picking out a pumpkin. I've never bought one in a grocery store, and don't ever plan on doing so. It's much more fun to get it directly, if not almost directly, from the source. It's a lot more satisfying that way, and so many memories are created.

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

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Weekend Snapshot: Just Desserts

The most awaited part of after a meal is getting a desert, right? These are the yummy desserts at my baby shower held in Plano. But wait, can you tell which one does not belong here? If possible, will you be able to specify what it is? Whoever answers first will receive $10.00 to his/her PayPal account. Yay!

Doesn't have an account yet? Scroll down the page and click on the PayPal logo for more info.

Oct 28, 2010

Babies Come In Their Own Schedule

Today is my cousin's delivery due date. But the sign of labor is not quite intense, yet. She has spotting once in a while, and last night she had contractions. She is getting close to delivering her first baby. I am happy for her.

On the other hand, I too, will be having my first baby in six weeks. My honey and I are full of anticipation now. We cannot wait to meet our baby girl. We are patient. Babies come in their own schedule.

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Oct 26, 2010

Ready For The Winter?

You think I am ready for the winter? Not yet. I still have to sort out my clothes, hang my winter clothing in the closet, and keep my summer outfits in the guest room's dressers. Even if I have my UGG boots already, I need some leggings and socks. But I have to work in the nursery room first. Agh! Plenty of things to do.

By the way, were you dreaming to have a pair of UGG boots? Well, here is your chance to get a pair of Whooga Ugg boots. Simply follow them on Twitter and sign up for their Newsletter. And for a limited time, get an exclusive 10% discount. Ugg boots are really ideal for the winter season.

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Redoing The Living Room

My honey and I participated on a garage sale one weekend and we found it interesting yet boring. Interesting because we got to sell old stuff and things we do not use in the house. Boring because not many visitors came to check on what we had. But we sold a few things though.

My cousin and her husband came over the next day. We walked around the neighborhood checking what other household had for garage sale. We stopped at this house with a bunch of stuff in the garage. The woman had pieces of household equipment and nursery furniture. My cousin asked why she wanted to sell the ceiling fan. "I am redoing my living room and I am looking at Victorian ceiling fans right now", she answered excitedly. "We were using that ceiling fan for years. Belt driven ceiling fans are nice though", she added.

The price for the ceiling fan was really really cheap. But there's no way, in our situation, my cousin and I can accommodate that in our homes. Going to a garage sale is fun. My cousin had a great time with us too.

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A Good Company

I am very thankful to have friends who care. They are like family to me. I treasure every moment spent in our gathering. We talk and have a good laugh. That's what I like because laughter releases stress and lightens the burden. I enjoy the time with a good company.

Good friends are hard to find. And it is hard to maintain a real friendship. But if both parties are true, the friendship will last for a very long time.

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Oct 25, 2010

Move Your Way To Family Bonding

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PlayStation MOVE. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was checking my email when a message popped up in my screen. It was from my cousin back home. Though he likes to be in front of the computer and surf the Internet a lot, he seldom go online because of his tight class schedules, and I am happy to hear from him today. We were talking about the fun times when I was still living with them. He is the youngest of four so there are conflicts between siblings sometimes, especially when it comes to toys. I remembered they only had one game boy at that time. His older brothers and him argue on who's next to play. Hahaha! Kids.

My cousin really dreamed of having a PlayStation. I am glad to know that my uncle gave him a PlayStation Move on his birthday. He was very happy. Of course, everybody's happy because they can play with it together.

Boy, I am jealous. I wish I had a PlayStation too. I never had nice toys when I was younger. If somebody gives me this toy right at this moment, I will share it with my siblings and every night will be a game night for the whole family. We will play Brunswick Pro Bowling because it is entertaining, and Dance Revolution because my siblings like to dance. Me and my family will surely enjoy this.

Oh, here's what you should know. You can bring motion gaming exclusively to your existing PlayStation3 for only $99.00 with the Move bundle package. You can enjoy all the games that you want. 'Would also be a nice gift for the holidays. Don't you think?

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The Party Still Went On

It was a stormy Saturday but still the party went on. I had a baby shower party again at our friend's in Plano.

My honey and I got there before the party started. Because it was raining, I wore my pair of cowgirl boots with a multi-colored maternity dress. I felt comfortable with my outfit. My friends said I look good. Oh, yeah...thanks! Haha!

Our close friends and my mother-in-law came but some of the invited guests were unable to attend the baby shower because of the heavy rains. My former co-employee came late because she worked that day. I appreciate her so much for attending my baby shower. We had fun playing games, eating, and talking (as usual). And my baby received lots of cute things from our friends.

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Oct 24, 2010

I've Been Watching The Real World on Satellite TV

When I was younger, I always dreamed of being on a reality show. Although most people have begun to get addicted to reality shows in the past few years, my fascination started long ago with a show on MTV. This show was called The Real World. It was a show about a group of strangers who were forced to live together in a nice home. Everyone's personality was different, so it was inevitable that conflicts would arise. When the show was at its best, there would be fights. What amazed me the most about the show is that the people were just regular people like you and me. I had hopes that one day I would be selected to live in a Real World home. A couple years, I even prepared a video audition tape and sent it in. Unfortunately, it must have gotten lost somewhere along the way, because they never contacted me.
Lately, I have been catching reruns of The Real World on satellite television from It is nice to reflect on the past and to relive some of my favorite moments from the show. I remember that during the second season I had a crush on one of the characters. The same year, I had my first kiss from a cute boy in school. These are the types of memories that are priceless.
Thanks for the guest post by Eugene Fulton

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Oct 22, 2010

Weekend Snapshot: Reading Glasses

Working in front of the computer for just a couple of hours is really eye straining I can say. I get migraines because of strained eyes sometimes. So when I got the opportunity to go to an eye doctor, my honey said to get me a pair of reading glasses which I can also use whenever I work online in the evening.

I am so thankful I got these glasses.

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Entertainment Escapade

It's been a while since my honey and I had our entertainment escapade in Oklahoma. That was six months ago. We went to play at the casino on our second wedding anniversary. Though it was a very long drive, we had fun. We went home just even.

I like playing quarter machines only. I am lucky with that. And when I win, I make sure there is a control in my game.

My honey and I go to the casino to have fun. We enjoy it and we play responsibly. My honey likes playing poker. Sometimes he goes to the casino and play. It takes his stress away.

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Oct 20, 2010

Address Change And Meeting Two Filipinas

I was lucky yesterday. I met two Filipinas in McKinney. The first one is working in the Department of Public Safety (DPS). When I called the DPS yesterday afternoon to ask about the change of address, she answered and asked about my residency status. When I told her I am from the Philippines, she started to speak Filipino and told me to come in the office since they are not very busy. I arrived at the DPS about 3:30 P.M. She processed my change of address application. I had my picture taken again and I was given a temporary Driver's Permit. The new Driver's License will be in the mail in 30-45 days.

The second Filipina is working in Walmart. I stopped by at the store to buy an additional pillow for the guest room. She checked me out. I was curious so I asked if she is Filipina. Affirmative. Now she is my friend in Facebook. Isn't that wonderful? :)

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Free Online Games Download

It is great to have Internet at home. Besides getting connected with family and friends, the opportunity of learning new things is endless. And when it comes to entertainment, I can say that there is no boring moment on the Internet.

Playing games online is one of my hobby. But I only play educational online games. Online games are free to download. In fact, I have Text Twist in my computer for years now. It helps increase my vocabulary skills. Also, the game enhances my typewriting skills since I have to type real fast to beat the timer. And it is nice to beat your own score with a high one.

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Early Display Of Christmas Decor

After my first doctor's appointment in Collin County Health Care Center, I winded up visiting the The Village Shopping Center in Fairview. Using the gadget I got from a girl friend, I was able to drive around the area.

The department stores are a couple hundred feet away from each other. No main shopping mall that connects a store to another. But I like how the shopping center looks though.

When I was about to leave the department store I visited, I saw that the store already has Christmas decor on display. Wow! Makes me feel excited for the holidays to come.

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Oct 18, 2010

Will Light The Fireplace

My honey is really happy to be back in his house. He still can't get over it. He never liked living in an apartment. But we had to relocate because of job-related matter. Now that we are back to the house, we have all the time in the world to make everything great, like preparing the room for the baby and the yard for gardening next year.

As of the moment, we are busy with organizing and cleaning. My honey checked everything in the house including the fireplace. The glass cover and the inside is clean. He wants to buy Gas Logs to use in the winter. It is nice to have the fireplace lit up in the winter nights. It adds a real feel of home. He prefers R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs because of the good quality. He likes Vented Gas Logs better because they burn realistically.

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Oct 16, 2010

Weekend Snapshot: Garage Sale Items

A neighbor knocked at our door Thursday night giving us a piece of paper saying that there is a neighborhood garage sale on Saturday and Sunday. She asked my honey if he is interested to participate. My honey turned to me and said we will put some unused things out for sale since we are getting rid of some stuff.

So today, we woke up very early to set up. I put price tags on the items and my honey arranged the heavy things on the ground. On the table are the light and cheap ones. I have a couple sweaters for sale too. They are only a $ 1.00 each. I think there are four sweaters left. I hope they will sell tomorrow. Sets of plates are still on sale for $ 20.00 per set of eight. Some knick knacks on the table are from .25 cents to a $ 1.00.

Here's what we have sold today:


Microwave oven - $ 6.00
Glass decor (set of 3) - 3.00
Decorative plate - 2.00
Small cabinet -3.00
Rug (large) -15.00
Picture painting -3.00
Wall Mirror (medium) -5.00
Coffee maker -2.00
Phone (with cord) - .50
Sweater -1.00
Bead bracelet -.50
Lampshade (set of 2) -5.00

We do not have that much to garage sale but we want to get rid of the things we're not gonna use. What's nice is that we got to participate in the neighborhood activity for the first time.

My pregnant cousin and her husband will come over for a visit. She said she might go look for garage sales too.

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15 Years of the Gym

Guest post written by my buddy Lavern Small

The gym has been a staple in my life since my first year in college, about fifteen years ago. I was always a little butterball and I had finally had enough. So I turned up the heat and worked off the pounds. Now I am committed to a lifestyle that promotes health and weight loss because I know that I could become that little butterball again very easily.

I go to the gym religiously on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Before heading out I always give the dogs plenty of loving and treats, set my SecurityChoice home alarm system and grad my work out towel.

On Mondays I swim for around an hour. I try to go super early on Mondays to avoid the crowds that come, especially in summer people flock to the pool. Wednesdays I do a Zumba class that is super fun and is a great dance work out. Thursdays and Sundays I focus on running and lifting. I usually run for about an hour each day and then I do some weights. I really try to focus on my upper body because it is the hardest for me to keep toned for some reason.

I really love to eat and so keeping myself on a super healthy diet is also important to stay in shape. I have found ways to make healthy food palatable over the years.

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Oct 14, 2010

A Day Of Fun And Laughter

Yesterday my cousin and I had a wonderful time with girl friends in Azle. It was one of the girls' birthday celebration. Three pregnant women were there including me. We had fun talking (catching up with one another), joking, and eating. Lots of pictures were taken and the food was good, especially the cake and some desserts. Woooh! My limitation on sweets went away (laughs).

It is about an hour and 20 minutes drive from Plano to Azle. But before we headed there, I had lunch at my cousin's place. I ate pork tocino and garlic rice. Boy, I love her garlic rice!

It was a pleasant day. The traffic was not too bad. I got home at 8:00 P.M.

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Oct 11, 2010

Monday And The Unavailable Menu

Well, Monday...first doctor's appointment at the Collin County Health Care Center. It is 45 minutes drive from the house depending on traffic in Highway 380. The gadget I got from my girl friend is very handy and dependable. She was so considerate to offer that to me.

I arrived 30 minutes early of my appointment time so I looked for a place where I can get something for lunch. I saw a small grocery store just beside the health center. I walked in there and looked for food (because the sign outside said "Groceria, Panaderia, Carinderia, Fruteria). As I enter the store, I noticed Mexican employees. Browsing inside, I saw the eatery and customers bought food to go. I scanned the menu hanging at the ceiling while waiting for my turn to be served. I chose menudo and rice. The server talked to me in Spanish and as what I understood, she was asking me for an order receipt. She told me to order and pay first at the register. So I went to the cashier and placed my order. Then when I came back and gave her the receipt, she said that they don't have menudo today. What?! I told her it was in the menu up there that's why I chose it because I would like to eat menudo for lunch. She said they only make it on Saturdays and Sundays. That's frustrating.

Rather than wasting my time arguing with her, I just picked another dish with the rice. I asked for a bottled water and told her that I will pay for it when I finish my meal. At the register, the cashier did not let me pay for the bottled water. She said it's free because they do not have the menudo. I refused but she insisted. "Okay. Thank you...", I said to end the discussion.

Then I walked to the health center and logged for my appointment just on time.

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Oct 8, 2010

Weekend Snapshot: Growing Life

We are in Fort Worth today as we have planned to clean the apartment unit and turn over the keys after. While cleaning the patio, I noticed this little weed. It's sprouting in the very corner of the cement. An amazing thing to look at.

Life is everywhere. We can find it in every little corner of the earth.

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Oct 7, 2010

Store And Use Rain Water

If you are living in a place where you get rain in the second half of the year, would you consider capturing and saving the rain water for future use? You might say, it doesn't matter. But in my opinion, rain water is worth saving. It is a big help in watering the plants instead of using tap water every day.

You can capture and save rain water in big rain barrels. That's what we do back home. We have a big rain barrel placed under the pipe (where the rain water flows from the tin roof of our house). And if we need to water the plants on a hot day, we just take a bucket full of rain water from the barrel.

Rain water collection, also called as rain water harvesting, can be useful not only in gardening but often used in landscaping as well.

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