Apr 30, 2009

See Great Things In Alaska

My honey and I love watching travel shows on television. We are always mesmerized by the enchanting places the shows are featuring everyday.

There are many interesting tourist spots here in the USA that we want to visit in the future. And Alaska is in the itinerary. Alaska has the most natural attractions among the States. The Denali Park is one of the evidence that nature has been generous to the creations. It is amazing how Alaska Travel managed to maintain a very reasonable vacation accommodation to travelers from all over the world. Like my honey, I would love to visit "The Last Frontier" State in the near future.

Summer vacation is now in the mind of everyone. You, too, should go and travel Alaska. And if you get the chance, visit Governor Sarah Palin. She is a great woman.

Wedding Plans Changed

I can say that the first two months (January-February this year) of my cousin E's arrival here in Texas has been a tough for her. First, like me, she was unaccustomed to the Winter's temperature. So is still adjusting to the Texas weather. Second, the homesickness was intense. And thirdly, her wedding plans changed. Because of some complicated reasons she and her fiance decided to get married in the Philippines. The policy of the wedding ceremony scheduling in their church did not work for them. So they might wed next year with the presence of E's family and friends, which is good for her. And maybe her oldest sister R can attend the ceremony since her visa application to Alaska is still pending. I wish my honey and I can attend too.

Apr 29, 2009

Your Way To Interactive Advertising

We all know that advertising plays a big role in every business's' success. Without it, businesses will not gain customers who patronize the products and services they offer. Different types and strategies in advertising are used today.

One of the effective ways to promote products or services, and is widely used right now, is mobile advertising. This simple yet convincing mobile marketing has been the focus of some businesses because of its viral messaging system. Advertisers can send their promotional text messages from the mobile marketing company on the Internet. The main goal of getting the public's attention towards good products and services is always the major priority for potential income.

The Lighthouse And The Simpsons

Did you know...

- In Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada, the lighthouse no longer guides shops safely to shore. Instead, during the peak tourist months, it serves as a post office, making it the only lighthouse in North America with that distinction.

- When Matt Groening came up with the concept for the popular cartoon show "The Simpsons", he chose his characters' names - Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie - by using the names of his own family members. Homer and Marge are his parents, and Lisa and Maggie are his sisters.

Coffee News, Apr. 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Mini Blooms

Apr 28, 2009

Time To Switch

Disappointed with your old television programming? I guess it is time to change your service provider. That is what I always tell my friend D who lives nearby. They do not get enough interesting TV programming with their cable provider.

We are currently subscribed to Direct TV at home. Actually my honey had the Direct TV service for years now and he has no complain with the programming. Plus, they always have the reasonable rates than other service providers. I say that we are satisfied with Direct TV System's service offers.

Today's Humor: Her New Twins

Eve: "Did you hear the latest about Jane Simmons who lives over on the next block? "

Sheli: " No, what about her?"

Eve: "She had triplets. Then not two weeks later, she had twins."

Sheli: "That is Impossible.! How did it happen?"

Eve: "One of the triplets got lost."

Apr 26, 2009

Refresh Your Home

Many people are getting their homes pleasant looking this Spring season. And if you are the type of person who is very decorative in the house, you also like your home to be newly furnished whenever seasons change.

Modern furniture Spring accents has a big sales volume this season. I read that home owners are getting rid of their old furniture so they buy new and modern ones. Some people love to put new furniture in bedroom. Others change their living room furniture set for a new refreshing look. Me? I will say, I think of a new wardrobe for the master bedroom.

Apr 23, 2009

Single Bloom, Little Blooms

Yep! Look at my Amaryllis. It is shooting blooms without leaves at all. I wonder why? Maybe because the plant is in a very small pot or its growth was bad due to the hot summer heat last year? You see, the patio where the plant sits is facing the West. So the peak of the sun's heat directly strikes the patio. Being in a hot spot has made my Amaryllis grow slow.

I am so happy with the new blooms though. But my friend F (who gave me the Amaryllis as a welcome gift) will be disappointed to see the Amaryllis has very little flowers. Maybe not. Well, I am thankful it is still alive.

Affordable Web Hosting Sites

I am getting a lot of recommendations to get a hosting for my blog. My blogger friends keep on advising me on this. For this thought, I am currently looking at webhosting rating Website to get full information regarding a hosting website that, I think, is perfectly suited for my blog. Included in the list are the top web hosts on the Internet. In fairness, all of them have affordable hosting service but I have to choose only one.

I cannot make up my mind yet. For the reason that, my blog is enjoying its PR right now. It took months of hard work to gain this rank. They said that if I will get a domain and put my blog to webhosting, I will lose the PR. Is that true?

Today's Humor: Clumsy Advertisement Copy

- No matter what your topcoat is made of, this miracle spray will make it really repellent.

- We do not tear your clothing with machinery. We do it carefully by hand.

- For sale: an antique desk suitable for lady with thick legs and large drawers.

- Now is your chance to have your ears pierced and get an extra pair to take home, too.

- Dog for sale: eats anything and is fond of children.

- Dinner Special -- Turkey $2.35; Chicken or Beef $2.25; Children $2.00.

- Auto Repair Service. Free pick-up and delivery. Try us once, you will never go anywhere again.

Safety At Home, Home's Safety

Like any thing else, all our important belongings should be secured. We also need to secure our lives and future by investing in businesses or getting an insurance.

Our homes need to be secured too. For safety purposes, we make sure all doors are locked whether we are in or out of the house. That is a natural instinct. But is it enough? It is very important to put our home security in priority. Nowadays, we cannot just trust anybody. Installing a home security system will be a wise decision. And almost all of the houses here in the USA got ADT Home Security. Our home has it too.

Effective Pain Reliever

I had a slight headache yesterday. Good thing it was my day off. I did a bunch of laundry while bearing the aching throbs in my head. It was a hot, humid afternoon.

My honey went home at noon and we had lunch together. I took an Advil after lunch. It made me drowsy so I slept on the couch for two hours! My laundry was ignored. It was five o'clock when I woke up, hurrying with the stuff undone. We have had plans to do grocery shopping too. My head still throbbed. I felt like throwing up. My honey arrived and we went to Albertson's. I added in our list the Excedrin-pain reliever pills that work on me. I took a pill when I finished dinner and after a couple of minutes, the headache was gone. Effective!

Apr 21, 2009

Window Coverings

My parents are currently having the parts of the house reconstructed. Two of them are the kitchen and my sister's room. Letting you know, the kitchen was damaged due to a fallen tree branch from the storm last year. My sister's room is small so she needs more room for her personal stuff.

The sink in the kitchen faces the South and on top of it is a small window. My mother wants to put the next day blinds to make the kitchen look more cozy. On the other hand, my sister's room will have a simple, girly touch to it since the next day blinds have feminine shades for window coverings. Her room's window is facing the North so it just needs a lighter shade.

I hope everything will work as planned.

Apr 20, 2009

The Blogging Effect...

..."I do not know why I am feeling this way. Whenever I am away, I cannot help thinking about you. There is something in you that makes me want to rush home and spend time together. My day is not complete without checking on you. Every single day, my mind is occupied with thoughts for you. You are a part of me now. I missed you."

What is happening to me? Is this the result of spending more time in front of the computer...blogging? I miss my blogs when I am at work.

Apr 19, 2009

Concerns About Getting Pregnant

We all know that being married requires a woman to become more responsible not only to her family but to herself also. Taking care of the household and bringing up children are tough jobs. For me, the happiness of being married to the right man is a blessing. And we are ready to start a family.

Most of the people close to me are telling me that I might be experiencing a delicate pregnancy. They thought I would because of my small body frame. At my age now, I should start building up a strong resistance by doing proper exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet to support my body on bearing a child. I need to gather plenty of information about conceiving and everything about being a first time mother because I do not know any of these. The experience from taking care of a niece or nephew is different than having my own child. I am concerned about my health during pregnancy period.

My girl friends back home advised me to read pregnancy guides on the Internet. These guides discuss detailed information from the time of fertility, during pregnancy, and to the moment a woman is due. Also, they share helpful tips on getting rid of the morning sickness. Well this is what I need. The more I am aware, the lesser my worries will be. This is a woman's personal responsibility.

Supposed To Be A Stormy Weekend?

Due to bad weather, we were not able to go to Tyler this weekend. There was a thunderstorm with heavy rains Friday morning. The rest of the day was cloudy and cold. Also, I am expecting my monthly visitor any time soon so that is the second reason why the trip was postponed. I have bad cramps.

Instead, we just run errands yesterday. We went to the bank, post office, and electronic store in Plano. After the tasks were done, we agreed stopping by car dealers that we saw along the way back to Fort Worth. It was another fun and wonderful day for us.

Apr 17, 2009

Blossoming Into Style

Everybody is doing their Spring cleaning. Well, I am too. Serious. I am not kidding. Though there is a little bit of laziness in me, a general cleaning needs to be done at home right now. Plus, our apartment needs some tidying up. Besides, I want to get new stuff for the home. Particularly new bedding and linens.

I am not saying that I am tired of using our current bedding. They are all pretty still. But we all know that Spring season brings new home accent ideas to us. That includes making our bedroom blossoming into style. And we get the good deals on home furnishings from shopping guides online. Selected stores are offering free shipping too. So the opportunity is worth the grab.

How about you? Are you done with your Spring cleaning?

Today's Humor: Corned Beef

A man went into a deli shop and took a seat at the lunch counter. "Give me a corned beef sandwich," he ordered.

"Corned beef sandwich is not on the menu, but I can give you a sandwich with corned beef in it, like our Midnight Special."

"What is a Midnight Special?"

"A triple decker with corned beef, tongue, bologna, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickle and mayonnaise, on toasted raisin bread."

"Could you just place a piece of corned beef between two slices of white bread and serve it to me on a plate?"

"Why, sure!" Then, turning to the sandwich man, he sang out: "One Midnight Special. Make it one deck, hold the tongue, bologna, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickle and mayonnaise, and make the raisin bread white, untoasted!"

Apr 16, 2009

The Best Gears And Tools For Him

This school year my cousin will step on his fourth year in college. I am so proud because he is doing well in become a police officer someday. But this level comes with a lot of requirements. There comes school projects (cannot beat that), extra curricular activities participation, and gears.

My cousin's parents work hard to provide for his studies. This includes buying him the best gears and tools from Maxpedition, that he can use for a long period of time. They want him to be comfortable while using the durable gears they got for him. My cousin deserves to get the best. 'Wishing him good luck!

Scent For My Potpourri

Here is my own potpourri. These are from the bouquet of roses my honey gave me on Valentines' Day. They have red tips petals. When the flowers started to wither, I let the petals fell. Then I dried them naturally until they were stiff enough to become potpourri.

I am looking for oils with floral scent to complete my potpourri project . Unfortunately, I have not seen the scent that will match it so the search is still going on. I am so picky.

What can you suggest?

Apr 14, 2009

Modern Upgrade

After the rains on Sunday, here comes sunny day. I can tell the Spring rains pour in preparation for the coming Summer.

In my apartment we do not have any thing to help us cool off besides the air-conditioner. My honey said that the electric bill increases during the Summer. And the goal is to minimize the bill to 50%. I guess the best idea is to ask for ceiling fans upgrade here in the apartment. We have renewed our lease and the office said an upgrade is a benefit.

We would like to look for modern ceiling fans. I am not sure if the leasing office allows us to choose what we want to install. But if we are, the suited fans for our unit is Casablanca ceiling fans. They look like the ones we have at the house in Nevada.

Anniversary Lunch Date

Our anniversary lunch date yesterday was awesome. It was Easter Sunday and it was our first wedding anniversary too. After the heavy rains that morning we went to TGI Fridays and had a big lunch.

Dragonfire Chicken

Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp

I ordered the Dragonfire Chicken. It is a grilled chicken breast with sweet, spicy sauce combined with pineapple tidbits and diced tomatoes. It goes with rice pilaf and broccoli. My honey got himself the Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp smothered by melted cheese. It comes with mashed potatoes.

Vanilla Cheesecake

For desert we ordered the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. It was served with chocolate syrup and strawberry on the side. Oh we loved it! 'Wondering where's the strawberry? I ate it before I took the picture :)

Our bellies were full as we drove to the country afterwards.

Apr 12, 2009

A Free Guide To Affordable Web Hosting

My online friends keep on telling me to get this blog a domain. My blog is a couple of months old and the contents are purely and originally from my own knowledge. It is getting a large traffic too. So

I think of putting my blog into web hosting. There are a couple of hosting sites that my friends recommend to me. But how would I know which is the best and trusted web host? The answer is at It has a directory of the top hosting sites available for Website owners. In this free directory are the popular web hosting sites my friends are referring. Now I am confused because I find these web hosts' plan very affordable.

Apr 11, 2009

God's Love Will Never Fade

It is the Holy Week and almost all of the people are observing the solemnity of the occasion. We are commemorating the great sacrifice of our savior, Jesus Christ.

On Easter Sundays, we celebrate of His getting back to life. New life and new hope for the people. Let us lift our souls praising the Almighty God for giving His beloved Son to the world. Let us pray and ask for forgiveness for the sins we have done. God's love will never fade.

May God bless us all.

Apr 10, 2009

In Search Of A Decent Paying Job?

Every working person, like me, wants to get a decent wage. Sometimes we look for part time jobs to earn extra income to help make the ends meet. And supporting the family's needs is in our minds too.

Like everybody else, I have been to tough times before. Searching for decent paying jobs was a struggle. But with the help of career Websites, I got the chance to be chosen and matched with good companies. Job search portals are of big help to job seekers. Becoming a member of these Websites is free and simple. Once a job applicant completed filling in the qualifications and profile, his data will be visible to registered employers. And when an employer is impressed, there is a huge opportunity to get recruited.

I was lucky to be hired. I stayed with my previous job for a couple for years.

Weekend Snapshot: Spring By The Front Door

It was Spring last year when we moved in this apartment complex in Fort Worth. And this is the first time I took a picture of the Amaryllis plant right in front of our apartment unit. I did not pay attention to this plant until today. There are three of them and they are beginning to bloom! Yey! They are giving us flowers.

I wonder how long these plants have been here.

Camping And History

Oh what a day! It was sunny and everybody was outdoors. Is not it wonderful to do outdoor activities on seasons like Spring and Summer? Families will have a lot of fun if they will go on camping this summer. There are many camp sites to check for great amenities and pretty location.

My girl friend discovered a popular, historic camping destination in Pennsylvania. I say historic because the campground is in the town of Gettysburg, where the civil war battlefield is located. She invited me to visit her so that we can get-together and have a RV camping in Gettysburg. PA RV camping is also available in Gettysburg. Hhhmm...I do not like history that much but I guess it does not matter if you love it or not. The point is that fun is priceless and Gettysburg camping will bring you closer not only to nature but also to history...of course.

Apr 8, 2009

Check Your Mailbox

Before our house was leased, we go there on weekends to check everything. And the mailbox is the first place we check when we arrive. We were still receiving mails even if they were only advertisement and promotions.

My honey said the mailbox needs to be replaced because it looks unappealing and worn out. He was trying to find a replacement. But where can we get a new one? We were wondering if we can even personalize the new mailbox. The answer is yes. Whitehall Mailboxes have a wide selection of uniquely designed mailboxes. They offer designing custom mailboxes for customers. These are perfect for homeowners who love to match accents for their home. And personalized mailboxes are of interesting point. Of course, we are interested.

I Miss Our House

I miss our house. Would you believe that I only lived there for a week?

I arrived here in Texas on a Saturday of February. Then we moved to Fort Worth the next Saturday. My honey got a new job here and he was given the relocation benefits. So the house was empty for a couple of months. It was crazy that time. I was in my jetlag period then a tough week came. We were thankful things went well for us last year. Now our house is currently on lease.

I cannot help missing our beautiful home, the backyard with trees, and the squirrel we were used to fed.

Apr 7, 2009

Ready To Start A Family

My honey and I are planning to have a baby next year, I hope. May God bless us with a healthy one.

Some people close to me are saying that I will experience a delicate pregnancy because of my body built. I am a petite woman not even weighing a 100 pounds. And being pregnant needs a lot of care on my side. I know I am healthy. But there is uncertainty if there is a possibility for me to get pregnant. Of course, I am referring to my fertility period. I guess there is nothing to worry because everything I want to understand about conceiving or becoming a parent can be found in, a social networking Website that connects parents and family. The Website offers sharing of tips and advice to individuals like me who want to get ideas on pregnancy, parenting and everything else in the home. Just browsing inside gives me the inspiration to start a family.

A married couple is not complete without a child. 'Know what? You would not believe me if I say I am starting to think of baby names right now.

Relaxing From The Trip

'Have nothing much to do. The house is tidy and I still have food in the fridge. My honey told me to relax because we were tired from our two-day trip.

Road travel is fun but tiring. You will drive for hours to the place you are heading. Your back and butt hurts if you do not adjust your seats properly. Plus, you will have to stop somewhere convenient to ease the uncomfortable feeling. But when you arrive to the destination, you feel the relief and you want to relax a bit to prepare for the fun that awaits.

Anyway, now I am just going to iron our work clothes for the week.

Apr 6, 2009

Start Of The Getaway Experience

Do not let summer pass you by. Enjoy a spectacular vacation in South Carolina. If you have not been there yet, this is the time to plan your trip. Myrtle Beach Resorts will help your dream vacation come true.

Myrtle Beach Resort is located a long the coasts of Myrtle, South Carolina. The seaside view of Myrtle Beach Hotel makes the perfect start of the getaway experience. Plenty of day packages are offered to visitors who love to explore a new place. So do not waste time. Visit There are many interesting outdoor activities for the family to choose from.

Hyper Acidity

What the h*** is happening with my stomach? Actually it started feeling awful yesterday morning. When I woke up I head straight to the bathroom and threw up. I do not think I ate something spoiled. Ugh! I really hate this. Then here it goes again. Acting up like I need to take a pill. It is bad because my enjoyment in our vacation is partly ruined.

Oh I need to go to the restaurant and get me some milk. Do I have hyper acidity? Maybe. My stomach is growling whenever it gets the chance.

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Apr 5, 2009

At The Resort Hotel

It was a very pleasant day. The drive to Oklahoma was smooth and safe though the wind was blowing like there is no tomorrow. We checked in at the hotel at three o'clock in the afternoon. We made it on time. The resort hotels' room is simple yet cozy. Besides cable TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, and flat iron, the room has a closet where we can organize our clothes. Hangers are also available for our jeans and shirts. I brought a couple of under shirts for my honey just in case he needs one. I would say I did a good job in packing our stuff last night.

The resort has a very pretty pool and spa. To make sure we have the proper clothing, I brought his trunks and my bathing suit. I hope the wind will not be harsh tomorrow.

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Out Of State Vacation

Early today we will head to our vacation destination out of State, in Oklahoma. Yes. We are excited now. I hope the weather will be fine and warm so that there is a chance for me to go swimming. The hotel we are staying has built a new resort so it would be fun.

Actually our wedding anniversary is on April 12. Since it is Easter Sunday, we agreed to move the vacation date ahead. First year of marriage...time flies like an arrow huh?

Apr 4, 2009

Gold, Silver Or Leather?

Every time I browse the Internet to go online shopping, I cannot help myself looking at watches. There is something in them that interests me. Time matters so much to me. That is why the idea of wearing a wristwatch has been a part of me when I was a child.

But I wonder when I can buy one of these luxury watches for women. It has been a while since I had a watch on my wrist. Cartier is the watch I am dreaming of. I love its feminine style and design. Gold is the metal I prefer. It looks good on my skin. I know...I know I cannot afford Cartier but a huge sale is going on in the All stock including Movado and Tag Heuer are on discount prices now! Movado has cute and more mature designs too.

These luxury watches are trendy and will look very pretty on women. They come in different styles and model. If shoppers prefer gold or silver metal straps, they have them. Others prefer leather straps and they have it too. Plenty of choices await the ladies out there.

For women who loves luxury watches, this great sale opportunity is worth grabbing.