Jan 26, 2014

If Ever You're In My Arms Again by Peabo Bryson - My Favorite Song

I went to my friend's birthday party last night.  It was an hour and a half drive but it was fine.  The traffic wasn't bad.  It was her 30th birthday.  We had a great time chatting and especially singing karaoke with their Xtreme Magic Sing.  Everybody was lively and cheerful.  On parties like this, there is always a karaoke time.

As I was searching for songs I want to sing, this song from Peabo Bryson brings memories to me.  Well, happy ones because there was a time at a friends' get-together, me and my friends sang this song all together-with full of happiness and cheer.  I won't forget that.  Now I am missing them all.  "If Ever You're In My Arms Again" is one of my all-time favorite song.

Jan 23, 2014

Enter For A Chance To Win $100 Visa Gift Card

How wonderful shopping experience is when there is someone who is willing to help and attend to our questions and problems in-store or online.  Good customer service to me is very important especially in retail.

When shopping online, sometimes we encounter small issues that need immediate attention so we call the store's toll free number to talk to a customer service representative of the store.  What feels great is that these people who deal with us on the other line can be very helpful.  Reaching them thru toll free numbers are a convenience.

On the other hand, a chance to get shopping money is way better, too!  :) Would you like to know how? Well, just enter this giveaway for a chance to win $100 Visa Gift Card that you can use shopping in-store or online.  Joining is very easy in the Rafflecopter below.  This giveaway is open to residents of USA and Canada 18 years of age and up, and starts January 22-February 11, 2014.

Note:  Mhar's Display is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Jan 20, 2014

Problem On Leaking Pipes Solved

I went to visit a friend who has had her birthday few days ago.  I wasn't able to come over to her house on that day because I wasn't feeling well.  The coughing and sneezing were really bad. Gladly I didn't run a fever.  And thankfully, my husband and my daughter didn't get sick.  It's no fun when sick. 

Anyway, when I got to feel better, I went to see her and brought some pizza and a birthday greeting card.  It's better late than never, you know.  :) I was happy for her because the water leak in their living room was fixed in no time.  They contacted a plumbing service that really was reliable.  Now their next plan is re-flooring because of a few holes created on their floors from leak detection.

Jan 18, 2014

Weekend Snapshot: Wishing For A Lighted Curio

Lighted curio - round.

What do you think?  Do like it?  I saw this lighted round curio at a garage sale.  I really really wanted to buy this furniture.  But I wasn't sure if my husband would like it in the house so I took a photo of it and showed it to him.  Like me, he liked the style too.  We like it's cherry finished.  Just needed a little fixing but it's okay.  But when I contacted the seller, she said it's already sold.  Oh, well.  'Tis not meant for us.  Hopefully we can find a better one next time.

Jan 16, 2014

Looking Forward To Feel Well Soon

It's almost a week and I still have cough and colds.  Body aches are gone though.  I hate it when I get sick.  It's no fun at all!  Winter surely is not a good season for me.  I get allergies and stuff.  Thankfully my family didn't feel awful (so far so good).  I am doing my best to protect my little one from being sick.  Drinking lots of water and eating more veggies and fruits really helps.  

On the other hand, we went to see daddy and our two friends at a Mexican restaurant for lunch.  After a nice lunch, I took my little girl to the play area at a mall nearby so she can have play time.  She always enjoys that.  

I am looking forward to feeling well soon.  

Jan 12, 2014

Something Big Rolled Towards The Trees

It was a gorgeous day all day today...bright and warm except it's very gusty.  My dear husband went to the store.  Me and my daughter were just about done with our meals when out of nowhere, I saw something big rolling towards the trees in our backyard.  I looked out the window to take a closer look and it was a trampoline.  When my husband came back, I told him that our neighbor's trampoline was blown by the wind.  At first I thought it was the neighbor's beside us, but it wasn't.  The trampoline belongs to the neighbor's 4th house from across the street.  Sure that was a strong wind gust!

He saw something really upsetting.

My dear husband went to check on it immediately.  He helped the neighbors take the trampoline back to them.  When he came back, he told me that he was sorry about the puppy.  I guess the owners tied it the puppy's chain around the pole of the trampoline.  And when the strong wind blew, he got  dragged and hit several times.  That was very tragic.  We feel sorry for the chihuahua.  :(

Jan 11, 2014

Princess Hour Episode 7 Is Cute and Funny

Well, I am back to watching Korean drama again.  I am currently watching Goong (a.k.a. Princess Hour).  I am enjoying it so far and reminiscing the giggles and fascination my young cousins and me had 8 years ago.  :)  Funny, romantic with a little drama.

"Strike back!" - Chae-kyung (Princess Hour).  A line from the cute scene where the Crown Princess visited her school and reunited with her best friends. Episode 7, I think, is the cutest and funniest episode so far (I am still in episode 10 as of the moment).

Jan 10, 2014

Weekend Snapshots: Bird, Drawing

Although it was foggy the other and rainy today, we still had a great time outdoors.  My daughter went to the library to borrow books and DVDs.  But before heading there, she wanted to do drawing on the driveway.  She saw her wet chalks.  She did a few drawings of me, her cousins, and daddy.  So funny because her drawings look like aliens.  :)

 photo 0109141353_zps64a6c117.jpg
DD said it's me.  It looks like a Power puff girl.

 photo 0109141352b_zpsa15fdee3.jpg
A bird on the topmost part of the tree.  
I took a couple snapshots:  DD's drawing and a bird singing on the top of the tree.  She's the only one singing and really brought cheer to me on a gloomy foggy day.

The photos were kinda blurry because I only used my mobile phone's camera.  Unimpressive. 

Jan 8, 2014

Good Thing It Didn't Rain Sunday And Monday

Good thing it didn't rain Sunday and Monday or else we could've got stuck with thick ice, freezing temperature, and no Internet connection.  It was VERY cold three days ago and the lowest temperature was 15F and the highest was 25F and stayed that way the whole day Monday.  We just stayed home and lit the fireplace again.  I wasn't feeling well, though, because I had abdominal cramps (I hate!).  Thanks to my dear husband for cooking supper and taking care of DD and me (I love him!).  We were bundled up to stay warm.  Winter clothes are very handy.

Though it's quite raining today, it is not very cold to the point that it'll freeze.  Good thing because if it did rain last Sunday and Monday, I guess we're still waiting for the melting and the internet connection is frozen too.

Americans Need Reliable, Inexpensive Transportation

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If you fall into this category, you may want to see if you can find another vehicle that will give you the same capacity but with better fuel mileage. If you are a person who just happens to drive a huge vehicle, it may be time to rethink your ride.

Reliable Transportation

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Jan 2, 2014

Ice Ice Baby - Running Man Dance

"Ice Ice Baby" is 14 years old this year.  I honestly say that I enjoyed listening and dancing to this song since its national release in 1990.  I was in a the 7th Grade at that time.  This pop rap song was one of those that brings lots of memories from my teenage life.  "Ice Ice Baby" is one of my all-time favorite. Would you believe that I didn't know Vanilla Ice (the rapper and composer of this song) is Caucasian until now?  Honestly.

I remember when there's a dance or bayle in our neighborhood (organized by the young ladies and gentlemen), my friends and I couldn't help but joining the rest of the guys and gals dancing in the dance floor.  It was really fun!