May 30, 2017

Hair Styling Enhancement With Lace Front Wigs

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. 

It is almost end of the school year, and it is graduation and recognition time.  Many of us are very busy during this last period of the the school year. Parents of graduating students are getting ready for the special day.  We all want to look nice and presentable. 

One of the places we go for pampering and beauty enhancements is the salon for hair care and up-dos. I enjoy going to the salon once in a while. But if you only want to make your hair look nice with great volume, I would suggest to just get a hair wig.  If you want to keep the current look and style of your hair, a sensationnel lace front wig would be a great accessory for your locks. Without worrying of fading or sagging, this wig can be of use for many occasions in your life.
For thin and frizzy hair like mine, a lace front wig can be a tool to make my hair look amazing.  I can always choose what color or volume of wig I like the most. Hair styling can be very tedious sometimes. But with a wig, hair styling is a charm. 

Congratulations to all the graduates! And congratulations, parents.

May 9, 2017

Wild Flowers and Blackberries In The Backyard Part One

Wild flowers and Blackberries Part 1

These are beautiful flowers and blackberries we found at the edge of our backyard.  Two years ago we spread a big bag of mixed wildflower seeds in that part of our yard. And we are very glad to see they have grown and are blooming different types of wildflowers. It's amazing.

May 6, 2017

Music Instrument Shopping

There are so many things to do this time of the year. Springtime is the second busy time of the year. Lots of out of town trips and activities going on especially for the kids.  Shopping for camping gear, sports gear, and music instruments are on a roll.

Speaking of music instrument shopping, have you checked any music store yet? How about There are music instruments and entertainment equipment for sale in reasonable prices. So many great deal here! 

 I am planning to enroll my child to a music school sometime soon. I can't wait for her to learn how to play a music instrument. :)