Jun 22, 2013

What's Your Adventure Plan This Summer?

Summer is here!  I know most of us don't like the super duper hot days.  But, yeah, we love the outdoor activities we can do this season.  The kids, especially, were looking forward to explore and have a fun adventure this summer season.  Camping and swimming are two of the most enjoyable activity for the family.  In fact, lots of people sign up for camping adventure ahead of time so they can prepare all the necessary things to take.  On the other hand, swimming is the most common excursion for everyone.  Kids enjoy this so much!

Visiting with the family is also the ideal thing to do in the summer.  If your close family live out-of-State, this is also a good time for family reunions.  Some of us want to stay in a hotel so exploring places will be convenient.  What I like about hotels is that, they have nice luxury rooms.  Feels like I want to move in already.  :)  The furniture, equipment, and vanities.  I wonder if they buy those stuff from a Hotel Supply Online.  

When I was out swimming my my girl friends two weeks ago, we were talking about road traveling out-of-State for an adventure.  Some of us haven't been to another State before.  One of my friends suggested going to Atlanta.  She and her husband went to a family reunion a month ago and she said, they found a very reasonably priced luxury hotel with great amenities.  She showed us some pictures taken from her cell phone.  The rooms are beautiful and Hotel Bar Supplies are neat.  When I searched for that hotel online that night, I saw lots of good reviews.  Well, must be a well-managed hotel.  That's great, though.  Guest love staying in a place like that.  It takes a lot of hard work to maintain a customer-oriented hospitality establishments like hotels and resorts.  And looking for Atlanta Hotel Supply can be challenging.

Well, this is our temporary plan so far.  Hopefully, we can come up with a good decision about road trips this summer.  It'll be fun!

Jun 15, 2013

Weekend Snapshot: Presenting Our Vegetable Garden 2013

This is what our the garden looks now.  The tomatoes are growing so fast.  The long beans are climbing aggressively up the trellis.  And oh, I also have a couple of bitter melon vines at the far end of the trellis.  The okras are looking good, too.  I cannot wait to see the bok choy sprout so I can harvest them soon for my pork and mixed veggies soup.

In the photo, my little one and I just finished picking ripe cherry tomatoes.  She likes them.  And they're good in garden salads as well.