Oct 31, 2008

Climate Controlled Storage Reserved

In preparation for the move, my husband and I looked for a storage location last weekend. I tell you that he does not rely on manual search. So we used online local search and good thing we found a climate controlled storage in Plano. is a local search online that provides a listing of local service companies and business websites which we find reliable so far. This is a very convenient website for us to use for quick searches locally. Users can find accurate driving directions, business contact information and hours, as well reviews of the websites. Also, offers a practical idea of allowing users to visit a website to view and evaluate. As what I have checked, uses can view and participate in contests from these websites. They have organized search categories for users to browse and look for business and service companies according to their needs. It serves as the local yellowpages online.

So another task was done and deleted in our task list of the week. The storage units were already reserved for the furniture and other stuff in the house.

Oct 30, 2008

Good Writing Advice

In promulgating your esoteric cogitation or articulating your superficial sentimentality and amicable philosophical or psychological observations, beware of platitudinous ponderousness.
Let your conversational communications possess a compacted conciseness, a clarified comprehensibility, a coalescent cogency and a concatenated consistency.
Eschew obfuscation and all conglomeration of flatulent garrulity, jejune babbles and asinine affectations.
Let your extemporaneous descants and unpremeditated expatiation have the intelligibility and voracious vivacity without rodomontade or thrasonical bombast.
Sedulously avoid all polysyllabic profundity, pompous prolific and vain vapid verbosity.

If you are really interested to know, the above means: “Be brief and do not use big words.”

Jokes from
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We Got Renters For The House

Now I feel like we are starting over again. We are in the moving situation here. 'Asking where? Actually we extended our apartment lease until next year. We are not moving but the furniture and other stuff in the house will. That means we have to get all our belongings off our house in the country because we got renters. Yes. The house was in the market for a couple of months. And we are, somehow, in relief knowing that there is a couple who is interested to lease it. They came to see us and finalized the lease.

Anyway, we will head to Wylie this weekend to get all the things done. The in-laws will come over to help us to get through this moving situation. Great. We have a lot of stuff to move!

Oct 29, 2008

Use A Search Tool For Home Lighting Finds

What we did on the weekends was looking for boxes to place all the small to medium stuff from the kitchen, living room and bedroom. I was a little bit concerned about packaging the lamps. They are too pretty to be packed inside the boxes.

I adore our home lighting so much. I like it when the rooms are bright because I am afraid of the dark. Besides floor lamps, we have the desk lamps and torchieres. Most of them were found at, the leading source of quality unique lighting products. They have attractive lamp designs and styles that are perfect to every home’s ambiance. The low prices are great that is why is the place to look for lamps and other home lighting products. Their site accommodates all lamps search as they provide helpful search tool for quick finds. I got confused at first but using the search tool, everything was fine.

Oct 28, 2008

Minor But Traumatic Pain

I was busy sorting mails this evening. But something happened. I was cut on the right index finger. Who is the suspect? This envelope. Yes. I was opening it with the use of a pen when suddenly the edge cut the skin near my nail. Sarcastically you might ask, "Who's fault is that?" It is not proper to open an envelope that way but I am used to it. Silly me, huh? The pain is bearable but when my honey poured some alcohol on the cut, I blew air to it hastily to ease the pain. Is not it traumatic? This is a lesson, so be careful friends.

Oct 27, 2008

What Do You Think Is The Right Age For A Child To Go To School?

Raising kids is not easy. We think of their welfare from the moment they are inside our wombs. We make plans for their future and we work hard to meet the needs such as providing for food on the table, clothing, health care, and education. We do all these because we love them so much. With regards to education, would you consider the thought of sending your children to school at a very young age? With or without children, you can share your thoughts.



1. Add your blog to the list. If you're keeping multiple blogs, it'll be fine if you add them all up and just post your answers in one of those blogs.
2. IMPORTANT: kindly get back to me [MAICEL] so i will be able to visit your sites, read your answers and include you in the master list.
3. Please do copy from Start to End.
4. You may tag as many online friends as you please.

Copy this Participants List:

Simple Delights / Motherhood in a Nutshell / 3 for 100 / Mhar's Display /
Kuting's Place - Life's Adventures, Interests & New Lifestyle /Your blog here

Do you have kids? None but I have niece and nephews

How old are they? One, six and seven
What do you think is the ideal age for the kids to be sent to school? 6 years old
Would you consider sending your 3-year-old toddler to school? No.
Explain your reasons. For me, I want to spend my kids’ toddler years with me, learn and explore together in the family without exposing their young minds to pressure in the school environment.


Sharing this to all my online friends. I hope you'll take some time answering the few questions.

Oct 23, 2008

Two Days of Stumbling With Blogs

What I was doing for two days was blog hopping, commenting, and surfing. I just loved it. Besides visiting blogs, I stumbled upon other blogs' articles and met new bloggers. Interesting posts add to the ideas I have in mind. I am making it a habit to update my blog roll by exchanging links.

I appreciate the following for accommodating my queries on certain topics:

Touching & Inspiring Stories - stories that really touches the heart
Sweet Haven - for replying on Paypal matter
iMarketing Expert - sharing ideas for my blog

Thumbs up to you friends. More power!

Oct 21, 2008

Thank God I Feel Better Now

Thank God I feel better now. It is a suffering for me to have cramps and migraine during this period of the month. I am glad I have the peppermint oil my mother-in-law gave me few months ago. My honey's always beside me though he's helpless with my situation. Vapor rubs actually work on me that is why I always have peppermint oil on hand. I appreciate my blogger friends (Life According To Me, My Overview, Ria, and Twinks)who stopped by my blog...shared about cramps and hot compress. Honestly, it did not came into my thought. Thank you ladies!

As with my driving practice, I did great. I made my left and right turns with confidence. Sometimes I had problems with staying in my lane. But I will work on it.

Right now, I am thinking of going out for a walk. But I missed the malls so maybe I need to do some window shopping too. ^-^

Oct 17, 2008

Birthday Greetings To My Sis!

It is another fruitful year for my youngest sister Dylen. She is turning fifteen now and growing into a pretty, tall young lady. My husband said that trouble with boys may start. boyfriends yet. My parents are strict. ^-^ Dylen is a sweet girl but she can be sassy too. I miss her a lot.

Happy Birthday Sis! God bless you always. Kuya and Me loves you.

Cramps, Oh Crap!

It is the period of the month when painful cramps starts. I really hate it when it happens. It feels like I am tortured or something. I can feel a headache coming up. What's worse is that, I have driving lessons today and I am feeling uncomfortable. There is no way to reschedule because the instructor is fully booked until the second week of November. Oh man! I need to rub some mint oil on my belly and temples to make me feel better, at least. Okay...I got to go. See you later!

Oct 14, 2008

I Am In The Midst Of Challenges Right Now

My heart is aching. After a bad incident happened to me last Friday night, I am still in distress. Seems like I was in the middle of challenges in the past few days. And today I was notified that my blog was cut from 3P's system. I am doing the best I can to make my blog reputable and informative. And 3P is the only place where I earn money online. Honestly, I am feeling down right now.

Oct 13, 2008

What's Your View On Blindness The Movie?

I was impressed by the movie Blindness which opened on October 3. The movie is about the epidemic of what so-called “White Sickness” which has spread out suddenly in a city causing loss of eyesight. Blindness is a very interesting movie and is over all worth the watch. There are scenes that would surely touch your hearts.

A friend told me about a website,, where you can post your remarks and join discussions regarding the movie. My friend is active in posting comments in the site. The website is focused on user-generated contents where you can share views with the different scenes in the movie. Right now, everybody is busy participating in the forum’s concept “The Last Thing I want To See is…”, sending pictures and drawings of the last thing they want to see if the situations of the movie takes place. If you will be in the situation where you will lose your sight in the blink of an eye, what will be your reaction?

If I am blind, I will not be able to see these beautiful things. So we should do our best to take good care of something precious to us, our sight.

Sixth Month-sary Date At The Garden

For our Sixth wedding month-sary we had a lunch date at IHOP yesterday. Then we went to Fort Worth Botanic Garden after lunch. Our trip yesterday was the second part of our exploration at the park. The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is one of the beautiful relaxation destination in Texas. It was a fine day and we had fun looking around, taking pictures, and reading educational facts about plants. We found exotic plants and flowers in the conservatory. I will post some photos we took from the garden later today.

Lunch At International House Of Pancakes

Yesterday is one of the wonderful days that we enjoyed. My husband and I went to IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for lunch. It was the first time I ate there. At the same time I was pretty excited too because I had a coupon. ^-^

I ordered this huge Tilapia with red potatoes and corn on the side. Also it came along with a slice of garlic bread and green beans. My honey got a breakfast meal, huge omelet with hush browns. We were stuffed!

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Oct 10, 2008

Undemanding Yet Profitable Business

In the current economy situation, did you think of putting up your own business? If so, what would it be? When I was working two years ago my officemates and I talked about who among us would be successful in terms of having a business. Some commented that it depends on what, who and where aspects of the business. Of course, we wanted to gain profit. While the conversation went on, our manager thought of buying a franchise.

Franchising is one of the business methods that will definitely bring income in the pocket. The undemanding yet profitable franchising business I see today is the Vending Machine Franchise. There is no boss, no set hours, employees, complicated papers and others. Why vending machine? It is easy to maintain and it is also the quickest and safest in investment returns. 1.800.VENDING has the resources to provide a successful snack and soda vending machine. It is the company that provides assistance and helps people succeed in the vending industry. Several reasons why this opportunity is considerable are:

- There is Immediate Cash Flow

- It is the Largest “All-Cash” Business

- Working 24 Hours a Day

- Incredible Return on Investment…

I think it is a great family business to be place in schools and office establishments .1.800.VENDING is the leading vending machine company that provides original marketing plan and affordable investment packages in Vending Machine franchise.

Keyboard USB Ports

The keyboard we are using now has two USB ports. It is pretty because we will not be using the ports behind the computer's CPU. So whenever I want to upload pictures, I just connect the cable to the ports. We got this keyboard from a garage sale worth $3.00. Not bad. It has built-in navigation shortcut buttons that help computer manipulation a little bit easier. ^ _ ^'s a bit heavier than a simple keyboard but the keypad is soft.

Repair And Maintenance

One of the best ways to protect our investment is to use high quality products on repairs and maintenance. As homeowners we make sure that our homes are inspected diligently otherwise maintained properly not only for security reason but also for longevity. This involved (if needed) repainting, coating, applying of sealant.

Omit choosing sealants is not easy if you are not familiar with construction supplies. Construction managers, architects, and engineers and people who are involved in the construction industry do understand Coating sealants, Ceramic coatings , and others. In this industry, Belzona is providing dependable sealant and coatings for industrial needs. For so many years, they have been successful dealing with industrial repair, improvement, and protection. This means that Belzona provides solutions to maintenance issues either in equipment and structures in the industry. Reducing costs is one main concern here. That is why industrial companies choose Belzona products. When it comes to service, they focus on clients’ satisfaction by providing personal consideration and giving them total assistance.

So for sealant and coating needs, choose the product that is proven by its quality and efficiency. It will help protects home structures as well as giving it more durability for longer years.

Oct 9, 2008

First Award For Mhar’s Display

It makes me feel so motivated learning that bloggers appreciate the way I present my blog. My thoughts and impressions are totally based on the experiences I encountered each day. That’s why I am so confident sharing them with you. This simple yet expressive meme means a lot to Mhar’s Display.

My warm appreciation to Faye and Ritchelle for this.

The rules of the award are:
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated.

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Oct 8, 2008

We Need Clean Air

Do you sometimes experience frequent sneezing even if you are just inside your home or car? There may be two reasons. Either you have allergies or the home atmosphere is dirty. I am not pertaining to clutters or untidiness. What I mean is that the air inside your home is getting soiled. We have it everywhere I know. My husband and I are noticed ourselves sneezing with runny nose lately. But then, there’s a way to clean the air in our home by using the best air purifier that we can find in the market.

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Wordless Wednesday: Baked Chicken

Oct 6, 2008

Wishing For A Casio Digital Camera

I love taking pictures. And I like keeping memories in pictures. My family and friends can attest to that. Honestly, I admire good photographers. I envy their skills and technique in capturing fine snapshots. My fondness to photography has started when I worked in a photo center back home where I was one of the photo sorters. It was so amazing how the prints were so clear and vivid though we’re processing shots from manual cameras before.

Cameras, manual or digital, are photographers' best friend. Today, high-technology cameras are selling extensively in the market. They are highly in-demand and have high measure of innovation. I desire getting a high-quality camera that is durable and reliable. I saw a Casio 10 megapixel camera online. The store sells a wide variety of stuff like digital cameras, camcorders, and photo printers in discounted prices. Because Christmas is only two months away, these products are also absolute gift ideas for the holiday season. Nice huh? There is lots of cool stuff to buy online especially if you are one of the gadget geeks out there. And it is a pretty offer that is open to the option of taking orders by telephone or fax besides online orders. I wish that someone will give me a Casio digital camera this Christmas.

Before I Forget...

...I want to give a warm appreciation to bloggers who gave their birthday greetings to my husband. He was so delighted reading your comments friends. In this regard, I am sending EC credits to the bloggers who left their greeting comments in the birthday post until 12:00 NN today. Thank you so much.

Oct 3, 2008

Getting Dressed For The Season

Oh my! What’s happening to me? When I think of the weekends I think of shopping. My mind and fingers are roaming around online. Do I need to be disciplined? I think so. I know I have to control myself but I saw this Charm Metallic Dress designer clothing by Madison Marcus. They are dazzling to the eyes and feels like they’re cool to have on just looking at the fabric. It is knee-length and made of silk. The dress’ style is in semi-formal type but also can be worn on formal gatherings. It’s on discount sale so I feel much better. Matching with the dress I saw a pair of Loeffler Randall Emmy D-Ring Black Boots. The boots look gorgeous with its black color and average high heels. This pair matches appropriately with the season. They really look good together in relation to my fall season fashion ideas.

I know most women out there would find these stuff attractive too. There are many designer clothing to choose from that suit shoppers’ taste when it comes to fashion and budgeting. I know we are after satisfaction with the price as well as the appearance. But also we consider the durability, longevity of the stuff we buy. There may be some would disagree but I am, however, shopping wisely though.

Oct 1, 2008

Birthday Boy

Today is a very special day. Another year is added to my honey's age. It is pretty nice because this is the first time we are celebrating his birthday together. myspace graphic comments

'Wishing you a happy birthday my beloved handsome husband. I am so happy to be with you. May God bless you with good health and many more birthday celebration with me.

Wordless Wednesday: Amazed By Purple Flowers