Mar 31, 2011

Building A Strategy For A Successful Business

Many people are engaging themselves in businesses today. I wonder where they get money for capital? Hey, it's none of my business right? :)

Anyway, what's interesting is that they have the determination to pursue this goal. I remember my professor in Business Management once said, "You will not succeed in business if you do not take the risk." Right. I heard many success stories. And most of the successful businessmen and women failed the first time...some more than once.

For those who are starting and currently running a business, here is a helpful tip. Build a marketing strategy to make your product or services become more visible to customers. Study and know your market better. And if you need help on these, Tod Seisser services can be of assistance. Tod Seisser has been helping business professionals to achieve success in strategic marketing and advertising. He is partnering with Grok agency where they develop unique ideas on campaigns to attract clients.

In the business world, discipline is the key towards success. And knowledge is the foundation.

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Take Care Of Your Vehicle

After months of being dirty, my car has been finally cleaned. It was a very pleasant day last weekend and my honey was in the mood (I guess he had no choice but...) to wash the car. Now it's squeaky-clean! It is another important way of taking care of the vehicle.

We were planning to go to a car wash since 'forever', but did not get the chance. And thinking how much we have to pay for a car wash. What I SHOULD do now is clean up the inside. There are lots of clutters. I need to have some organization in my car.

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Cheap Insurance In Texas

In this tough times, you need something that will make you save money. From shopping for groceries to looking for insurance companies that will secure you and your personal possessions, I say every penny counts. There are coupons for grocery items but with insurance, there is none. All we need to see if it has good coverage and reasonable benefits.

One of the things my honey and I are greatly thankful for is having a reliable, dependable insurance. I still remember the accident happened three years ago. We were in a car wreck because of the tailgater driving in the fast lane. She got out of control of her car so she swerved and spun in front of us. Though the damage was not bad, it's traumatic. Thumbs up for our auto insurance company! They took care of everything without any hassle at all. They provided us a generous assistance since my honey did not have the vehicle to use for work at that time. It was awesome! Our vehicle's bumper was repaired satisfactorily.

It is difficult to find an insurance company that will give you the best service when you need it the most. We are blessed to have one. Furthermore, our monthly premium is very affordable. Our insurance is the cheap insurance in Texas but, like I said, we are thankful for their reliability. My honey has been with them for years. The customer service is superb. No complains, so far.

You can shop for different insurance companies. And each one has it's own premium that might interest you. They may promise a better money savings if you sign up. But what's important is choosing the right one that will suit your requirements. Carefully read the plan coverage and the benefits they offer because these are the top most priority.

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Mar 30, 2011

Complimenting The Friendship

Blogging allows you to meet new friends. I am very proud that I met a friend who is very sincere and kind. Though we are miles away, she keeps in touch. And you know what? She even sent me and my daughter lovely gifts from Brazil! My friend SissyM is so sweet.

I am taking this tag to compliment her friendship, and sharing things about me.

1. I love singing. Yup! But I only do a concert in my house. Sometimes I sing karaoke with friends too.
2. Emotional person. Cry baby.
3. I love the outdoors, except for winter season.
4. The eldest in the family.
5. First time to travel international.
6. Likes going to the mall.
7. I am thoughtful and caring.

Now it is your turn to compliment me. Haha!

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Separation Anxiety

My daughter is having separation anxiety whenever I leave her with her daddy. Like few hours ago, she was crying when I was gone to the store. My honey tried everything to comfort her. Rocking, talking, and playing did not work for baby. And when I got home, my daughter stopped crying when she saw me a sweet smile. Aw...!

Separation anxiety is normal in babies. But there are several ways to manage it. What I need to do now is to give daddy and baby girl more time together, so she will feel safe and secure when I am not around.

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Mar 28, 2011

Watch Local Movies From Home

Another form of entertainment here at home is watching television. Morning, noon, and night time our television is on. But it is limited for a few hours because we are trying to lower our electric bill.

Since we got our Direct TV subscription, I began to see local movies from home. As you may know, we subscribe to Filipino channels also. There is a channel that plays movies way back in the '80s and '90s. I watch those 'tweetums' (sweet, cute films) and comedy films from my favorite movie stars. It is really nice to have Satellite TV connection because signal problems are not bad. Unlike the previous service we had before, our current subscription likely has tv shows and movies that are somewhat interesting to watch.

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Mar 27, 2011

High Speed Internet Service

When we moved back to the house, I thought we will go back to the dial-up Internet service. My honey said he will look for a better one. Gladly, he found Tier One. They offer a high speed Internet service (and wireless too!). My ears were flapping in total happiness when my honey told me about it. I couldn't see myself in front of the computer working on my online tasks using dial-up. Huh! I am used to multi-tasking and high speed connection.

As of the moment, I am very happy with my Internet provider. Thanks to my honey.

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Give Your Home A Scent That Appease The Senses

One of the finest thing you can do to your home is to make it welcoming by putting some home fragrance. Besides that it is relaxing, it is calming and soothing to the senses too.

I admire those who keep their house cozy as well as giving home decorating and improvement ideas. For a first time homemaker like me, there are many things I needed to know about managing a household and decorating the home. Whenever I look and buy things for the house, I never forget to get scented items. One of my favorites are Scentsy flame-less scented candles. From over 80 fragrances, I can choose which scent I like best for my home. No wonder it became popular now.

A friend told me about Scentsy products before we moved back to our house. She is so contented with the smell and the warmers have attractive designs. I was hesitant to give it try before because I used another product. Finally, I bought a couple scented candles. They were exactly what I wanted. The scented flame-less candles give a warm feeling to my home. In addition, they help create a bright entertaining look in my house.

I hope to gain more ideas on home beautification.

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Mar 26, 2011

So They Can Sprout

Me and my family stopped by at Home Depot to get some tomato seeds. My honey wants to start planting them so they can sprout and ready for transfer in the plot after the last freeze. He also bought pots for my herb seeds (from

There are different types of flowering plants in the store too. I sure wanted to buy a couple but our flower bed is not ready yet.

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Mar 24, 2011

New Hairstyling Trend

It is very nice to have a luscious bouncy hair. And with proper care, you will be granted by a gift of beautiful hair. It is a woman's crowning glory. It adds beauty to a woman and we are proud of it. But can you tell if someone is wearing real hair? I mean, in this new technology of beautification, there are new things we can do to enhance the appearance of our hair.

Most celebrities I know wear lace wigs. They are not telling but it is kinda obvious. The most popular is the lace front wigs. Lace wigs are the trend in women hairstyling today. They make a woman look sophisticated and more attractive. High quality lace wigs are in demand because they don't easily wore out.

Would you wear lace wigs?

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Review The List Of Priorities

There are so many things to do, but so little time. There are lots of plans for this year, but nothing is finalized yet. My mind is occupied with SO many things. Feels like it is going to explode! You's like you think of something and you want to do it right that moment then it slips away. They said I have to have a list of priorities so I won't get lost. They are absolutely right! No wonder I don't accomplish much. My list is messed up. I need to review it.

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Hosting Plans

'Had a headache tweaking my other blog last night. Although, I had fun setting it up. I have finally decided to put it into website hosting. Yes. After two years of thinking, one of my blogs is now independent.

There are many types of hosting sites that offer cheap web hosting plans but only one captured my interest. The service has unlimited bandwidth and most hosting features are included. I am happy! There are still a couple of blogs I need to get hosted. But my time is limited as of the moment. I will work on them one at a time.

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Mar 21, 2011

Weekend Snapshot: Free Haircut

I thought it is time to have my hair trimmed again. My hair had gotten longer so fast after my delivery. It aggravating because my baby knows how to grab it now.

When I got to visit my cousin, I asked her if she can trim my hair. It was the right timing. Our babies were playing in the living room with a friend who we joked as their temporary 'babysitter'. So, I got a free haircut.

There is no telling if I can wear my hair longer anytime soon. I could not even get a chance to have a hairstyle.

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Mar 18, 2011

Handbag Fascination

I have this fascination with handbags. Ugh! 'Just can't help it. Whenever I am in a department store, my mind wants me to go to the ladies handbag department. It is not an addiction because I do not buy impulsively. Only if there is a good deal (huge discount) on handbag styles that I like, the chances of letting it go is minimal.

It did not came into my mind that I would find messenger bag cuter than ever. I used to have a handbag messenger bag style when I was in college. It was the trend before. Mine stayed with me five years until I gave it up to my sister.

Oh, I love handbags! To own one is a privilege of being a woman.

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Mar 17, 2011

Napping All Day

It was a cool day. We were supposed to come up and have lunch with my honey but my baby girl and I woke up ten o'clock this morning. It was so late for the preparation and drive to his office.

We spent most of our time napping today. 'Kinda lazy to stroll outside because it was overcast and the wind gust was cold. I am so ready for the spring and summer.

It said in the news that the weather will be very pleasant in the next few days. Oh, I would love to take my baby girl outside and enjoy the sun.

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Mar 16, 2011

Staying Safe During the Cold Months

You might be well aware that road conditions and temperatures can be quite dangerous during the winter season. For some people, these types of conditions are easy to cope with, but for others, it can be fatal due to not knowing how to prepare. If you're not exactly sure how to keep you and your family safe during the cold months of the year, these are some great ways to start.

First and foremost, make sure that you are setting your home alarm from before you leave your house. This is simply because criminals tend to get more desperate for the essentials during colder and more drastic months.

Second, make sure that your family has the appropriate clothing for this type of weather. For example, your children should not be leaving the house dressed in anything less than a heavy duty winter coat, appropriate pants, thick shoes and warm headwear. This will keep them optimally warm and safe. Even though this is extremely important for children, it's also important for you and other adults in the family as well.

Additionally, make sure that you're going to have the extra funds available to finance the increased electric bill. Having a heated home all winter long will surely increase your electric bill, and if you're not exactly prepared for more financial stress, this could be a problem. Be prepared financially to take care of the increased costs for heating as well as extra supplies in case of an emergency.

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

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Mar 15, 2011

Blog All Season

'Never miss any task online. Earning extra money is what I am looking for. Opportunities from legit PTB websites are pouring. Though they do not have the same offer amounts, still it's a daily blessing. Better be productive than to wait for nothing. Small amount will become big when totaled in 30 days. I am very grateful making money online.

Blogging is tiring sometimes. But if you really enjoy it, don't complain. All you need is time management after all. You can blog all season. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall.

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Mar 13, 2011

Trying To Get In Shape For The Season

Oh no! Longer days are here. And Spring is here. Colorful flowers and beautiful weather...I love it! Makes me always think about my wedding three years ago.

Anyway, there will be lots of Spring apparels on display in the stores. I always liked the multi-colored dresses because they never get out of style. Another thing that excites me about this season is the various selection on infant clothing. My baby girl will surely look pretty in Spring dresses. Me? I love dresses too. But I will focus on trying to get in shape so I can wear swimsuits. It would be nice to back in my pre-pregnancy body again soon.

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Weekend Snapshot: Spring Is In The Backyard 1

There is no denying that Spring is here. DST (Daylight Saving Time) is back and pear trees are blooming. The weeds in our back yard are blooming too. My honey cleaned and loosen the soil in the flower garden this morning. I am excited about gardening this season.

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Mar 11, 2011

Build Your Dream Home

I will be a hypocrite if I do not care about having a nice house. Who doesn't want to have a beautiful house? a dream home?

My family and I don't have a house of our own. We rented a room when I was young. I shared a bed with my siblings...even when I was growing up. It's difficult because we do not have our privacy. I've been dreaming that someday we will be living in our own home-with a living room, separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

I know it is very costly to build a house right now. But with a good and reputable builder and affordable home improvement necessities, home building won't be difficult. We just need to find resources for cheap furniture for the house, important equipment, appliances, and service provider like a plumber or a cable guy. Besides the bedroom, bathrooms are the place in the house that every homeowner wants to look beautiful and comfy.

If you are currently planning to build your house, now is the time to check for ideas on facilities. They have wide selection of bath collection, accessories, and furniture. There is a huge sale right now and they deliver too. My cousin might want to see this. She is going to have her house built soon.
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Mar 10, 2011

Sunny Breezy Day

It's a beautiful day like the other days. The sun is bright. Although it is kind of breezy, it's still a very pleasant day to stroll around. I go for a walk twice today. With my baby in the stroller, the idea is not bad at all. We enjoy the sunshine. My baby fell asleep while we are touring the neighborhood.

There is something about the sun that makes you feel sleepy. So after the walk, I took a nap with my baby. Not a long one...because her hungry cry woke me up.

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Mar 9, 2011

High School Special Event

My cousin sent an email with a picture of her at the JS Prom. It was a nicely captured picture of her and her partner. She was wearing a gray strapless dress matched with a gray purse. Her partner was in a gray suit too. She did not know that until the prom night.

What I like about JS Prom is that, young ladies get to wear their elegant prom dresses and show the world that they are not girls anymore. To me it is a very special event for the Junior and Senior students. It is a moment worth remembering.

When I was in high school, the idea of joining the JS Prom did not came easy for me. My parents couldn't afford buying me a new dress, so they went and rent cheap prom dresses. It was fine with me because the dresses were only worn once. But it would be better if I got to own them. (Smiles.)

My cousin's dress is pretty. She looked cute in it. Reminds me of the style of the junior bridesmaid dresses that she and my sister wore at our other cousin's wedding last year.

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Who's There?

Somebody knocked at the door this evening. Sounded like the person outside is impatiently in a hurry. We did not answer immediately because he was in the bathroom and I was holding my baby. The knocking went on again so I put my baby down on the bed and hurried to the door. I looked at the peephole and I saw a woman. As soon as I opened the door, she apologized for the disturbance. She said their car had a flat tire and her husband is working on changing it. They live on the other side of the circle. She said they do not want to scare us that is why she's informing us what they're doing in front of our house.

Our neighborhood has crime watch. If somebody sees anything suspicious, it will be reported to the authorities. The woman did not want to scare her neighbors. I think it was a good idea that she had let us know what's going on.

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