Dec 31, 2009

Dec 30, 2009

Snowy And Chilly Christmas Eve

We went out-of-town again for Christmas. When I got off from work on Christmas Eve, we headed East Texas on a snow stormy evening. A family Christmas party was waiting for us at my sister-in-law's house in Whitehouse. My honey drove very carefully on the icy roads and bridges. I thought we would not make it to the party on time because we were stuck in a heavy traffic in Dallas.

It was VERY cold! It was not snowing in Tyler and Whitehouse but the wind chill penetrates thru my bones. Glad to see my honey's family again on occasions like Christmas. Exchanging of gifts is a tradition with a 'game'. I got a couple of Victoria's Secret body lotions and shower gel plus a gift card. Nobody stole them away. Woohoo! My honey grabbed a personalized sweatshirt and cap from his brother-in-law. We spend the night at his sister's house then went to his parents' on Christmas Day. 'Will feature and display the gifts I received this year :)

Dec 27, 2009

Honey Gave Me A Canon PowerShot SD780 IS

What I got this Christmas? My honey gave me a new Canon PowerShot SD780 IS digital camera.

My old digital camera is damaged because I dropped it two years ago, when my honey and I were on vacation. Since then I am having trouble taking pictures in zoom. I could not take pictures outdoors...I mean its capture is too bright and scratchy. And the focus is not functioning well. I am struggling with my old digital camera.

We both have our own camera. While mine is broke, I am using his until he gave me a new Canon PowerShot SD780 IS. I love its wide LCD and functions. Since the digicam is slim, I can carry it in my hand like a cellular phone. It has an auto focus which makes the camera captures pictures really good.

Dec 25, 2009

The Opportunity To Learn

During my high school days, I never thought of seeing myself taking a computer course. The moment came to me when I worked in a grocery store for a year. The store owner has three children (all of them are high school students). They have a computer at home. My interest in computers began when the daughter asked me to help her type document for a school project. That time I started thinking about my future :)

Today's children are lucky because they have the opportunity to learn how to use a computer and access the Internet as well. As early as the age of 4, a child quickly learns.

Technology has gone a long way and the Internet is the huge proof. Students can rely on online tutoring on difficult subjects like Mathematics. Solutions to Math problems would be very easy too if constant practice is being done. Moreover, they will not get frustrated finding Math answers because of these free online Math tutoring is available on the Internet. How I wish it came early during my school days.

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Dec 24, 2009

Sharing A Good Cheer!

Sharing a good cheer this Christmas and may you celebrate the New Year with love, happiness, peace! Be safe.

Dec 20, 2009

Christmas Decor And Ornaments

My decor was from a garage sale in summer of last year. Our tree was bought from Walmart, which we found very affordable. I really do not have a color theme for my Christmas tree. Whatever decor is available in the house, I am using it. The tree has colored Christmas light so ornaments with different styles and colors can go with it.

In addition to the balls and assorted ornaments, I also have two large balls from work. The first one is from last year. It is navy blue and has two turtle doves on it. The second ball is white and has three french hens. I guess I missed the first ball with a partridge on it two years ago. Anyway, I hope to serve more years in the company so I can still collect the eleven balls of the Twelve Days Of Christmas.

Dec 17, 2009

Charge Your Credit Card Responsibly

Now is the time to watch for our spending in shopping. The holiday season brings cheer to every one of us. And shopping for Christmas gifts is a part of the excitement for the occasion.

If you have a high credit line inLink your credit card, do not hit it too much. Think about the burden of payments. Instead, create a balanced shopping plan any time you buy stuff so the bill statements will become crowded with high numbers.

Also, this is the time that credit card offers are coming in the mail. If you really need to get a card, make sure you read the terms and policy including the monthly rates before you apply because, we can always compare credit card offers from one to another. It is the only way we can get the best credit card with low rates.

Managing a credit card is easy if we charge it responsibly.

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Dec 13, 2009

Easy Access To The Internet

I just bought an Ethernet router so I can access the Internet in my bedroom or anywhere in the house. I am using my honey's desktop computer and it is in the living room. For fast internet connection, we are happy with our provider. The internet service is reliable and fast. Satellite broadband service providers like ours are truly dependable when it comes to fast Internet connection with affordable monthly rate.

Now that I have a laptop, I want my surfing to be convenient wherever I go. Rural satellite broadband is reliable especially to us who have side jobs online.

Dec 10, 2009

The Season, The Weather...They Make Me Feel Blue

As Christmas is nearly approaching, I get this feeling of loneliness. Because...I don't know. Maybe I just wanted to be with my family.

The enjoyment you feel this time of year is different when you are with your loved ones back home. You can express yourself more. Like, you go to places you used to visit during holiday season. You laugh your heart out on funny things you see on the streets. And you can go to the market anytime you wanted to during the day without the worry of freezing in the cold.

But I am happy. Though my happiness is better shared to my dear family if they are near.

Dec 8, 2009

Weekend Snapshot: The Color Of The Season

My honey and I attended their Company Christmas Party Saturday evening. Mostly men, each one had their partners at the dinner table.

While everyone is having fun, my honey took a picture of me by the Christmas tree :)

Dec 7, 2009

When You Realize The Importance Of Love...And More

My honey just came back from a business travel in New Jersey. For five days, I was home alone when he was away. This was the first time we're apart since I arrived here. But for a good reason, he had to take the trip.

Missing my honey during those days, I realized the importance of the love I have for him because he is my husband. Big and small things he does everyday mean so much to me.

1. hugs and kisses every morning
2. waking me up to work
3. cooking food
4. the snuggles on the couch while watching tv
5. the talks and teases
6. cracking jokes
7. making me a cup of coffee in the morning
8. ...and more

Sometimes being away from the one you love is good. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.