Aug 10, 2013

It's Very Hot!!!

It's very hot!!!  Summer heat in Texas is almost unbearable.  With high temperatures reaching to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it's like you're toasted.  That is why we don't spend much time on outdoor activities between the months of July and August.  When possible, we only go to indoor malls and play areas there.  

I don't go shopping a lot in the summer because the car gets too hot that makes me upset.  Only important items like a stand fans and indoor electric fans can make me go to the stores.  For my daughter's activities, we to go the library for toddler story time.  That's the weekly routine except they close on a certain period.

Keeping the house cool and staying cool in the house are the best things to do during summer season.  What we do is run the indoor electric fan during the day to let the air circulation going in the house to help the air-conditioner minimize its running.  Still it keeps the house cool  this way.  Our electric bill so far is low.  To save money on gas, my darling daughter and I sometimes turn on the portable sprinklers when we want to cool down and get wet in the water.  She enjoys that.