Sep 27, 2013

Weekend Snapshot: Beautiful Day To Water

What a wonderful week we had.  And it's a great day today.  Me and my darling daughter went out to the yard to water.  She helped me pulled the water hose and water the plants and trees.  She was very attracted to the flowers that she wanted to pick them out.  :)  Reminds me that we need to put some plant food again.

After watering the plants, I let her play in the water in the driveway.  I let the water flow from the hose like rain.  And she liked it. 

Lovely red bundle of flowers.
These look really beautiful!
DD was about to pick these.  :)

Sep 26, 2013

Basics to Small Business SEO

Sometimes it is easy to make the mistake of treating a small business like a large corporation when doing SEO. Small business SEO needs to be done differently than large business SEO. The primary difference is a prioritization of the tasks to be done and a smaller approach to grow over time. Small businesses do not have the same monthly budget that a large corporation does to spend on the SEO. 

Keywords for Small Business Online Marketing Efforts

The best way to work on SEO for a small business is to focus the efforts. This starts by choosing a smaller set of keywords to target. Choosing too many keywords with a small budget will water down the efforts and cause results to be much slower in coming. It is also good to mix the initial set of keywords with only a couple of highly competitive terms. Having keywords that are deeper into the niche may bring smaller results to begin, but will help build a foundation and bring ranking results quicker that are more tangible 
for the client. 

Link Building Efforts for Small Business

Link building has widely been known to help organic rankings. However, things are changing quickly and it is easy to do more harm than good for a small business if not careful. Therefore, focus early linkbuilding efforts on very credible places, such as DMOZ and the Yahoo directory. It is also good to consult with a small business on the importance of a blog and utilizing social media to help push out the content they create. This will get a potential flow of backlinks coming in that the search engines like and that will never be punished. Lastly, optimize the images on the site for image search. With Pinterest, it is amazing how many back links can come from people finding the images through image search. Small business SEO is about doing less, doing the most important first, and doing long-term items. Do not take risks with shady SEO tactics to get quick results that may damage the business down the road with an inability to get good rankings. Build for the future with solid, best practice SEO strategy.

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I Want A New Area Rug

As I was cleaning my dining area this afternoon, I thought something must be replaced.  Oh, no...not the dining furniture or fixtures.  It's the area rug that I want to get rid of.  It looks old and been in the house for years.  I asked my husband if we can buy a new area rug soon.  He said we have to wait a little while for the budget to come.

I hope I can find a very nice rug with a very affordable price on garage sales soon.  

Sep 25, 2013

Pre-shave and After Shave Care

There is much more to shaving then simply using a razor blade. Without good products that you use on your skin for the pre-shave and after shave process, your skin will suffer from the shaving process. When you shave without these products, your skin will probably suffer from razor burn, rashes, abrasions, and other painful and unsightly side effects. Here are some products that you can use before and after you shave in order to reduce negative side effects for your skin.
Before You Shave

First, you need to properly prep your skin for shaving. When your skin isn’t properly prepped before you start to shave, then your skin will be too dry for a close shave. This means that, without pre-shave products, you will probably have to shave more often because you won’t be able to get as close of a shave. Before you shave, you can use pre-shave oil. Before you shave, you put a little bit of oil on your hands and use your hands to massage the oil onto your beard. The oil works to soften the hairs of your beard, allowing for a closer and more comfortable shave. As you can see, pre-shave oil can help you get a better shave with your razor.

After You Shave

Just like pre-shave oil, the right products applied after you shave can greatly improve your shaving process. After you shave, you can use either a balm or a gel to moisturize your skin. After you have shaved, your skin is in a state of irritation from the annoyance of having a razor blade rubbed against your sensitive facial skin. A balm uses shea butter and other moisturizing ingredients to restore the moisture to your skin you may have lost in shaving and to soothe your irritated skin. Similarly, a gel uses algae and herbal extracts to hydrate your skin so that you can maintain healthy looking and feeling facial skin after shaving. The soothing affects of an after shave product are very important in reducing the appearance of razor burn or other types of skin irritation after shaving.