Dec 27, 2012

My Mom Needs A New Refrigerator

My mom and me at the apartment.  Taken during our vacation in the Philippines.

This is me and my mom at the apartment that they are renting right now.  It is a two-storey apartment with two bedrooms and one bath.  The size of the place is not that big.  Every section of is is very small.  But I am happy that my parents found a place to move in after that unpleasant incident two years ago.

In the photo, I was frying pork chops for lunch.  If you have noticed, the meat is big.  The cut was like an inch thick!  There's no exhaust fan in the kitchen so the smoke from the cooking was all over the house.  My mom said that it goes away quickly with the help of the breeze from the outside.  I saw that the refrigerator has spots of rust around it.  It looks really nasty and dirty.  My mom needs a new refrigerator.  Any sponsor?

Dec 25, 2012

Embarrassing Moment

What's scary when you come home from running around town is when there's a part of your house goes wrong and you panic because you don't know what to do.  An example of this incident is locking yourself out and the malfunction of the lock is severe.  In this situation, you will be needing the help of a professional locksmith.  I know there are some people out  there who experienced this type of embarrassing situation.  

Local locksmith Calgary services can give assistance to those who have problems with house locks or even in cars'.  In some cases, there are people who get themselves locked out from their cars because of some sort of malfunction.  Locksmith Calgary nw helps the general public be aware of how to solve this problem.  It is a very frustrating experience and embarrassing as well.  

I remember from our vacation five years ago that our hotel room's door did not open one time.  We got locked out.  My husband was a upset because of the inconvenience.  I was too.  The hotel staff did their best to get the door fixed.  That was really scary.  What if we got locked in and something horrible happened?  We'll be trapped. It is always recommended to always check the hotel rooms' door knobs for safety and security.

Dec 6, 2012

Small Party At Our Humble Home

There's no big party for Kaye's 2nd birthday.  My honey and I agreed to have just a small dinner here at home.  I do not have much time to host.  I did not even decorate for the occasion.  It was just totally simple.  Because we are leaving in three days, a simple get-together with my cousin and her family was great.

I did not cook any food for the small party today.  My friend made four dishes for me.  Of course I paid her $25 per dish.  And she included a free dessert which I thought was a very nice gesture.  So Kaye's birthday party was celebrated successfully at our humble home.  And the most important part of the occasion is that Kaye had fun, as usual, playing with her cousin Claire.

Next big event is...vacation.

Nov 28, 2012

Fair-looking Skin Is Also A Woman's Asset

Winter is the when our skin also gets dry because of the cold weather.  Some of us apply moisturizers on our skin more often to keep it moist and soft.  But there is one important part of our body that needs more attention when it comes to applying moisturizers - our face. 

Facial care is very essential especially on women.  If we want to retain youthful looks, a beauty regimen is recommended.  It is your choice which regimen is better for you that suits your skin type.  And keeping a skin care routine will lead to having a radiant looking skin.  It matters so much so you won't get facial skin problems. For stay-at-home moms and full-time housewives like me, stress and fatigue are a part of our day.  And these stress and fatigue can affect our looks adding some wrinkles to our face.  Besides, some of us are not getting any younger.  

If you are looking for skin regimen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, try the Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream from Dermagist.  The result is visible when the wrinkle smoothing cream is applied daily.  Besides signs of aging like wrinkles, the appearance of fine lines can be reduced too.  Our skin is the largest organ of the body.  It is very important to take care of it as well as we do with the others.  Fair-looking skin is also a woman's asset.

Nov 18, 2012

Party With Purple And Pink

Another baby shower party was held this weekend at a friend's house.  This time, I wasn't one of the hosts.  And again, it was a surprise Baby Shower Party.  We just love throwing parties like baby showers, birthdays, and special occasions such as Halloween and Bridals.  

Besides the accessibility, my friend's house has a bigger area for a gathering.  With the decoration prepared by our other girl friends, the house looks really pretty and welcoming.  I admire her because she is good with home decorating and gardening.  Whenever I get the chance, I ask her for some gardening ideas too.  In the Spring next year, hopefully, I will be able to maintain a garden with lots of blooms.

Anyway, here's some of the Baby Shower Party decor and activities.  The party's color theme is pink and purple.  So some of us were wearing pink clothes and others were wearing purple.

Of course, I had my picture taken with these well-arranged balloons by LP.

This is the winning ribbon that went around the waist of the mom-to-be.  Just about a quarter inch longer.  Three winners including me.

I think it says, "We are flowers of one garden."

Putting my quarter in the Baby Bear bank because I said one's real name.  It's for the "Don't Say My Name" game (our version of the "Don't Say Baby" game.
In the "Don't Say My Name" game, I am "rocker".

It was another successfully organized party.  Lots of food.  And we also met a new Filipina friend.

Nov 15, 2012

Bathroom Problem

Now we have a problem.  The rubber seal in the shower room has already given up.  My husband is kind of pissed off because we are getting closer to our departure for our upcoming vacation and problems like this one comes up.  Now we have to get it fixed before we leave.   Hah!  It's always something.

Nov 13, 2012

My Favorite Dish

Mongolian Beef

This dish is my favorite as of the moment.  There is a Chinese Restaurant in town that makes this and I really liked it.  It smells good because of the green onions in the dish plus the aroma of the Chinese seasoning.  The beef is tender and tasty.  My daughter likes Mongolian Beef too.  I will try to look for a recipe for Mongolian Beef and cook it for dinner some time. 

Nov 10, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Yellow Tree

 What pleasant day for a walk.  My daughter and I enjoy this activity in the morning and in the afternoon whenever we get the chance, and when the weather is nice.  Surely we can feel the chill in the breeze.  Fall colors we see everywhere.  Leaves falling off the trees, and my darling daughter loves picking dried leaves on the ground.  Then she puts them in the bucket counting one by one.

I really love the colors of the leaves when it's Fall.  

Nov 6, 2012

Keeping Warm In The Winter

The season of cooler weather is here again.  For people who are not used to cold weather like me, I bet your closet is piled with sweaters and jackets too.  My house has to be a little warm in the evening because I shiver when the fan is turned on.  I don't mind the coolness during the day.  And because winter is coming very soon, my husband checks the fireplace every time.  We have the wood ready.

He keeps the fireplace clean.  Sometimes the problem is the dirty chimney.  I think there are birds nesting up there.  I hear them chirping and seems like they are inside the chimney.  It is not good if they keep coming back to nest up there.  Piled dirt and other particles can block the smoke from the fireplace.  It is dangerous and health hazard.  

We only use the fireplace in the winter.  When it is snowing and it is very cold outside, we love to hang out at the fireplace.  We have to watch our curious daughter not to go near it.  Smoke and other residue can build up overtime in the chimney.  But we do not worry about it too much.  Cleaning the chimney needs professional help. Finding a chimney repair toronto and cleaning service is an ideal choice for us. 

Oct 30, 2012

Took A Long Time Shopping

Tomorrow's Halloween and I just bought some candies today.  I don't have real pumpkins for decoration or anything but I have home decor and a center piece.  There are small scarecrows that I bought from Walmart but my little cousin took them home the other day when she came over for the visit for play a play time with my darling daughter.

It took me a long time shopping for a Halloween costume.  Actually, I spent about a couple of months looking for a costume for my darling daughter.  It wasn't easy because I had to see what's cute and cheap Halloween costume for toddlers.  Gladly, the costume that I have been watching for some time now was sold at Walmart and I got one for $7.95.  Not bad for a one-time wear huh?

So we're ready for the kids' Trick or Treat tomorrow.  There are lots of treats to give to every child who knocks at the door.

Oct 6, 2012

Lemon Pie And Coffee

It's a cozy celebration.  Honey's special day is always simple.  Either we go to his parents' house of they would come over to spend the weekend with us.  This time, we went to see his parents and spent the weekend with them.  My mom-in-law made his favorite lemon pie.  It was a simple birthday dinner with a delicious dessert paired with coffee. 

Oct 5, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Rainy Birthday Weekend

It was my honey's birthday weekend and we were heading to his parent's house Saturday. I asked him to drive because it started raining already when we were leaving.  I am not too confident driving for hours when it is raining.  Along the way, I took a few pictures outside. 

Rain drops on my window.

Cows under the trees.  Because of the car's speed, they're unrecognizable for a quick snap.

Three minutes to my in-laws' house and look how heavy the rain was.

Oct 4, 2012

New Work Shoes For Hubby

It's my honey's birthday and gladly, I was able to find something special as a birthday gift.  He has been planning to buy a pair of work shoes but couldn't get the chance to go to the store.  Well, this will be surprise to him since he didn't notice any sign that I am preparing for his birthday celebration.  

I thought it is time to replace the old work shoes.  So what I got him is a pair of Fila athletic shoes that he can wear to work.  Though this brand of athletic shoes hardly go on sale, I got a good deal at my less favorite department store the other day.  I thought I won't be able to find the right size but luckily the store has it.

 My husband liked the new shoes.  "Finally, I can get rid of the shoes I am wearing for two years," he said.

Happy birthday, Honey!

Sep 29, 2012

New Shower Head For The Master Bath

My husband is living in this house for ten years.  Our daughter and I?  Two years.  So it's undeniable that we see some wears inside the house particularly in the laundry area and in the bathrooms.  My husband already repainted two of the four rooms and has two more to go plus the living and dining rooms.  It's gonna be a huge job but he will be accomplishing all of them when we get back from the Holiday vacation next year.

Meanwhile, the shower head in our master bathroom is not functioning very well anymore and needs to be replaced. The water pressure is not desirable to me.  I have been telling my husband about it for some time now and he just started shopping for shower heads few weeks ago.  I want the shower head shown below.  It looks simple but I think it will look nice in our shower room.  It is chrome-finished and looks like easy to clean.  We'll see.  My husband checks Waterworks stores for more selection.  Hopefully we can buy one soon before we leave for vacation.

Sep 22, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Pork And Vegetable Stew

I made this special vegetable stew for my darling daughter for dinner.  This is just a simple home-made vegetable stew because there is no fancy ingredients included.  What I mean of fancy ingredients are like ready mixed spices or something like that.  The main ingredient on this stew is pork and chayote squash.  Chicken breast meat can also substitute pork.

Pork and Chayote Stew


3 cloves garlic, minced
1 small shallot, chopped
2 pcs. Chayote squash, peeled and cut into bite pieces
1 lbs. pork stew meat
1 small can of baby kernel corn (my daughter likes it very much)

*Saute garlic and shallot until fragrant.  Add pork stew meat and fry until a little tender.
*Add vegetables and saute for a bout 3 minutes.
*Add water and let boil.  Then add salt to taste.  Let boil until meat is tender.
*Serve on top of newly cooked rice.

As simple as that and you have a healthy meal for your family. 

Sep 20, 2012

When Money Is Short

It is undeniable that we need of money nowadays to accommodate our daily needs.  More and more people are getting into lending money to help them solve financial problems.  But is borrowing money the solution? 

Financial loans has become the alternative way to get extra money to pay for important matters like tuition fees.  My parents did that when I was in college.  Because we couldn't afford to pay my school fees in full, my parents applied for a loan.  

Here in Texas, you can be granted with loans easily if you really need it.  There are title loan companies where financial needs can be accommodated. 

We All Need Lots Of Rest

My daughter, husband, and I weren't feeling this past week.  We caught a cold.  Actually, my daughter got it first.  I was guessing from the Storytime the other Friday or, from the grocery store last Monday.  Anyway, the cold virus ran around the house and got us. 

To help us feel better immediately, cleaning the house is important.  Sanitizing the kitchen and bathroom is what I keep doing.  We had cold medicine and vapor rubs ready all the time.  A friend suggested that I boil water so the steam or vapor will serve as dehumidifier in my house.  So I did that too.  Drinking lots of liquid like water, juice, and vegetable juice, and eating good help with the quick remedy.

Gladly, my daughter and I are feeling better now.  Though our noses still run slightly.  Other than that, we're fine.  My husband is still taking a cough medicine.  He needs lots of rest.  Well, we all do.

Sep 19, 2012

The Big Layaway Giveaway

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kmart for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have been eying on a set of cookware for some time now.  My husband told me it can wait.  Yes of course.  Because I cannot get the cookware right away, what I can do is to avail a layaway.  And if I get lucky, I can have the cookware free layaway.  Where?  Well, at KMart.  It's the store known for offering layaways to customers.

If you are planning your Christmas shopping for holiday gifts in the next coming weeks, might as well consider the big items in layaway.  That's what other shoppers do.  I think it is lighter in the pocket too.  Better shopping will be experienced if you have a fixed shopping list of items you want.  I always put good customer service in the ranking.  I don't remember if Walmart had a layaway giveaway.  This year KMart is having a weekly sweepstakes called Kmart's Big Layaway Giveaway.  Meaning there is one layaway giveaway per store per week every week from 9/9/12 through 11/17/12.  This program will inspire customers to put their items on layaways if they cannot buy them upfront.  And who knows, you are one of the customers who will win a free layaway and great prizes too.

Kmart Free Layaway Grid 09_12.jpg

BLG_Logo_Horizontal.jpg (3 documents, 3 total pages)

Speaking of items for layaway, I found these and I want them for Christmas.  New cookware for my kitchen and a dehumidifier for my home.

These are items in my wishlist.  And hopefully, I will win KMart's Big Layaway Giveaway.  It would be sweet!

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Sep 9, 2012

Strong Support System For Recovery

It is not too late for a person to change his bad habits to good.  There is always a second chance for people who made mistakes and went the wrong path.  The home is the place where the support system is.  Family and real friends are always there to provide encouragement for change.

I believe that a person can revive himself from an addiction to something like alcohol.  With the help of therapeutic professionals, it can be treated.  What's important on dealing with this type of situation is to find a health care institution that has an astounding recovery program for patients like Morningside Recovery provides.  Located in the beautiful Newport Beach in California, the recovery center has the capacity to give patients the hopes of recovering themselves from excessive drinking.  Patients have to occupy their minds with activities that will let them become a part of the world again so the urge to drink alcohol will go away.  They should help themselves recover too.

Being addicted to drinking alcohol will not only ruin your body, health wise.  It will also destroy your personal life leading to damaging your relationship with family and friends.  If there is someone you know who needs help with any bad addiction, suggesting to go to a recovery center will be helpful.

Sep 8, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Fried Chicken Legs For Dinner

It's been a while since we had a home-cooked fried chicken.  Well, here they are!  Fried chicken legs-my favorite part besides the wings.  I love my deep fryer a lot.  Though it's kinda old, it's still working very well.  Some of our kitchen electrics are old but still can do their job.  But there are a few that needs replacement though.

This is simple fried chicken legs recipe.  First, I boiled them with garlic, ground black pepper, a teaspoon of salt, a tablespoon of vinegar/lemon juice until the meat turned white.  Then I deep-fry them within 5 minutes each batch.  Hhmm...with ketchup?  Yummy!  Hubby likes my friend chicken legs. 

Sep 6, 2012

Borderline Personality Disorder Or BPD Needs Full Time Treatment

I always believe in the saying "Health is wealth.".  Because of this, I try my best not to get sick.  But in there are circumstances that minor sickness like allergies, common cough and colds are cannot be avoided especially if we are exposed to the elements that cause these.  They terribly affect our daily lives like how they affect our bodies.  These are common.  And can be cured easily when given an immediate attention.

But there are types of illnesses that need full attention to treat.  In addition to infection, heart ailment, and skin disorders, mental or psychological illness requires long period of time to treat.  Example of a psychological disorder is Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD.  BPD is a serious mental illness.  People with this type of disorder have difficulty controlling their emotions.  They are hard to deal with.  So they need full time of treatment.  BPD treatment facilities have developed effective treatment or care plan for patients with this type of mental disorder. One of the best way to help treat BPD is implementing  multidisciplinary care for patients where they will be able to realized their self-worth.

It is very difficult for family members to adjust to someone who has a BPD in the family. It is better to consult a doctor what is the best recovery facility for your patient.  Encouragement and support help a lot too.

Sep 4, 2012

Affordable Home Goods

New decorative pillows
I went shopping for home decor few days ago at Kohl's.  The store has been my favorite shopping place lately because of low-priced items on baby clothes and shoes.  In addition, I find their home goods very affordable too. 

When I was looking around I saw these two throw pillows.  I thought they are great for the incoming season-Fall.  Unfortunately, there were only two of them left on the shelf.  I like the colors and the material is soft.  They won't scratch my baby's skin because she likes rubbing her face on pillows.  I just need to learn home decoration and get ideas from my friends here or even from online home decor websites.  I want my home to look simple but attractive.

Sep 1, 2012

Beauty Conscious

It is awkward to admit but honestly signs of aging are showing on my face.  Fine lines under my eyes and cheeks are embarrassing to see.  There is nothing I can do to stop it from coming but surely there is a way to reduce their appearance.  As the woman of the house being a full time mother and housewife, maintaining a skin care routine in the evening is taking my time.  So relying on a facial care technology is an alternative.

Women who are conscious about how they look should always keep their appeal by using an effective skin care.  In my opinion, proper skin care is the key to minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  One of the popular way of dealing with aging skin is the use of anti-aging light therapy/treatment.  It is also called Red Light technology where dermatologists and skin care professionals refer specific red light wavelengths help boost the body in producing collagen and elastin that brings the youthful look to our skin.

As the years pass by, our skin becomes more sensitive that it gets wrinkly.  The best thing we women can do is to avoid the elements that make our skin dull. Eating healthy and plenty of rest also lead to a healthy skin.

Aug 31, 2012

Long Weekend For Labor Day Holiday

It is another great weekend for us.  Long weekend because of the Labor Day holiday.  We are visiting my husband's parents right now and we are planning to have rib-eye steak for dinner tonight.  Woohoo!  My husband haven't eaten steak in a while. Of course, my family is having great fun here in Tyler again. 

After I finished packing for our trip yesterday, my daughter and I went outside for a stroll.  While she was having a great time riding on the swing, I enjoyed taking photos of the beautiful colors in my front yard.  Here are some of the pictures I took trying to use Macro feature in my digital camera.  I guess I did a good job. :)

Can you see the ant?  Find the ant :)

Love the lavender color

This flower looks big.  But it's not :)

A hopper just hangin' out

Love the clear blue sky

A bee takin' a sip :)

Aug 29, 2012

Getting Ready For Fall

Being a stay-at-home mom requires lots of patience.  My daughter is getting more and more active each day.  And the time for chores, to me, is getting shorter.  But when I have free time, I get to use it to do some quick tidying up like organizing my closet because I want to put in my Fall clothing collection including this new little black dress I got.  This is a cute dress that fits really well on me.  And it is my kind of style.  I like wearing dark colors in the Fall and Winter.

There are lots of things I needed to do these days.  In the next coming months, my mind will be spinning around trying to accommodate the special occasions and travel plans.  Shopping for gifts is in the priority list.  This little black dress is a good gift idea too.

Aug 17, 2012

A Joyful Fairy Visited My Home Today

Oh!  Thanks much to the Fairy Hobmother.  He came and visited my humble home and sprinkled some pixie dusts on here.  I am very happy because he granted my wish.  I have been a good girl you know.  As a stay-at-home mother and full time housewife, I do all the chores in the house.  And laundry is on the Top 5 in my priority list.  Working on the laundry using an energy efficient washing machine is worth doing.  And included in the Top 5 Washing Machines reviews, I am proud. 
So stay nice and cheerful.  The Fairy Hobmother is roaming around the blogosphere spreading joy and happiness.  Who knows, he will be in your doorsteps any minute now.  To help you catch his attention, follow him on (@FairyHobmother).  For more chances, please leave a comment in this post together with your blogs letting him know he's welcome.

Aug 11, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Spaghetti, Water Park, And A Souvenir

Delicious Spaghetti with Polish sausage
Waterpark in Garland, Texas
Remembrance from the getaway
It was a very sunny afternoon Saturday and our family was busy today.  First, we took my daughter to her swimming lesson at YMCA.  After the 30-minute splashing in the pool, we head home and had lunch at a pizza parlor close to our house.  I ordered my favorite Spaghetti with Polish sausage.  My daughter likes spaghetti too.  My husband had a medium sized pizza supreme.

Second, I had a swimming party in Garland with friends.  Though I was very late coming, I was able to enjoy the thrill slides and swimming itself.  We went to the Hawaiian Falls in Garland.  Because I want aware of the people behind me at the Wave Pool, I scraped my knee.  Injured.  Not cool!  I cleaned and put anti-infection cream on the wound as soon as I got home.  I hope it won't scar or it would be truly a souvenir from Hawaiian Falls. :)

Aug 10, 2012

New Fan In The House

So my husband bought a home fan to help the air conditioner minimize its running.  The summer heat is unbearable, I know.  The heat makes a person irritable sometimes.  In our house, we decided to add a fan.  It helped though.  The air circulates better and the air-conditioner does not run frequently.

What I don't like about it is the noise.  Yeah.  I cannot concentrate with my work.  Well, we put the fan in the dining area and I my computer is on the table.  So I am actually beside the fan.  Hah!  I guess I have to get used to it now.