Jan 15, 2022

Tall Trees On Tickle Hill


My family and I had a weekend getaway in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.  Our destination was always Beaver’s Bend State Park.  We enjoyed picnicking, horseback riding, train rides, and dipping in the cold waters of the Mountain Fork River.  

Recently, we found this new development a few minutes up by Steven's Gap.  It's on Tickle Hill.  The new development has a super steep one-way road.  We tried driving down and up the hill.  It was quite thrilling.  Then we did some walking down hill and up hill.  We had a great time.  Those tall trees within the area make a very nice background view.  So refreshing.  Next time we visit the development, there would be new homes or cabin for sure.  But we won't be driving up and down the hill no more.  It scares my darling daughter.  In fact, she was teary-eyed after that one drive.  But it was an unforgettable experience.


Thank you for sharing!