Jul 26, 2012

The Microwave Oven Is Broken

Well, this morning something happened that upsets me.  When I was about to heat up breakfast, I heard a tiny 'zzzttt' in the microwave oven.  It happened when I closed it and pressed the time for microwaving.  Total black out-no light, no fan, no display.  After the leaking problem on the roof was fixed, here's another one.  It is always something.  Now we have to heat our food on the stove top.

My husband was trying to fix the problem this evening.  He thought it is only from the breakers but it isn't.  I guess the microwave oven is now broken.  Grrr!

Cheaper Vitamins Cost

A couple of weeks about I have been feeling awful.  My body was weak and felt very tired.  I thought it was a sign of an over-fatigue.  My husband asked if I was taking my vitamins everyday.  Well, I admit that I missed sometimes.  Whenever I am out of vitamins, I looked for cheaper ones that have the same nutrient values.

I guess I have to take a calcium supplement. But even vitamins are getting expensive these days.  We have to check on new resource where to get vitamins with the cheaper cost in  There are lots of selection, but only one vitamin can give me the good mood and active body.  Being healthy and fit is very important for mother like me who runs and cleans the house.

Jul 22, 2012

Relax, Enjoy, And Experience The Comfort Of Vacation

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SAVE for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When on vacation, we always want to feel at home in the place we explore.  That is the important meaning of vacationing.  Having a great time and enjoying the company of family and friends bring joy to the heart.  My family loves going to the beach and waterparks.  That is why San Antonio, Texas is one of the point of interest in our list because of it's waterparks.


What we love about going on a vacation or even on a short trip is that we love getting deals and discounts on hotels and resorts.  Grabbing Limited Time Offers promo is worth the try because we can cut down the travel expenses into a very minimal cost.  If you are planning to experience the summer fun in San Antonio, SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience has a huge limited time offers for you.  Looking at the point of interest suggestions like tours and sightseeing, we can create a nice travel and adventure plan.  Below is my own draft:

Day 1 - I would be very excited to stay and enjoy in Schlitterbhan Waterpark and Resorts.  There is a good deal of $2 OFF when using SAVE.  My sister-in-law told me that there are rental houses so it would be great to rent one for a 3-day stay.  My husband wants to take me there anyway. :)  Home appliances and household stuff are ready to use.  We do not have to worry about cookware and utensils.

Day 2 - So  this is definitely will be a fun day at the waterpark.  It would be tiring but surely enjoyable.  Wooh!  Summer!

Day 3 - After checking out from the rental house, today we'll probably head to San Antonio.  Check in at Ramada Inn SeaWorld/Lackland with SAVE rates from $45 to $115.  A good snack at the hotel would be nice and we will driving downtown to check on museums.  Ripley's Believe It or Not! & Louis Tussa is interesting.  SAVE offers $1 OFF.  Then we will stroll at the Riverwalk and watch a show.  And will try to shop around in The Shops At La Cantera where FREE Premier Passport is available.  A romantic dinner at the Riverwalk would be fabulous.  Head to the hotel and relax.

Day 4 - This is SeaWorld day for us.  Love to try the rides for SAVE offers multiple discounts on rides and shoes.  After all the thrill rides and fun shows, a soak in the tub in the hotel will be wonderful.

Day 5 - Check out.  Sad to say.  But it's a wonderful vacation experience for sure.  I will try to ask my husband to stop at Del Sol San Antonio so I can buy few sun dresses and gifts.  Then I will get the chance to receive FREE tote bag.  Cool!  After a week vacation in San Antonio, my husband will be so ready to go home.

Have an idea yet?  You can check with SAVE on Twitter by following @SAVEinSA for more information. 

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Jul 20, 2012

I Enjoy Being At Home

I am a stay-at-home mom and and a full time housewife.  I enjoy being home taking care of my family.  This is a difficult job because as a wife and mother, I have to do everything so happiness and harmony will always be in the home. 

Housework and errands keep me busy.  And when I want to relax, I watch television as my entertainment.  One of my favorite program is a reality talent search show.  Sometimes I watch my favorite telenovela.  It's a drama soap.  My favorite actress is one of the main character in the show.  I admire her acting because she cries easily.  She can make me feel like I am part of the story too.  She was a product of a talent teen variety show three decades ago.  I remember say that she joined an acting audition when she was 7 years old.  And immediately got selected because of her exemplary performance at the audition.  Since then, my favorite actress starred in many drama shows on television and films.  When she was still starting in showbiz, her acting coach is one of the veteran movie star in the film industry.  It really helped enhance her acting talent.

My idol just got married two years ago.  She now has a son.  I admire her for being such a down-to-earth person.  She keeps everything in her life in control.  I guess she couldn't give up acting because it has been a part of her life since she was a young girl.

So this is what I do at home on my spare time.  Relaxing by watching television and keeping updated with local showbiz news back home. :)

Jul 12, 2012

Where Can We Use A Payday Loan?

The household budget is in a very tight situation right now.  Though the monthly bills are trimmed a bit lower, there are unexpected expenses coming in the next few months.  Oh man!  How did it happen?

Well, both of our vehicles (mine and my husband's) need new tires soon so they can provide us great performance on the road in the years to come.  We are traveling by end of this year to the Philippines for a vacation since it has been two years when we were there.  And so, air tickets, hotel accommodation, and food are in the list of expenses.  My dental treatment plan has arrived.  My husband and I will talk about it if we'll pursue that for me this year.  And the cost of everything is skyrocketing.  Gee. I need money.  We all need money.  Who doesn't?  The head of the family in the house has to provide for the household's everyday needs.  I know that these unexpected bills will be settled immediately.  We do not want to see existing balances on our bills.

Many of us need financial assistance to be able to keep up with daily living by acquiring a payday loan.  Of course, this assistance is for the good and meaningful purposes like educational and health care needs.  Payday loans have become a very helpful means of assistance to some of us.  Applying for a payday loan online can be easier too.  Just do your application securely.  It is really important to be aware of secured online environment especially when getting payday loans online.

See, my family's goal this year is to save a good amount of money for the vacation.  Gifts and other special things are in the travel budget.  I am a bit worried if I will be able to make some savings for these. 

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Jul 7, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Surprise Baby Shower For E!

Baby Shower at a friend's house
I highly appreciate my friend R for letting us hold my cousin's Baby Shower Party at her house.  Everyone brought a special dish.  The baby shower decor (party needs we bought from Dollar General) was provided by me and R.  Our other friend K took care of the games.  It was a surprise party because my cousin did not have any idea that it's for her.  She knew that we are gathering for R's special celebration for her son. When my cousin arrived at the party, we all yelled "Surprise!" as soon as she entered the house. 

The event was hosted by R, K, and me.  It was a wonderful party with lots of food and baby gifts.

Jul 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July, America!

Happy 4th of July!  I know everyone is busy for family fun and friends company.  There are some areas in Texas where shooting fireworks is prohibited.  Fortunately, our location is not within the city limits so we still are able to shoot fireworks on this occasion and even on New Year's Day.

Only my brother-in-law and his family were here to shoot fireworks this evening.  Our family friends are on vacation and my cousin had an important family matter to attend to.  So we did not have a July 4th photo together. :(  Anyway, it was fun shooting fireworks though.

Dinner was simple home-made hamburgers, buns, and some vegetables.  My brother-in-law brought a buffalo chicken cheese, chips and dips.
Yours truly starting with a shooting star
Hubby's home-made hamburgers
Yummy buns
Onions, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard
Wishing you happy 4th of July, America!

Jul 3, 2012

Business Solutions

I am always delightful with my husband's achievements.  He works very hard for us and I am proud of him because he got promoted.  His diligence to learn ECommerce Partners ecommerce solutions has paid great reward. 

A job promotion is aspired by employees these days.  But being employed is pretty much a big thing to be thankful for.  Of course, as part of the promotion, hubby gets a raise in salary too.  That's wonderful!  We will have something to add to our savings. That's the important part here.  Saving money for the future.  His job is brain draining but a rewarding task when projects are successfully completed with happy and satisfied clients.  E-commerce and business solutions need hard working people like my husband.  He keeps himself updated with technology news so he is always ready with resources.

Jul 1, 2012

Cheap boilers from British Gas Can Provide Ultimate Peace Of Mind

Cheap boilers is not a frequently heard term however cheap boilers from British Gas are most definitely easy to find if you are a residential customer who has taken advantage of the Homecare scheme.

There are many different Homecare plans that are available to residential customers so that there is something to suit all budget. Having Homecare in place reduces the cost of repairs and maintenance and in turn makes what can be an inefficient expensive boiler one of the cheap boilers from British Gas.

An inefficient boiler can be expensive. Not only will they break down more frequently but they will also use more energy than is necessary to perform their task. This will increase your gas and electricity usage which in turn will increase your energy bills. Ensuring that your heating system is well maintained by qualified engineers makes British Gas the smart choice.  Furthermore, they don’t just supply their own manufactured appliances.  British Gas provide a range of energy efficient heating systems, everything from Vaillant boilers to Worcester boilers is covered.

As well as saving money, having your boiler system regularly checked can save your life, and he lives of your family. A poorly maintained boiler can leak carbon monoxide which is deadly. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills and as the gas is scent and tasteless it is hard to detect. By having a gas safe engineer keep an eye on your boiler and by installing a British Gas carbon monoxide detector you can avoid disaster. It is important in this case to remember that British Gas boilers are not just cost efficient but safe.

By choosing Homecare from British Gas you are making your appliances work harder for you, saving money in the long-term and the short term on your gas and electricity bills. You are also cutting costs by not having to pay for expensive call out fees. Why choose expensive boilers when cheap boilers from British Gas can be much easier on the pocket? To find out more about Homecare visit the British Gas website.