Jun 28, 2010

No Worries

Tomorrow is the day to see a Maternal Specialist for an ultrasound. I am quite upset with what the nurse have told me few days ago. But I am praying that everything is fine with me and my baby. No worries because I believe all is well.

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Jun 27, 2010

My Feet Hurt So Bad

I called in again. My feet was throbbing in pain! I felt tortured. I couldn't stand and walk. And when I do put pressure on my feet, they throb painfully like they are gonna explode. I was crying early in the morning when I wake up to get something to eat. I was miserable! Whenever the pain surges, I tried my best not to break out because my baby is going to feel my pain. I was crying, "Ayoko na! Ayoko na! My feet hurt so much!"

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Jun 22, 2010

I Do Not Want To Be Sick!

I went to a surgeon for an appointment this morning. My honey gave me a ride since I did not know how to go to his office in Downtown. The surgeon already has my medical records so he just gave us some advice on what the next step after the biopsy. It is kinda confusing but he explained everything in full detail. I might have an infection of some sort. Hmp! I do not want to be sick!

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Jun 21, 2010

Health Issues During Pregnancy

I am facing some health issues right now. There is an enlarged lymph node on my neck and it just came out suddenly. I had a cold and headache few weeks ago. After that, the lymph node became big. I had a biopsy Friday because my doctor said they had to examine it as soon as possible. They want to know what causes the enlargement so they can suggest a treatment since I am pregnant.

The biopsy result takes two weeks so I might receive a feedback by Friday or Monday of next week. I am praying that this is not very complicated.

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Jun 13, 2010

Weekend Snapshot: Stress Reliever Hobby

I got home from work tired. My feet hurt and I feel kinda sad. So I thought of something to do to relieve the stress and sad feeling. I thought of singing videoke-my favorite stress relieving hobby. I haven't sang for a while. The videoke CDs I bought from our vacation in the Philippines are waiting to be played. 'Didn't do much of the high tones because I was gasping for air whenever I tried reaching high notes. But I usually do.

See my baby bump? I am 14 weeks today :)

Jun 10, 2010

My Feet And Legs Are Hurting

Arg! My feet and legs hurt. The arches and heels of my feet are sore. I almost couldn't walk when I wake up in the morning. Ugh! This is a suffering! Does it have to do with my pregnancy?

My doctor advised me to get an arch support to put in my work shoes, or buy a pair of work shoes that has arch and heel support and cushioned. Those type of shoes are expensive. My honey said I have to invest on comfortable shoes that suffer in cheap footwear that will hurt and ruin my feet.

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Jun 7, 2010

Expecting A Baby Girl

Oh wee!!! I am so glad for my cousin E. She had her ultrasound, and as happy as I am, she sent me a message in Facebook saying that they are expecting a baby girl. Wonderful! She said her speculations were true.

I can guess that she is very busy thinking about little girl's stuff for the nursery as well as busy shopping too.

I do not know what's my baby's gender yet. Hopefully, my OB/Gyn will tell me in the next appointment on the third week of this month. I can't wait!

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Jun 3, 2010

Maternity Shorts For Summer

Alright, now is the time to wear shorts and comfortable shirts...even skirts, blouses and patio dresses. With the heat of the sun like this, we need to wear clothing that makes us feels comfy and fresh all day. Of course, we cannot avoid sweating. So we should always bring extra shirt or blouse whenever we are outdoors.

I am so excited about wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts. But in 13 weeks of my pregnancy today, maternity shorts are the best wearable clothing as of now.

Enjoy your summer!

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