Jul 13, 2013

Wall Decor For Sale On Garage Sales

Since I joined this online garage sale on Facebook, I had a few disappointments.  Buying an item is not like bidding.  You have to bargain from the asking price.  And if you're lucky that the seller accepts, you are responsible to pick up the item.  If the seller wants to get the full asking price, well you have to think many times if you really need it.

I said that I had disappointments and one of them was when I expressed an interest on two wall sconces.  The seller said they are still available.  So I asked her if I can take the sconces at a lower price.  She agreed.  But then somebody expressed an interest on them and willing to pay the asking price.  The seller went ahead and sold the sconces to the second buyer.  I was so upset.  The buyer didn't even asked me.  Oh, well.  So I just waited for someone to sell wall sconces online.  After a couple of weeks, I think, someone posted her wall decor for sale.  And she had four sconces!  I commented on the photo telling her that I want those.  Of course, I offered to pay a lower price.  She hasn't responded yet.  I really like the sconces though.  We'll see...

Jul 4, 2013

We Enjoy Shooting Fireworks!

Everyone, except my sister-in-law's family, came over to our house to celebration the 4th of July this year.  We prepared a big dinner because we had a good crowd.  Our friend J and her family came over, too, to celebrate and shoot fireworks for the first time.  We enjoy shooting fireworks on the 4th of July and in the New Year's, too.  Our neighborhood and neighboring areas are not (yet) inside the city limits so we can still shoot fireworks.  

This year, we made some deep-fried cat fish fillets, potato salad, fried onion rings, garden salad, and corn for dinner.  Our guests brought some dessert such as brownies and strawberry shortcake.  Our dear friend J and her family brought some brisket and my favorite Kare-Kare.  Lots of food!  So delicious!

Dinner with the family on the 4th of July.
Beautiful spark!
Shooting a firework...trying not to be scared.

Jul 1, 2013

Wall Art For My Living Room

Now I am starting to buy some good stuff for the house.  I mean, for home decor.  My cousin and a friend introduced me to this online garage sale on Facebook.  In this group, members post their unwanted items such as home decor, household stuff (kitchen electrics, chinaware, flatware, utensils, and even appliances), accessories, furniture and fixtures, and clothing (men, women, babies, and big kids) selling for lesser value.  And if you try bargaining really low, you're lucky to get the item if the seller agrees to the the price you want it for.  I haven't been to actual garage sales since I got pregnant.  So I missed great bargains on quality stuff.  :)  But in this online garage sale, it's like going to one in the comfort of my own home.

I already bought four wall art panels for my living room.  They're made out of shells.  I liked them because there's the oriental look on them.  They are still looking excellent and pretty.  Dear husband is going to hang them on the wall this weekend.  ;)