Mar 31, 2013

Hail On Easter Sunday

We had hail this morning. To me, they look like the size of gumballs!  This is the second time I saw hail or hailstones here in Texas.  As you may know, hail is irregular lumps of ice falling like rain or together with rain.  I thought the weather for the whole day of Easter Sunday will be bad. But after the severe thunderstorm with heavy rains and hail, the sun showed up and it was a very pleasant warm the rest of the day. The question is, is there a damage to honey's truck?  He doesn't even want to check on it.  Hopefully, there is no damage at all.

Mar 30, 2013

Weekend Snapshot: New Cookware Set For 5th Anniversary

My honey's company congratulated him for reaching 5th anniversary on the job.  So as an appreciation for his hard work, the company gave him a reward as part of their reward program.  My honey let me pick what item we'd like to have.  After a deep and serious thoughts, I picked to get the cookware.

The 10-piece cookware arrived today and I am very pleased.  They are beautiful.  With stainless steel material, I am pretty sure these will last for years.  We have a new cookware set.  Yay!

Mar 28, 2013

Time To Start Quitting

It's Lenten Season.  A time to reflect about what we have done to ourselves, to other people, and to the world.  I know it is hard but we have to be firm with changing our bad habits to good ones.  Change doesn't have to be a very difficult process.  It should be done slowly but surely. 

If you are into something addictive, now is the time to start quitting.  Too much of something is bad.  It is very surprising to see statistics showing how people get into something that leads to overly consumed by it.  I was stunned to see about the coffee drinking.  I don't drink too much coffee.  Disregarding the rest in the presentation, I admit that I worked more that 11 hours when I was employed years ago.  Geez, I couldn't believe myself.

But like I said, there is always time for change.  Just stick to your discipline and ask for His guidance.  And a strong support system at home can help a lot.

Morningside Recovery reveals 5 Secret Addictions

Mar 24, 2013

For Sale 2

Hello guys!  I have a handbag that I want to get rid of to be able to save money to buy a new refrigerator for my mom back home.  This is a very gorgeous handbag and I am sure you will love it, too.

Brand:  Coach (Authentic)
Style:  Totes and Shoppers
 Size:  Medium
Measurements:  13"Lx11"Hx4"D
Brass hardware with leather trim and hangtag
Condition:  New with tag
Price:  $188 with free shipping within the US
MSRP $278 

If you have questions please let me know by contacting me here on my blog.  I appreciate it.

Mar 2, 2013

Mom's Special Day

We are at the in-laws house today for a visit.  It's my mother's-in-law birthday weekend and the family's getting together. Whenever there's a special occasion, my parents'-in-law sometimes host the event.  It is always nice to see family.  The kids enjoy playing together in the backyard.  The food is great.  Although the temperature drops, the house feels warm and comfortable. Mom's bouquets smell good around the house and they really pretty.  

I admire how my husband's parents take care of their home and lawn.  The flower gardens look colorful and grass is green and healthy.  I love being at my parents-in-law's place.  :)