Nov 28, 2012

Fair-looking Skin Is Also A Woman's Asset

Winter is the when our skin also gets dry because of the cold weather.  Some of us apply moisturizers on our skin more often to keep it moist and soft.  But there is one important part of our body that needs more attention when it comes to applying moisturizers - our face. 

Facial care is very essential especially on women.  If we want to retain youthful looks, a beauty regimen is recommended.  It is your choice which regimen is better for you that suits your skin type.  And keeping a skin care routine will lead to having a radiant looking skin.  It matters so much so you won't get facial skin problems. For stay-at-home moms and full-time housewives like me, stress and fatigue are a part of our day.  And these stress and fatigue can affect our looks adding some wrinkles to our face.  Besides, some of us are not getting any younger.  

If you are looking for skin regimen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, try the Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream from Dermagist.  The result is visible when the wrinkle smoothing cream is applied daily.  Besides signs of aging like wrinkles, the appearance of fine lines can be reduced too.  Our skin is the largest organ of the body.  It is very important to take care of it as well as we do with the others.  Fair-looking skin is also a woman's asset.

Nov 18, 2012

Party With Purple And Pink

Another baby shower party was held this weekend at a friend's house.  This time, I wasn't one of the hosts.  And again, it was a surprise Baby Shower Party.  We just love throwing parties like baby showers, birthdays, and special occasions such as Halloween and Bridals.  

Besides the accessibility, my friend's house has a bigger area for a gathering.  With the decoration prepared by our other girl friends, the house looks really pretty and welcoming.  I admire her because she is good with home decorating and gardening.  Whenever I get the chance, I ask her for some gardening ideas too.  In the Spring next year, hopefully, I will be able to maintain a garden with lots of blooms.

Anyway, here's some of the Baby Shower Party decor and activities.  The party's color theme is pink and purple.  So some of us were wearing pink clothes and others were wearing purple.

Of course, I had my picture taken with these well-arranged balloons by LP.

This is the winning ribbon that went around the waist of the mom-to-be.  Just about a quarter inch longer.  Three winners including me.

I think it says, "We are flowers of one garden."

Putting my quarter in the Baby Bear bank because I said one's real name.  It's for the "Don't Say My Name" game (our version of the "Don't Say Baby" game.
In the "Don't Say My Name" game, I am "rocker".

It was another successfully organized party.  Lots of food.  And we also met a new Filipina friend.

Nov 15, 2012

Bathroom Problem

Now we have a problem.  The rubber seal in the shower room has already given up.  My husband is kind of pissed off because we are getting closer to our departure for our upcoming vacation and problems like this one comes up.  Now we have to get it fixed before we leave.   Hah!  It's always something.

Nov 13, 2012

My Favorite Dish

Mongolian Beef

This dish is my favorite as of the moment.  There is a Chinese Restaurant in town that makes this and I really liked it.  It smells good because of the green onions in the dish plus the aroma of the Chinese seasoning.  The beef is tender and tasty.  My daughter likes Mongolian Beef too.  I will try to look for a recipe for Mongolian Beef and cook it for dinner some time. 

Nov 10, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Yellow Tree

 What pleasant day for a walk.  My daughter and I enjoy this activity in the morning and in the afternoon whenever we get the chance, and when the weather is nice.  Surely we can feel the chill in the breeze.  Fall colors we see everywhere.  Leaves falling off the trees, and my darling daughter loves picking dried leaves on the ground.  Then she puts them in the bucket counting one by one.

I really love the colors of the leaves when it's Fall.  

Nov 6, 2012

Keeping Warm In The Winter

The season of cooler weather is here again.  For people who are not used to cold weather like me, I bet your closet is piled with sweaters and jackets too.  My house has to be a little warm in the evening because I shiver when the fan is turned on.  I don't mind the coolness during the day.  And because winter is coming very soon, my husband checks the fireplace every time.  We have the wood ready.

He keeps the fireplace clean.  Sometimes the problem is the dirty chimney.  I think there are birds nesting up there.  I hear them chirping and seems like they are inside the chimney.  It is not good if they keep coming back to nest up there.  Piled dirt and other particles can block the smoke from the fireplace.  It is dangerous and health hazard.  

We only use the fireplace in the winter.  When it is snowing and it is very cold outside, we love to hang out at the fireplace.  We have to watch our curious daughter not to go near it.  Smoke and other residue can build up overtime in the chimney.  But we do not worry about it too much.  Cleaning the chimney needs professional help. Finding a chimney repair toronto and cleaning service is an ideal choice for us.