Jan 29, 2009

Roses, Gift Card...

...and a birthday card. These are the lovely things surprised me this morning. Why? Because it is my of the special occasions of my life. Yey!

It is Thursday morning and my honey tried to wake up me up at 7:00 A.M. as I told him so. Though I still wanted to sleep more, I have to get up. My coffee is waiting and so are the gifts mentioned above. Boy, it did not came into my mind that my honey will surprise me this early. I wonder where were these stuff all night???

Jan 28, 2009

Time Flies So Fast...Aren't You Excited?

Is it not amazing how time flies so fast? It is the last week of January already. Are you not excited February is approaching? I am because of the V day (Valentines Day). Yep! As of the moment I am thinking where my honey and I will go for a date. Well, he will ask me for sure.

I am picturing a wonderful gift for him on Valentine's Day. Since he gave me a lovely watch on Christmas, why not give him a wristwatch from Bulova watches. I searched and looked on a Men's Marine Star Bulova watch in a stainless case and bracelet. It is scratch resistant which I find interesting. I am definitely sure he would love it. His old watch needs to be replaced anyway.

It's Raining Ice

The cold weather makes me feel laid back and lazy. I am not used to very cold temperature. The weather forecast says there is a big chance of getting some rains tonight. They are right because it is raining ice this evening. My feet and hands are cold even if I am wearing gloves and thick socks. Brrr! Good thing my thermal clothing helps me keep warm. I can hear the drops of ice hit the glass window. Whenever the heater comes on, it makes me feel better and warmer.

Exciting Summer Getaway

Few months to go and summer season is here again. As early as now, planning for summer outing and vacation are made. The most excited people on this occasion is the children. It is a big deal to them when the family is in vacation doing some fun activities together.

One of the enjoyable activity that kids look forward to is the summer ski camp. There are many beautiful places for ski camping but the only place I find most exciting is in Mt. Hood Oregon. With affordable summer camps program, this is the best getaway for the family during the hot season. Children will love skiing on the summer time. They will definitely not forget the experience. My honey told me Oregon is the State he wants to visit in the future. And skiing in Mt. Hood is in the plan.

Jan 27, 2009

Bought Pieces Of Lingerie Instead

It is my day off and I feel lazy. Supposedly I will clean the apartment but did not do it. Instead I keep myself warm by dancing to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" song. Then I made myself breakfast (fried hotdogs and an egg in a bun).

When my honey arrived from work on lunch break, I told him I want to go out. Though it is very cold outside, I insisted I want to go to the mall for a haircut. He dropped me off there after lunch. I changed my mind on having my hair cut because of unexpected price increase. So I just did some shopping for lingerie then I went home after...walking down the road shivering in cold weather.

Jan 26, 2009

Expressing Love And Affection With Flowers

What I love about my honey is that, he is so thoughtful and caring. He knows how to make me happy even in simple things...simple things that are big deal to me. My honey is fond of giving me presents since the courtship until now. And flowers are one of them. He knows I love them so much.

From the start, I knew he is buying the lovely flowers from online florists. With ease, he can choose from many selections of flower bouquet styles and combination at the website. When I was still in the Philippines different types of bouquets (mixed or not) has been sent to me -roses, carnations, lilies, tulips, daisies, and others. What I love the most are the red long stemmed roses. My honey has given me plenty of them. Roses' have pleasant scent which I like. They are my favorite flower so far. At present, my honey orders bouquet of flowers online without hassle at all.

On The Lighter Side #8: What Is The Purpose?

Warning of children's cough medicine: 'Do not drive car of operate machinery.'

Criticism would not be so hard to take if it were not so often right.

How do men sort their laundry? "Filthy" and "Filthy but wearable."

The purpose of child's middle name is so he can tell when he is really in trouble.

Be happy with what you have. If you spend your life looking for greener pastures, you might find you are too old to climb the fence.

Changing Desktop Themes

When I first work on the computer in my previous job years ago, I was so into making my computer look neat and pretty. Before I do the first task of the day I clean up my workstation and sanitize. Then I will spend the rest of my break time working on changing desktop themes, display, or wallpaper. Since I was so fascinated with my first experience with Internet surfing, I find free wallpaper of different photography online such as celebrities, sports, nature photos, and others.

Asking Permission To Buy Online

It is my nature being polite and prudent. In relation with these attitudes, I am used to ask permission before doing something that concerns money matters. Like what happened this afternoon, I asked my honey's permission to buy the clear handbag which I saw online a week ago. I was so into buying the handbag the first time I laid my eyes on it at the online store because the price was reduced to 50% off of regular price. I find the handbag so pretty compared to what I searched from other online stores. There is no way for me to pay with Paypal because the store requires credit or debit cards only. What I did is that I told my husband about my crush on the clear handbag and asked him if I can use our credit card just for once on this purchase. He said okay.

You might ask what is the point of asking my husband's go signal before the purchase? It is because I do not want to get the habit of buying or shopping online using our credit card. It is not a good habit and we both know that.

Jan 24, 2009

Back To House Hunting

Before our house was rented, my honey and I drive to towns nearby on weekends during the summer to look for houses. He likes to do that since we settled here in the city. We stopped doing it when gas prices got so high.

Now it is like we are going back to house hunting again. We started in the neighborhood close to our place. The house was pretty, well-furnished, and was newly built. The interior looked neat with plenty of decor...lovely paintings and stunning chandeliers in the living room. But the price was not cheap. We were speechless when we saw the specs. :)

Jan 21, 2009

Am I Pregnant?

Today I am feeling...

1. restless
2. weak
3. dizzy
4. achy

then I,

1. am throwing up
2. feel like crying
3. am craving something to eat but my stomach could not take it
4. am missing my Mama
5. need sweet hugs from my honey

What do these things mean? Am I pregnant? No...not yet. I am just having this darn cramps again! 'Seems like a punishment (sobs). Help!!!

Jan 20, 2009

December 08's Ten Hottest Entrecarders at MD

Here is what. I am saving this space for the blogs who came and left their mark on my entrecard last month. I would like to express my appreciation to everybody. I know it is the middle of the month but it is not too late. There is still time for me to thank y'all. What's more interesting is that, there are new faces. You can go and check them out :) .

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Cheers everyone!

Jan 18, 2009

Easy Hardware Installation

When our computer got fixed two months ago, my honey was trying to bring back some applications that have been lost. He also did the setting updates on those. But there was a little bit of problem encountered, we lost other essential programs. And when he tried installing the peripherals, the drivers were not found.

My honey was so upset at first but after a few days of hard work, he got his hp drivers and did a good job installing the hp printer. After that he managed to install our canon scanner with the canon drivers. That was easy. Now we are enjoying the convenience of technology again.

Movie Date

It is a beautiful Sunday. They said it is going to be warm the rest of the day. Good. I will not be shivering, sort of. My honey and I planned to go on a date. We will go for a movie date today. We will watch a movie, "Mall Cop". It is a comedy film about a security who is protecting the mall he is working in. The first time I saw the trailer on television I was laughing like I was tickled. The movie is hilarious so we will go see it.

When watching a film, we pick a seat not too close or too far from the screen. I want to be seated somewhere I can walk easily to the ladies room. I also bring a jacket because it is cold inside the movie house. Also, it is a preparation when the weather gets cold outside.

Jan 15, 2009

High Quality Gadget She Got All Her Life

My friend in New York was so happy telling me about the gift she got from her husband for Christmas. In her email says she was not expecting anything from him because she got busy with her new job at the hotel there. I was so excited about it too because her husband gave her a digital camera. She said it is the first high quality gadget she got all her life. It was bought from digital camera store in New York City that sells huge selection of digital cameras in low prices. Huge discounts are now offered online. 'Great gift idea for the holidays or any special occasions.

Jan 14, 2009

To My Dear Sister...

"...happy, happy birthday! Another year has come your way. Though you have been to challenges the past few years, you have surpassed them all with strength in your heart. Remember the family is always here for you and your guide and help whenever you need. God is good all time. He will never let us down. His grace will be upon us as long as we stay in His path. God loves you my dear sister. Everybody in the family loves you too. Have a fruitful year ahead. Happy Birthday, Mildred!"

Jan 13, 2009

To Love And Be Loved

Being in love with someone truly is a good feeling. But getting into a relationship with someone is somewhat difficult if two people do not know each other well. Some people fell in love from the strong foundation of friendship...others get involved for the first time, also know as "love at first sight". Technology has another way of making singles to find love possible using the Internet. Today, single men and women are looking for love and friendship over the Internet. They join dating sites of their preference or wherever they are comfortable with.

Before I met my honey, I was a member of some of those dating sites for years. I constantly visit the websites and searched for a single man who matches my personality. Among those dating sites, Great Expectations - Summit, NJ was the one that I find convenient. Besides connecting to singles in the network, they do thorough background check every member. So the members can have a safer dating experience. They also connect singles in the nearest community they live. Men and women can find Great Expectations sites in many areas. Members living in Overland Park, KS will meet singles nearby. And those who live in Los Angeles, CA will meet other singles close to the area too.

I am thankful that I found love with the help of the dating website I joined in. And I am so blessed to be married to the most loving man in the world.

Adobo Instead Of Fried Chicken

I did all the tasks I had to do today. But there was a slight change allright. Instead of frying the chicken legs, I made Adobo (chicken stew) with them. Why? It is because I do not have enough oil for frying. Oh boy, the Adobo smells so good that made me and my honey so hungry while it was cooking!

A couple of hours before the cooking, I went out to shop at Target using the gift card Norie gave me for Christmas. I bought some good bargains at Target because they are currently having a Clearance Sale on selected winter clothing. After the shopping, I saw Norie and we went home together.

Tired Of Changing Channels

Whenever we eat lunch or dinner, it is our habit to watch television while enjoying the meal. My honey and I sometimes change channels because we are not satisfied with what we are getting from our current subscription. If I am trying to see what is available, it does not even giving my tv options.

We are deciding to change to direct tv viewing. The high-definition feature is what we are looking forward to right now, and we do not want to watch movies that our current subscription is playing over and over again. That sucks! I just hope DirectTV is a good choice.

Things To Do On A Day-Off

It is my day-off. Yey!!! And I have planned the things I will do today:

1. Clean up the apartment
2. Change sheets
3. Do the laundry
4. Fry chicken legs
5. Shopping???

I hope the weather is good today. But if the wind blows cold outside, I will not be able to go to the mall. Maybe I will just stay at home and relax. Oh well, it is my day-off. Like what my honey said, I should enjoy it.

Jan 11, 2009


Two months to go and we are in our first year anniversary of living here in the apartment in Fort Worth. Oh, how fast time flies...We received a notice asking if we want to renew the lease. We are also given the option of upgrades. My honey does not care about it but I would like to get an upgrade. I want them to put a ceiling fan in one of the bedrooms in the apartment. The reason why I want to get this upgrade is that summer is approaching. I want us to be more comfortable.

There are many modern ceiling fans in the market today. In fact, ceiling fans are getting popular to people who want to save electricity and lessen their monthly bills. Apartments include ceiling fan upgrades in their promotion to get more clients. Success can be seen. Modern fan company also benefits with the success, orders will grow. I hope we will have a ceiling fan upgrade this year.

However, whether you are living in an apartment or in your own home, you can look for modern ceiling fans online too. If you want to shop for one, just search for brand name or ceiling fan style of your choice. Online tools are so helpful in the internet now to make the search easier.

Something Beneficial To Your Family

My friend in my previous job had offered me something that will benefit me and my parents. That was the time when I had my first job. She was selling me a pretty good life insurance for my parents. The payment terms were very affordable. The life insurance rates are high, with coverage benefits too.

I thought about the offer and the status of my job. That was a good offer though. You cannot find a good term insurance nowadays. My response was negative. She was in a wrong timing because I was in crisis that time. But, you know what? I regret I have not bought one before.

Jan 9, 2009

The Traditional Home Decor

We received the first bill from the storage. It is somewhat odd because we are now having an additional bill to pay think that this is the starting month we are paying for the storage of our stuff from the house. We miss our house in the country. Now that there are new occupants in the house, it makes us know.

Moving was not easy for us last year. We did a lot of planning where to store the housewares, appliances and furniture. We have large, delicate home decor that needed to be carefully lifted. One of them was a wall clock owned my honey's grandparents, which was given to him years ago. We are happy that we had it all done and presently we are settled in the city pretty good.

My honey's family moved a lot during the years when he was growing up. Also they have the tradition of passing furniture and home decor to family members. Though he is not interested in decorating the house, he likes good interior design...he likes the good stuff for the house. To balance the look of our home now, we found a grandfather clock that will look great at one of the corners in our living room. Also, we looked at other grandfather clocks similar to what we saw. But my honey liked this one among the others.

Stay Away From The Flu

Oh no! Two the girls at work are having flu right now. One started to sneeze and cough with scratchy voice since Wednesday. The other was not feeling well either since last week. Her doctor said she has the flu. Oh no!

I hope I will not get it. My honey asked me if I am taking my vitamins. I said...yes (with hesitation). I am drinking fruit juices and lots of water now. At work, we sanitize the workplace especially the things we have hand contact on like the telephone, calculators, and other non-consumable office supplies. We are doing the best we can to get rid of the virus that way. Being sick is difficult. The best thing to do now is to get your flu shots done as soon as possible. Always remember, prevention is better than cure.

Protect Your Good Credit

There was a call from a lady customer this afternoon. She was asking why there was a late fee charge in her credit card from the purchase she made two months ago. She paid her bills on time. I told her that it would be my pleasure to help her but: First, the concern was about money matters and the transaction she made two months ago which I do not have the idea what the real story was. Second, I am new in the position and I am not yet familiar with the concern she is bringing up. So I called my supervisor and told her about the customer's concern.

I think I understand the customer's situation. She was in panic because she is charged for late fee. Meaning something has been paid late. But she was not taking it for the reason that she said she is paying up-to-date. You see, it is very important to have a good credit score these days. This will help improve credit status of an individual which will serve as a record if the person wants to get a loan for her family. Maybe that is the reason why the customer is very eager to check with us because she is protecting her credit score to avoid credit repair. If not, she might get a credit repair help in the future.

On The Lighter Side #7: All In Nature?

Getting fired is nature's way of telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place.

How much deeper would the ocean be if it did not contain any sponges?

A hotel is not like a home, but it is better than being a house guest.

All jobs are easy to the person who does not have to do them.

What do you do if you see a blue frog? Stop and cheer him up!

Every mile is two in winter.

Coffee News November 10, 2008

Jan 7, 2009

Start The New Year With Saving

'Brought some bitter melon stir-fry to work today. The plan was to just buy rice at lunch break. I came up to the idea last night because I would like to limit my spending on daily meals at work. Imagine if I buy lunch for $7.35 per day, and I work let us say six days a week, I will spend $44.10 per week and a total of $176.40 of lunch meal per month. Oh my! That is too much I guess. I hope I can manage the meal budget idea because I want to start the new year with saving. My honey and I have plenty of plans. This is my new year resolution and I want to be successful on this.

How about you? What is your new year resolution?

Jan 6, 2009

Give Them Comfort

"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." Yes I agree to this ancient proverb. But I would like to replace the word 'man' to 'child'. So it would be, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a child healthy, wealthy, and wise. Because children need enough sleep, they should go to bed early so that they will wake up full of energy the next day.

Having a restful good night's sleep makes the children feel great. Whatever they do all day, their body condition stays strong. Thus it is important to give them the best comfort we could give. How? Start in the bedroom. Do they have a comfortable bed to sleep on? This idea of getting childrens beds is to assure parents that children is comfortable in the bedroom. We rest soundly on our beds right? If we sleep comfortably in our own bedroom, the same should be with the kids. Decorating the bedroom with girly or boyish theme and a soft bed with striking design makes a difference. A cozy accent and latest styles of childrens beds are very reasonable to buy right now because the holidays are over. There are many styles and colors to choose from to match the theme of every child's bedroom. So if you want your children to stay healthy, wealthy, and wise, give them the comfort of good night's sleep.

Jan 4, 2009

Emelyn, Norie, and Marly the apartment yesterday. My cousin Emelyn and her fiance arrived nearly 12 o'clock noon and I was in panic because the bitter melon and eggs were not cooked yet. The kitchen looked like it was hit by a storm. I thought they will be in town at one o'clock.

I called Norie telling her my cousin has arrived. She and her husband came over and met Emelyn. My cousin brought me some pasalubong (gifts) from the Philippines-two jeans, Efficasent oil (which I requested), dried mangoes, dried fish (danggit), and Otap from Cebu. After a great lunch, we talked about fun stuff. We enjoyed taking pictures too. Here is us-Emelyn (in pink), Norie (in gray), and me.

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Jan 3, 2009

Swiss Watch Is The Surprise Gift

Wearing a wristwatch is what I am used to since I was young. A watch is an essential accessory to possess. It lasts with me for years. The previous watch I got was bought by my parents. I got one when I was in high school. Then my cousin gave me her watch seven years ago when I was about to go back home in the province. She said it is her gift to me. It is still working until now. Within these past few months I did not change the leather straps in my old watch so my honey noticed that it is wearing out. He asked when I plan to get new straps for it. "Later when I have money hon," I said.

Then Christmas came. We had a party at his sister's house in Whitehouse and at Mom and Dad's in Tyler. Everybody was busy opening gifts. I was really surprised with mine. My honey gave me a lovely gold Swiss wristwatch. It was so pretty that I cannot wait to put it on. We had it adjusted because it is a little bit loose. Now I enjoy my beautiful new Swiss watch on my wrist.

Problem Solved

After the holidays we went to the jewelry store and had my Swiss wristwatch re-sized. When it was done, we found out the hands were not moving. It was very disappointing. The lady associate said she will give us a call whenever she finds a new one of the same brand from other stores.

She called my honey Wednesday and told him there was no other watches like that in their stores anywhere. We brought my watch back to them yesterday with the idea of getting a new one in mind. The repair staff was there so my honey asked if he can fix the problem for us. The repair staff checked the watch and the battery in it. He said the battery was sitting there for a long time so it made some corrosion. He cleaned the watch inside out, replaced the battery with a new one, and had set the time. We waited for the minute hand to move after three minutes. We were thankful when it did. Well, the problem is now solved.

Jan 2, 2009

Quick Fiance(e) Visa Process

My honey and I will be expecting visitors tomorrow. My cousin who just arrived here in Texas a week ago is coming over at our place with her American fiance. It was a coincidence that she is marrying a guy from Texas. I am so glad to know she is here now.

The process of her Fiance(e) Visa was so quick. It only took her about six months from the filing of application until the Visa interview and approval. That is a good thing. Mine took eight months. Well, what matters is that we made it. And now we are with our beloved ones. The next step is to plan and set their wedding. After that they will file the Application for Permanent Residency or Adjustment of Status (AOS). I think the waiting period on this process will not take longer than three months. But it still depends on the documents of the applicants.

Anyway, it is late in the evening and I should relax now. Oh no, not yet! The Afritada (chicken stew with tomato sauce) that I will prepare for my cousin and her boyfriend tomorrow is still cooking. My friend Norie helped me with the other food stuff tonight. She wants to meet my cousin too. All right. I am going to check the chicken before it becomes fried. ^_^

Jan 1, 2009

My Goal This New Year

It is the New Year. Everybody is busy noting down their resolutions...the do's and don'ts for the year. Out of curiosity, I am just wondering if the resolutions they have made last year had taken place? Oh well, it is none of my business. I should take care of my own, right? ^_^

I have three resolutions set for myself and my blog. First, I should be more diligent this year. Second, I should start cleaning out the "clutters". These "clutters" keep on bugging me. And third, I am thinking of getting this blog a new domain and webhosting. I am working on earning extra money online. And I learned that to gain more opportunities for a website is to have its own domain name. I am somewhat hesitant because I do not know what to do. Then here I found web hosting tutorials that guide a newbie like me in terms of what domain name is appropriate and what hosting is best for my website. This way, I will not be so confused with everything related to web hosting. And I am looking forward to this goal to happen soon.