Nov 29, 2009

New Neighbor

I was preparing to work one morning when I heard voices and footsteps on the stairs. Sounded like more than two people were talking. We just have a new neighbor. They arrived a couple of days ago.

The new neighbor is a newly wed couple. I just did not know who's father that was who helped them with the hauling of their furniture. Anyway, they came from another State. They moved in Texas because of the husband found a job here. Seems to me that they had a serious moving because they hired a house removals company to help them.

It is really nice to hire a professional help like that. Moving is not easy especially if you have a ton of furniture and appliances to haul.  The house removal can provide adequate service for people who move to a very far place.  In addition, the unwanted and unusable equipment or appliances in your house will be well-taken care of.

Connect With The Chain Of Friendship

The Chain of Friendship has been shared with me by AngelBaby (Your Caring Angels). Good friends are angels in our lives. They give us encouragement whenever we are feeling low. I am happy to have good friends around me...including you that I met online. So I am sharing this to you. Feel free to grab it. Do not forget to visit AngelBaby, she will be happy to see you. Have a wonderful day!

Nov 28, 2009

Was Not Used To Wearing Them Before

It was kind of frustrating this morning. We were on our feet ready to hit the road going out-of-town when I noticed that my outerwear, the jacket, is not in the car. I thought it was in there last night, but it wasn't. So in the last minute, I went back to the apartment and grabbed the sweater on the chair. Knowing that this is the season when chilly winds blow, I forget to bring sweater or jackets sometimes. Maybe because I was not used to wearing them frequently before...perhaps.

Wear Thick And Comfortable Clothing This Winter Time

I know some of you went and did door busters' or Black Friday shopping yesterday. Did you had a great buy? My friends told me that the malls' parking lots were full, as usual. And shoppers were all over the place in the mall. In fact, one of them went to the mall, close to my apartment, so early in the morning.

Huge holiday deals started yesterday in connection with Christmas season shopping. This time we can get the reasonably priced outerwear. Winter is approaching, and it is the season of wearing thick comfortable clothing, like The North Face jacket, that will keep us warm. Good-looking winter boots are now on sale as I see them in-store and online. Ah! Sale, sale, sale. They are all over. Have you finished shopping for gifts yet?

Today's Humor: During Her Pregnancy

Seven months pregnant, my hand on my aching back, I stood in line at the post office for what seemed an eternity.

"Honey," said a woman behind me, "I had back pain during my pregnancy. I was bedridden for four months because my baby was sitting on a nerve."

Then the man in front of me piped up....

"You'd better get used to it now. Once those kids get on your nerves, they can stay there till they're 18."

Nov 26, 2009

International Travel And Tours Experience

Seems like it was yesterday when my honey and I had a vacation back home. The enjoyable family reunion is still fresh in my mind. We had a wonderful time with my family back home.

I met my friends and former office mates too. One of my girl friends just arrived from her trip to Europe. She was very happy to see me and met my husband at the same time. We talked a lot of things including her traveling. She said she had a very nice tour to Spain. The country is beautiful and she saw things that are similar to the Philippines'. Philippines has Spanish influence you know. My friend's traveling was very memorable for her because that was the first time she had a rental car. Car Hire Spain gave her the chance to explore the cities of the country that she find interesting. Besides getting a good rate on car rental, she was given the opportunity to drive the first class cars offered by the car hire company.

It feels great to have sharing of experiences like that. In that way, we get familiar with places that we might want to visit in the future.

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Nov 23, 2009

Breakfast In Five Minutes

As usual, I checked my offline messages in Yahoo messenger (YM) this morning. You know, I like YM better than MSN messenger because you can send messages to your friends even if they are offline. In MSN messenger, you cannot. You will be directed to send an email instead. I do not like it. What I do is, I check my offline messages first before emails.

Anyway, I saw my friend N online (she is on a day off too).

Me: Hi N, what are you doing?
N: Hi Mhar, good morning. I'm eating breakfast...
Argentina corned beef with eggs,
rice, and coffee.
Me: Wow, sounds delicious! Sarap-buhay :)
N: Lolz...hey, come by and I will give you some of these
or maybe come here at the apartment and eat breakfast with me.
Me: Sure. Five minutes and I'll be right there.

Then I grabbed my keys, locked the doors, and headed to N's place. 'Had a good breakfast. Thanks N!

Nov 22, 2009

Investment On Stocks

I received a letter from the company's retirement provider. It states that I am elected to change my income investment to a certain percentage. What??? I do not remember filling in any paper work for anything! I had my husband re-read the letter and asked him to explain to me what its about. He said that the company will deduct the certain percentage from my income for an investment on stocks. Stocks? He said it is not bad. But the status of the investment will depend on the stock market. Really...?

I heard that some people invest their money on stocks online trading and they gain profits from it. Basically, what they do is sell or trade the stocks that they bought and gain dividends (profit) in the market. Becoming an online broker is difficult. A knowledge in stock market and investment management is essentially needed for you to become successful in online stock trading.

What the letter is implying bothers me. My husband told me to speak with somebody at work who can explain to me fully about the stock investment thing. I have no idea on this.

Nov 20, 2009

Weekend Snapshot: Laptop For Sale

Yes, you read it right. This laptop is for sale for $180.00

*Dell Latitude D610
*14" screen
*Wi-Fi available
*Anti-Virus installed
*Windows XP Professional with MS Office
*Intel M Processor
*VERY GOOD condition
*1.6 GB hard drive

Contact me at mgmarly at gmail dot com or leave a message in the comments' section. Thank you very much. I appreciate you.

Nov 19, 2009

As Soon As The Doors Open

Now is the time you should have your holiday shopping lists done. Because, pre-Thanksgiving sale is on and Black Friday is coming. Shoppers will run to the department stores very early in the morning on the day after Thanksgiving, and they will be rushing in the stores as soon as their doors open. The best deals for Christmas will be on that day.

If you will ask me, I am finished shopping for gifts. All I need to do now is an easy shop around for a few additional :) Vague? Oh, well...a woman like me likes to buy stuff anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Enjoy your family's company and give thanks to God who blesses us always.

Nov 17, 2009

Today's Humor: Two Cats

A tom cat and a tabby cat were courting on a back fence at night.

The tom leaned over to the tabby with pent up passion and purred... "I'll die for you!"

The tabby gazed at him from under lowered eye lids and asked, "How many times?"


I love cats :)

Nov 15, 2009

Free Homework Help For A Better Comprehension

Studying can be a struggle at times especially when you have a hard time catching up with lessons and stuff. Not all are fast learners you know. I understand that.

When I was in school, there is only one subject that I had difficulty comprehending with. It is Mathematics. I admit that solving equations gives me a headache. That is natural. I am not born genius, though some people are gifted understanding Math quickly. Online homework help have not had reached me that time.

Students of today are very lucky because Math homework help is just a click away. With the help of modern technology and the Internet, students who are having difficulty with Mathematics can access free homework help on the Internet. Just a great idea to help my niece and nephew to learn Math and gain more skills on this interesting subject matter.

Nov 9, 2009

Lovely Blog Award: Tag Your Favorite Blogs

My lovely online friends send me a lovely award which makes my heart happy today. I think it is a sweet gesture. Thank you for expressing your appreciation towards me, Jenie (Life 'Round Me and You), Jona (A Time To Weep And A Time To Laugh) and Work At Home Mom.

Your blogs are lovely too, I know that for sure especially Sissym, AngelBaby, Mommy's Little Corner, DeborahKaty, It's My Party, Beverly's Secret, Rose's Obstacles and Glories, Cafe Au Lait, My Flyff Blog, Euroangel Graffitti, Lingz Spot...So grab this tag because it is for you. Do not forget to tag along your favorite blogs, okay? :)

Nov 8, 2009

Pasalubong Or Gifts

Distributed the pasalubong or gifts to my workmates today. I brought them some dried fruits such as mangoes, jackfruit, and tamarind. Also I brought some fresh water pearls for my manager and girl friends. There are a couple of coconut whisky or lambanog which I will be giving to my boss. I hope he will like it. He does not have to try it if he does not want to. 'Will not hurt my a collection display is fine.

My friends in and out of Texas asked me a favor to buy something from the Philippines, then I will just ship the stuff to them. So now I am occupied with packaging and sending stuff to my friends.

The pasalubong we brought for my honey's family is still in the bag. I have to take care of that, too, before Thanksgiving comes.

Nov 1, 2009

Few Minutes Delay In Exiting The Airport

We did our grocery shopping at noon today because we do not have anything in the fridge besides a box of half and half and a couple of drinks. We cleaned the fridge before we left for a vacation in the Philippines.

We had a very smooth and safe travel. Korean Air did a sweet touch down yesterday morning on our arrival at DFW airport. Though some checking at the immigration caused a few minutes delay in exiting the airport, we were very thankful the officers did not open our three baggage. They just scanned them and asked a few questions about what's in there.

'Still feeling the blues but we are happy to be back in second home. As of the moment, my honey and I are working on reducing the jet lag effect.

Two Lovely Resorts In Leyte

We are back! 'Arrived DFW Airport at 9:50 yesterday morning. Now, I am feeling the blues because I am missing my family already. My husband and I know it will be fine because we really had a great time with them. We spent the whole time in two resorts in Leyte...Baybayon ni Agalon in Albuera and Sabin Resort Hotel in Ormoc City.

Since my honey's first visit to Leyte, Sabin Resort Hotel has been his favorite place to stay in Ormoc. Besides being close to my hometown (Kananga), the resort is also 5-8 minutes away from the city proper of Ormoc. We like going to town riding a tricycle. My honey calls it a trike :)

Baybayon ni Agalon is 10-15 minutes away South of Ormoc City. We heard about its beautiful location (by the shore). The resort has a beautiful landscape, quiet, and green surroundings. What makes this resort remarkable because it has a very appealing pool that children would really enjoy swimming in its cool waters (with slides and all that). Plus, Baybayon ni Agalon has two Ostriches by the entrance.

If you want to check more, visit Baybayon ni Agalon at and Sabin Resort Hotel at Another thing, double check the accommodation rates before placing a room reservation.