Jul 31, 2009

Weekend Snapshot: Roses And Trees

Here is a picture from a weekend trip to the Rose Garden in Tyler, Texas. The place was so beautiful and the weather was so perfect. 'Had a wonderful time with my honey and his parents. Of course in times like this, the day ain't complete without picture taking, video recording, and fine dining.

Jul 29, 2009

Better Protect Your Home From Bugs

Living in a house without air-conditioning needs high maintenance. Why? Because the house is open to dirt, dust, and bugs. We need to do a daily cleaning or dusting. Bugs come and go inside the home, ants under the dining table, and moths flying around the bright incandescent lights.

But these creatures do not disgust me like others do. What's irritating to me was when bed bugs invaded the wooden chairs inside the house. I hated that. I will not forget how nasty the skin irritation they gave me when I was a child. Eagered to get rid of them, my parents found and used a home remedy for bed bugs, which had eliminated all of them. Then, we never had bed bugs again after the treatment.

Jul 26, 2009

May God Bless The Church

I am extending my greetings to all Church Of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo) members all over the world. Happy 95 Anniversary! Praise the Mighty Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

Online Help To Difficult Subjects

Students of today are very fortunate with the advantage technology is providing us. The Internet is the example of the technology evolution. At present, millions of students are using the computers and the Internet in addition to other schools' learning requirements. I know some are having a hard time comprehending with subjects like Mathematics and its other fields. Algebra, for example, is a difficult subject. I, myself, had struggled with learning the subject when I was in high school. I did not have a computer at home (until now), and there was no Internet around town. I wish I had Algebra tutor back then.

Today, students can get help of Algebra help on the Internet. The free online Algebra help and tutoring is available for them to try. This way, they will excel more in this field of Mathematics.

Jul 23, 2009

Gifts Bought From Babies R' Us

Yay, 'had the baby shower gift done! My honey and I went to Babies R' Us store and bought a couple of things in the registry. At first, we used the the touch-screen computer at the store. We had errors typing the name of the registrant. We looked for a Backspace button but there's none. So we used the Delete button, assuming that it will just erase the characters. What happened was, it erased everything. We had a hard time using the touch-screen so we went to the registry counter and asked for the baby registry list. I thought using the computer will make things easier and saves us time. Anyway, below are the baby products we bought from Babies R' Us store: feeding bottles and nipples, brush, and dishwasher baskets.

Wordless Wednesday: Gift Wrapped

Jul 21, 2009

Pregnant Women Are Attractive

I am so happy seeing our lady friend (my honey's former boss) pregnant of her first baby. And it's a boy. She and her husband is very happy about the good news.

To me, pregnant women are attractive. Maybe because I see in them the completeness of being a woman. Some women look well when they are pregnant. Especially when they are wearing maternity clothes. Agree? These clothing add to the charisma that pregnant women have. Our friend is so pretty with the baby bump, and wearing cute maternity clothes make her look trendy mommy-to-be.

If you are pregnant or planning to be one, I suggest to buy maternity clothing that is very comfortable and yet easy to reach for the budget. That is what we need in this tight situation now. Look for the most affordable clothes in store or online, especially on those clearance section where they offer 75% off the regular prices. The savings you will get from shopping maternity clothes can be set aside for future throwing a baby shower party. And speaking of which, our friend will have her baby shower held this coming Saturday.

Jul 20, 2009

It Is A Swim Party Too

A lady friend sent an invitation for her baby shower party last month. I never thought it is getting closer...this coming Saturday. Until now, I am still choosing what to bring as a gift for the baby. There are a couple of interesting stuff online but I found a few nice ones at the department store too. Well, I should make up my mind. Buying a gift in the last minute is not cool. It is my day off on Wednesday, so I should have time to buy the baby shower gift I picked at the department store near by.

What I am excited about this baby shower party? It is swim party together with family and couples too :) Great!

Jul 19, 2009

Career Management For Work Abroad

If you want to land a job that will give you the opportunity to enhance your skills and potentiality, acquire knowledge on career enhancement. And if you are looking forward to an employment abroad, you better take this idea. Many people are working abroad to get a better, bigger income. Some go to Australia because the salary is higher for professional workers in Melbourne and Sydney.

You know, to get more knowledge about the job you are getting in these cities, it is better to check with the outplacement Melbourne consultant. This way, you will be guided through the placement process and career management. You may check with the career outplacement Sydney office, too, for more information.

Weekend Snapshot: Refreshment

Cookies and cream. A yummy refreshment on a hot summer weekend.

Jul 18, 2009

Put Your Home In Best Home Security

The importance of being safe all the time means so much to us. Living in a peaceful neighborhood is good. But keeping our home and household safe with the help of home alarm equipment is better. If you do not have a home alarm system, have one installed now. Be sure to put your home and family in best security.

I know we cannot just entrust ourselves to being too open with people. There is always a limitation. We do not want bad things to happen, so we should safeguard our home. Actually, neighbors help each other. Suspicious and unfamiliar individuals seen in the neighborhood can be reported. We should observe precautions all the time.

Door Lock And Shower Knob

My honey did some repair job in the apartment-the front door lock and the shower knob. The shower knob is broken that is why the water kept on dripping. The front door's lock does not slide all the way into the hole. So he went to Lowe's and bought a rust removal spray, and a new knob for the shower. Now we can lock the door very securely. The shower? Dripping no more.

Shopping Budget Is Watched

I do not know about you but, to me, I better get new jeans. Yes. A couple of my jeans are getting tighter now. I am a skinny petite lady. Supposedly extra small sized jeans should fit me. But nope. I need to buy new ones in small sizes.

Sometimes, small-framed ladies like me have a hard time shopping for clothes. I do not want to spend much money on designer styles. Cheap dresses are fine with me as long as the style and cut fit me. It does not matter to me if I find some good, cheap t-shirts in the store. What's important is that my shopping budget is watched and yet, I am in the trend. Oh well, now I got to check my favorite store if they have sale jeans this time.

Jul 13, 2009

Once Worked In Travel

I worked in a travel agency few years ago. Flight reservation and ticket issuance is the main job of a travel agent.

Besides that, the company handled some recruitment agencies' ticket needs for the hired workers for abroad. The competition was very tight because other travel agencies offer lower ticket rates. But special rates were provided to agencies that stayed with the company for years. It's the privilege of being a loyal client.

Working in travel is stressful. You have to be careful with every little detail-the passengers' information and the flights, tours, or accommodations reserved. One small mistake will ruin everything.

Jul 10, 2009

Weekend Snapshot: Blue And Green

The color of the sky and trees are marvelous. If we look up above and around, we knew that we are showered with God's love.

Jul 8, 2009

At SeaWorld San Antonio 2

Day 2 - 'Woke up early in the morning for breakfast. The breakfast buffet at the hotel starts at 6:00 until 9:30 A.M. Though I still would like to sleep more, there is no choice but to get off the very comfy bed. After eating breakfast at nine o'clock, my honey and I got ourselves ready for the second day adventure. Same as Day 1, we paid another $15 for a whole day general parking at SeaWorld.

relaxing after the fun water rides-beating the heat

Ordered Molcajete for dinner at a Mexican Restaurant

Mojito with mint and cherry...aahh!

Jul 2, 2009

No Interesting Offers

Since there is no interesting task to grab from the other website, I checked on the others if there are offers. Good luck came to me because there are two big tasks waiting for me to reserve.

I am blogging for a year now and I enjoy it. And last month I posted my very first contest at the Workplace in timing for the First Anniversary of my blogging. I had participants. The winner's name will be posted at the Workplace blog.

Back to my tasks, there are higher offers on the other websites so I am working on them as of the moment.

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