Nov 30, 2011

Lots Of Shopping To Do

I have plenty of buying to do starting this week.  My daughter is turning 1 and I haven't picked the favors from the online store I shopped at.  There are lots of birthday favors advertised on the Internet that I looked at, and  I cannot make up my mind yet (sigh).  I wish I could just get the same favors that my sister had on her birthday last month.  But it is impossible for those to be shipped this late.  I am cramming. All I have to do is decide and choose what is better - price wise.

Effective Advertising Campaigns Can Help Your Business Grow

If you want your products and services to be well promoted to be able to gain patronizers, join the team of advertising experts who can help lead your business to success.  As the competition in the market gets tougher and tougher, most businesses do not last long in their particular industries.  It is because there is a lacking factor that brings in the money - effective advertising campaigns.

New ideas come in everyday in the advertising world.  The products or services that companies are selling need a better exposure so customers can rely on the credibility of their products and services.  But deciding on which Advertising Agency to choose to promote your business totally depends on you.  You should compare and research which advertising agency has the potential of giving your business the exposure it needs such as Internet marketing and mixed media advertising. The most popular type of advertising now is the Internet campaigns.  The general public relies on the Internet to look for products and services.  Some of the customers consider reviews and cheap prices.  On the other hand, an effective Advertising Agency can lead your business to potential customers if you pick wisely.  So it is your decision to make.  Advertising strategies are changing as technology is advances.  If you trust the chosen ad company that they can expose your products and services to the consumers out there in an effective way, there is no question to ask.  The selling opportunities come next and profits will increase. 

Got A Virus?

Me?  Maybe.  I am experiencing nasal congestion and my head is getting heavy.  I need a fast-acting pain reliever right now.  My honey and I were looking for the Excedrin I bought few weeks ago.  We couldn't find it anywhere in the house!  I am so thankful that there is a convenient store right across the road.  My honey hurried out and bought me a couple packs of the pain reliever.  I hope I'll sleep well tonight.

It is the flu season.  If you have not taken a flu shot yet, better go and get one.  But if you don't feel like it, it is up to you.  It is best to have some shield against flu you know. 

Nov 29, 2011

Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products In Your Home

Sometimes I have no luck in cleaning some portions of the house.  Like the carpet, for example.  There are times I couldn't get the stain off.  I always want my carpet to be smelling clean and free from stain.  My husband never liked the idea of using strong carpet cleaners.  We had it steamed-clean last year before we moved.

So we agreed to use biodegradable carpet cleaning products.  The green carpet cleaning products austin service is offering are made of all natural ingredients that are safe for the home and, also, for the environment.  Not only the offers reliable service on carpet cleaning.  They also improve their products to the extent of giving customer satisfaction.

The Gifts Are Ready To Ship

I am so late in sending the Christmas presents to my family this year.  Actually, I have not packed the box yet.  I just finished sorting out the clothing, body essentials, accessories, and chocolates.  I also just finished wrapping gifts for everybody.  Next is the packing of all of these in the box.  But there are still small bits lacking that I have to buy soon.  The package could have gone two months ago but I got very busy organizing a special event-my sister's 18th birthday.  

These gifts are ready to send.
And now, it's shipping will be delayed again because I will be busy preparing for my daughter's birthday party.  Sure my family understands my situation.  It's just that, there are outfits for my niece and nephews here that will not be worn on Christmas.  I am a little frustrated.

Nov 27, 2011

Organizing My Closet For The Cold Weather Clothing

Oooh!  It's the cold months again.  I am sorting out my clothing.  I am organizing the fall and winter clothes in my closet.  There are few things I have to buy for the winter.  Some of my jackets and sweaters do not fit now because I gained weight due to pregnancy.  So I have to put them away - keep them together with my summer clothes hoping that time will come I can fit in them again.  Same with jeans and pants, most of them are tight now.

Like what I said, there are few things I have to buy for the winter as per clothing is concerned.  I do not have a hoodie, so getting a couple of hoodies would be a great idea.  Since I am kind of small-framed woman, only few stores sell brands of clothing that fits.  Opposite with my husband, he is a big guy.  Sometimes we are having a difficulty finding his size when we are shopping for an outerwear.  But there were times we're lucky to get good deals on extended sizes hoodies at Aerpostale.  Actually we did a good job shopping on Black Friday.  Only the clothes needed for the cold months were bought that day.  

Nov 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Is A Family's Traditional Get-Together

Cool and chilly Thursday.  Still feeling tired and sleepy, we hit the road to Whitehouse for the Thanksgiving dinner at about 8:15 yesterday morning.  It was so foggy.  My honey thought it was just a lake fog and if we are on Terrell, it'll be gone.  But it was foggy all the way to Tyler. 

Everyone was at my SIL's house.  As soon as my little girl saw her Nana, she looked very excited and started jabbering like she's telling Nana something.  My baby immediately joined her cousins playing in the living room.  They had a great time.

The table was already set when we arrived.  My FIL did the cutting of the turkey.  There's corn dressing, mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, ham, grean beans casserole, corn salad, wine and champagne, pumpkin and lemon pies, and all other delicious foods prepared for the family's traditional Thanksgiving feast.  As always, we all had a wonderful time.

What's next is preparing for Christmas and New Year's.  I haven't done my shopping yet and I did not go to the Black Friday shopping this morning either.  I will take it easy.  No stress.

Nov 24, 2011

Quick Funds In Times Of Need

Some people are not fair with everybody.  They are the ones who take advantage of other people's kindness.  My family was a victim of those kind of horrible ill-mannered people in the neighborhood.  Just because the were influenced by the 'upper class' individuals in the community, that does not mean they have the right to step on my family's rights.

If my family have had found a place where someone would help save them from that bad situation, they could have filed a lawsuit against those ill-mannered neighbors.  My family could have acquired lawsuit cash advances to fund it. provides legal funding to those in need.  This firm has been helping thousands of clients through lawsuit financing.  With these legal financing, they can continue defending their cases.  Once the fund request is approved, the money will be sent to the client the same day the approval is given.  The clients will only pay or settle the borrowed funds if they win the case. 

This could have eased my parents' worries.  They were very desperate to find help at that time.  But it was too late.  Their small house is gone.

Nov 23, 2011

Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart

We will be going to Tyler for Thanksgiving celebration.  My SIL and her family are the hosts this year.  Like what my honey always say, we have a lot to be thankful for.  I completely agree.

So thankful for the...
safe and enjoyable vacation to the Philippines
blessings and good health of everyone in the family
my safe and successful delivery
everything went well in moving back to the house
opportunities on making money online and the husband's job
given opportunity to learn how to drive
strong self-esteem, values, and beliefs
my husband's family
my husband's understanding
my friends online and offline
year that is again full of love and blessings.

It is another year of Thanksgiving.  In general, we are giving thanks for the things received...good or bad.  Because either one has been a part of our becoming...of our attitude towards life and other people.  No matter what we do, we should be thankful to God, and appreciate what's around us.

Nov 21, 2011

Our Skin Needs Deep Hydration

Taking care of our skin is very important especially in Fall and Winter season.  Because during these season, our skin is the most dry. 

My skin dries severely in the cold months.  I used a lotion for dry skin with vitamin E before.  But after a while, I am not liking it anymore.  I tried different types of lotions like those with deep hydration.  I need to stick with only one.  When I heard that Dial is launching their lotion product, I thought it would be nice to try this.  I got a sample the Dial NutriSkin Replenishing Lotion.  It smells refreshing.  I hope this will work on my skin this time.

And most importantly, I have to strictly follow the skin care tips so I will feel better.

Nov 19, 2011

Laugh And Have Fun With Your Family

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Family Insurance for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Weekends are very important to me.  These are the days I call 'family get-together days'.  My husband is a home body but he takes us to places where we can relax and enjoy the scenery.  If we do not have plans for that, we just stay at home and enjoy watching television while our little angel is happily playing in the living room. We would like to be entertained when watching television.  Sometimes we watch comedy shows like stand-up comedy.  If there is nothing on tv, we looked for funny videos online.  My husband and I really have a good laugh at that.

There's videos presented by American Family Insurance that we have liked watching recently.  Stand Up For Family are funny videos which concept is related to families.  And stand-up comedians share hilarious experiences to the viewers.  The video I liked better was from Mark Veira because he talked about his funny experiences with his family.  I like the topic about nosey relatives.  I can relate to that because that happened to me before.  My husband laughed at those stories.  AmFam did a good job presenting comedy videos that a family could enjoy.  People can relate to the stories.  It is true that we have funny moments with our family and, to me, those are precious moments.

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Nov 15, 2011

My New Hand Mixer Beater And Whisk Makes Me Enjoy Baking

As you know, I have been winning in a couple of giveaways/contests online.  Since 2009 I already won two fashion jewelries (cultured pearl necklace and a pair of crystal stud earrings), two gift cards worth $50 each, a gorgeous red ladies coat from BCX, and a mosaic mirror.  The two gift cards are from and (now  I bought children's clothes from Old Navy for my niece and nephews. 

What I bought from (now are Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer Beater and Whisk, and a whistling kettle.  In addition to that, I took advantage of their baby furniture sale for my husband and I were expecting back then.  We were busy planning for the nursery room.  The store sells a variety of items you know.  So I really enjoyed using the hand mixer because it has six speed levels.  The storage option is a plus.  The cords and mixer parts keeps together in the storage.  It works really nice for me.  Now I enjoy baking because I have a new hand mixer.

Nov 12, 2011

Severe Drought Conditions

Severe Drought Condition Alert was in effect November 1st.  The rain fall in North Texas is below the average and the lake water levels are below 50%!  My husband said this happened few years ago also.  And so, STAGE 3 water conservation has initiated. 

Lake view from US 380
Below are helpful tips on water management strategies:
  • Continue all restrictions under Stage 1 and Stage 2.
  • Avoid hosing off paved areas, building, or windows.
  • Avoid operation of ornamental fountains, if they use metered water.
  • Avoid, washing or rinsing of vehicles with a water hose.
  • Avoid wasteful water usage such as "runoff", "water leaks", and "flushing of gutters or ditches.
  • Avoid planting any new trees or other planting, since they require large amounts of water for good root growth.
  • Existing swimming pools may not be drained and refilled except to replace normal water loss due to evaporation.
  • Foundations may be watered by a handheld hose or soaker hose.
We are following the water conservation tips.  We take our cars to a Car Wash service.  The foundations of the house are watered by a soaker hose.  The laundry day is once a week and we try not to use too much water when dish washing.

Nov 8, 2011

Fall Wedding

Fall is also the best season for weddings besides summer.  Although summer is the most popular time, Fall has become the good choice for couples who do not want to wed during the peak of summer heat. The preparation for the wedding is stressful and overwhelming.  But with right people and abundant resources, the wedding ceremony will become successful. 

The hardest part that couples encounter in the wedding preparation is choosing the wedding ring.  Before every thing else, looked and shopped for wedding rings ahead of time.  So you won't have a hard time deciding what wedding bands before the special day comes.  To save you time, will give you a wide selection of wedding rings sets of different metal types, gemstones, and designs.  In my personal opinion, a yellow gold wedding ring with diamonds will look very stunning on your ring fingers.  

If you or someone in your family is getting married this Fall, let them know about because the store is offering huge discounts on their wedding rings.

Nov 6, 2011

Great Time With Friends At The Party

I was glad to see friends today at the birthday party.  We had fun, as usual.  Though the hosts were very busy, they were accommodating and welcoming.  The birthday girl had many guests.  The children were playing happily while the adults talked, eat, and...talked.  Hahaha!

It was windy and humid.  And it was a little warm inside the hosts house.  Maybe because there are lots of people or the temperature of the air-conditioning was not set properly.  Anyhow, everybody had a great time catching up while eating delicious food prepared for the party.

Nov 3, 2011

$100 Sears Gift Card At Lady Bloggers Society

As I am thinking about the holidays, shopping comes into my mind too.  I will say that an additional shopping money is nice.  And winning it is much neater.  Haha!

This is the best time to join online contests like The Lady Bloggers Society is holding right now.  A lucky winner will receive $100 Sears Gift Card from  What a big prize!  If you are a shopper using coupon codes like me, it is a great way to save money with Sears Coupon Codes! Visit Tons of Coupon Codes to save money at 1,000′s of stores.

Join the giveaway now! 

Vision Problems Solved With The Right Prescription Eyeglasses

After moving back to the house last year and all the important matters taken care of after my delivery, my honey and I are getting our periodical health check-ups one at a time. We prioritized the medical and dental check-ups. We already missed your annual eye appointment then.  Now that our schedules are back to normal, it is time for our eyes to be checked because both of us are experiencing vision problems.  Our eyeglasses need replacement too.

I am having headaches (in addition to periodic migraines), blurry vision in the afternoons, teary eyes, and glare sensitivity.  My honey is currently wearing  bifocals.  And he is getting uncomfortable with it. There are many things affected with poor vision.  Reading, writing, and even simple jobs in the house cannot be done very well without proper eyeglasses.  We are due for new prescription eyeglasses.  Our eye appointments should be scheduled soon.  Because of budget concerns, I need cheap eyeglasses for me.  Where else can I find cheaper prescription eyeglasses nowadays?  Zenni Optical.  Same as before, I can choose stylish eyeglasses for as low as $6.95! 

My vision has to be corrected and my honey's eyeglasses have to be replaced as soon as possible.  No time should be wasted. 

Nov 2, 2011

Stain-Free Carpet

Not almost done with one of the BIG chores today, carpet cleaning.  I finished vacuuming the bedroom except for my daughter's and the living room.  The areas are not available right now because she is playing here and there. 

One thing I liked about the carpet installed in our house is that, it does not stain easily.  I mean when something spilled on it, the substance is not absorbed by the carpet immediately.  So when the cleaning comes quickly, there is no stain.  Does it mean the carpet is stain-resistant?  Well, here is a word on "stain-resistant":

     Many carpets and sofas come pretreated with stain-resistant chemicals, which make liquids and potentially staining dyes pool on the surface of the fabric rather than sink right into it.  you can also apply your own stain barrier.  If you do decide to do the job yourself, opt for a stain repellent that prevents both oil- and water-based stains.

     Keep in mind that repellents work by creating a temporary barrier:  If a liquid hits teh surface, it will sit on top before sinking in.  So if you're standing there with a sponge, yes, they work.  but noting is truly stain-proof.  Another thing to consider:  Though treated materials are more durable, most of the chemicals in the treatments have never been tested for long-term health effects in humans, and research has shown that some of the chemicals used may have health risks.  If you're concerned about chemicals, the most natural option is to stick to washable casings and natural-fiber carpets that are not treated!

So we are cleaning our carpet twice a month  and, as needed, steam-clean it once every other year so the stain-resistant layer will not be removed.  And also we are very prompt in cleaning whenever a spill or a staining agent falls on the carpet.

Source:  Woman's Day Oct. 27, 2010
Stain Proof Your Home, p.34

Nov 1, 2011

Football Season

There’s something about this time of year that really gets my blood flowing. I love the idea of snuggling up at home with my husband while he’s watching football on his directv centennial package and I’ve got something like beef stew simmering on the stove. I know it sounds silly but I just really love how my family taught me about the game so that now when my husband wants to spend the whole day watching NFL GamesI’m not out of the loop. There’s something to be said for getting to spend time with my husband while he also gets to do something he really likes to do which is part of the reason I love that our house is so comfortable. I wanted to make sure the living room in particular was a place that we wanted to spend time in. My husband doesn’t really care – all he’s happy about is that he gets to watch all his games and I’m not nagging him to clean the house or do some home improvements or something!

Written by my friend Dong Wood