Jun 30, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Pots And Pans

Here's what I did all weekend, I think.  Washing pots and pans.  Yup.  It was endless.  Because we cooked food for the week, that's what.  I thank my dishwasher too for helping with the dishes.  My husband told me to put these pots and pans in  there too, but I did not.  I better hand wash them because I can scrub the dirt away.

My kitchen sink was very occupied too.  One after another.  But after all the washing and scrubbing, I was happy to see these clean kitchen items...ready for use in the next few days again.  It's one of my job in the household.

Finding Recommendations On Floor Care

It's the weekend and we do not have anything planned except doing house chores and grocery shopping.  My husband has the bug treatment scheduled tomorrow afternoon.  What I have to do now while baby is busy playing in the living room is check floor care news and see what recommendations I can get when it comes to cleaning the floors without much of a cost.  

We had renters in our house before and when we moved back in, the dining and kitchen floors had dirt spots on them.  We tried scrubbing with liquid laundry detergent but only the dust and few soft dirt spots were removed.  We will be hosting a big party this year and we need to get the floors cleaned very well before the big event.  Hopefully after reading floor care news articles online, I can get ideas for cheap floor cleaning.

Jun 24, 2012

Greeting Card Received

I just talked to my aunt two days ago and she said she sent a greeting card for my dad's birthday.  She was asking me if he already got the card.  When I chatted with my youngest sister on Facebook this afternoon, she said that my dad received the birthday greeting card a week ago.  Well, he does not have an access to the Internet.  My sister is the one who conveys messages to our aunt.  

My long lost aunt lives in New York right now.  We haven't seen her and her family for so many years until recently.   Thanks to social networking.  Her daughter just moved two months ago that is why my aunt is kind of busy helping her in the new house.  Also the reason that her time online is limited.  I know how difficult moving is especially if the new place is farther away.  When my husband and I moved to an apartment for a job-related reason, I just arrived here in the US and still in the process of relieving the jet lag.  When we arrived to the new place, it's clean and ready for occupancy.  The bedrooms are all carpeted.  My husband told me that the apartment admin is responsible to contact cleaners like expert carpet cleaning nyc to fully clean and sanitize the carpets, and if necessary replace the carpeting.

I understand my aunt's limited time on the Internet right now.  I wish my cousin all the best with her new home.  And my father is happy that his sister did not forget to send him greetings on his birthday.

Jun 23, 2012

Father's Day Gift For Honey

It was Friday when I got the chance to buy gifts for my husband for Father's Day.  I had to look for nice things for him since he needed new items for work.  My daughter and I went to the mall Thursday to find a few Father's Day gift items.  But time did not allow us to look around because it was late in the afternoon.  So we just went to a department store the next day.  Gladly I found three nice things for him.  

In this gift bag are three men's gift ideas for Father's Day.  I was glad he liked them.

Can you guess what's in the bag?

Jun 21, 2012

We Got The Chance To Meet New People

After the wedding last weekend, my husband's parents stayed for a day to spend more time with our little girl.  During a big lunch the next day, we talked about the wedding and how we enjoyed the party.  Our little princess had fun dancing at the reception with her cousins and other guests.  The food was good but what caught our interest was the beef tenderloin.  Boy, it was great!

The wedding was held at the Chapelle De Fleurs in Flower Mound, Texas.  It's a small church.  There is a banquet hall across the chapel so we did not take too much time going to the reception.  There is an open bar too.  The bride's family got the chance to meet the groom's family and friends, and vice versa.  It was a wonderful moment for the newly wed.  My father-in-law met someone from the groom's family who is currently engaged in business law.  He specializes in providing legal services for small business, corporations, partnerships, etc...He and his team are helping those clients who have needs on trademarks, sale, financing, commercial leasing, and other business issues or problems that require an effective solution.

That sound interesting.  My father-in-law talked to him for a good amount of time that night.  I bet that guy is a good corporate lawyer.  My husband and I had an exchange of thoughts about that because we might be needing a business lawyer in the near future for our business plans.

Jun 11, 2012

Tatay Turns 60!

It's my Tatay's birthday today.  He is 60 years old.  We are thankful that he is keeping himself healthy.  My family back home had a small birthday party for Tatay.  My mother prepared a few dish for the party.  My siblings contributed some amount of money for the cake and softdrinks. 

My tatay  was very delighted to receive his birthday gift.  A bottle of Polo Ralph Lauren men's cologne.  "I've been wishing for this.  I haven't smelled this fragrance for years until today", he said.  It's his favorite cologne.  Good.  'Glad he likes it.

Tatay's birthday cake.

Wishing you more birthdays, tatay.  We love you so much.  Advance Happy Father's Day!

Jun 9, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: My Picks

So we went to the Bride and Bridesmaids Luncheon yesterday and it was held at Chocolate Angel in Richardson, Texas.  It was not that huge of a place but surely had a nice pastry and chicken salad.  The area where we had the party was small and I think it only accommodates about 20 people.  It was a girls' event so everyone had a great time especially the bride.

As I was busy with watching my little girl running back and forth, I took the chance to take pictures too.

This wall decor was hanging in the ladies bathroom and looked vintage to me.

After the lunch date, the wedding rehearsal was at 6:00 P.M. in Flower Mound.  The wedding was held at the Chapelle de Fleurs.  As we entered the premises, I was stunned by the beautiful lighting in the hallway.

Inside the chapel

Jun 6, 2012

Nasty Weather Today

Well, I did my best with organizing in the house for two days.  Despite of a severe thunderstorm in our area that causes a few power interruption, I was able to finish my laundry and baking.  I thought I would let my sister-in-law and her daughter to sleep in our bedroom tonight.  So I quickly changed sheets.  There was a pack of brownie mix in the pantry so I baked brownies immediately before the end of the day.  

The weather started to become nasty late this afternoon.  My husband called and check with me and my little one.  He said it was haling in Plano.  Thank God we just had lots of rain but no hale.  Unusual for the month of June, this big rain is good.  I was thinking of going to the grocery store to buy a chuck roast for tomorrow's dinner.  Since the rain was pouring very hard, I decided to go when my husband came home from work.

My husband's mother and sister with her little girl arrived at about 9 P.M. this evening.  Good thing I got home earlier from grocery shopping.  We have lots of things to do for tomorrow's luncheon.  As usual, my little princess was very happy to see her grandma, aunt, cousin.  She almost did not want to go to bed because she wants be with Na-na.  Aw, bless her heart.

Stress Affects Our Health

A friend of mine had a baby shower Sunday.  Although she's currently living in New York, she did not forget to sent us an invitation.  Aw, bless her heart.  This is going to be her first baby so every one in her family is very excited for baby's arrival.  The couple are getting ready for the new baby.

Health issues always concern my friend.  She worries too much.  I told her to take it easy and not to think about things that will stress her.  Her pregnancy will get affected and also her baby if she continues to keep all those worries in her mind.  There are good health care in New York.  My friend can find a good hospital to deliver her baby.  In fact, she can check on for hospitals nearby.  And just in case they move before their daughter comes out, she can also check for a health provider on the website.

I keep telling my friend that we are blessed because our husbands provide for the welfare of our families.  Plus, the insurance coverage for our health care is totally satisfying.  Nobody wants to have a health issue that causes bothersome.  So as a friendly advice, I told her not to stress out with nonsense.  Talking to someone always helps relieve stress.

Jun 5, 2012

First Harvest From The Vegetable Garden 2012

My husband watered the vegetable garden this morning.  He told me, on the phone, that my green peppers got some big ones already.  When he came home from work we walked down to the garden together and I was surprised that our vegetables are bearing.  Here's my first harvest, a few green peppers.  They are good for soup and do-it-yourself sauce.

My husband is happy to see that the tomatoes are out too.  Though it will take a long time for them to turn red, we cannot wait to harvest them also.  The string beans are growing more than two inches every day since he placed those bamboo poles.  Seems like they are waiting for something to wrap their vines with before clinging to the trellis. 

The garden is scheduled for a plant food again in a couple of weeks.  So they will be very happy getting their food again.

What's Your Bridal Flower?

June is the most popular wedding month of the year.  So expect June brides or couples registering to get the most important document - the marriage license.  Some future wives are trying to get their sexy figures back to be able to fit in their dream wedding gowns.  Wedding planners are busy with organizing and coordinating the wedding theme for the big event.

One of the most important object not be forgotten on a wedding is the bouquet.  The serenata florists are doing their best to accommodate orders for weddings and other special occasion. The bride has to select a type of flower for her wedding.  Roses are the most sought after bridal flower.  But, I think the Norma Jeane flower is adorably perfect for a bridal bouquet too!

I was very pleased how my wedding turned out four years ago.  It was a garden wedding and my husband's folks did a great job with the preparation - from the flower arrangement to the venue decor.  My wedding bouquet is still preserved at my mom-in-law's house up to now.  That was really awesome! 

How about you?  What's your bridal flower?

Cleaning And Organizing Today

We'll have company tomorrow night.  My in-laws will be coming over for a wedding this weekend.  My husband's niece is getting married.  It is a once in lifetime event so everybody is attending.  I had to clean up and put the clutters away (except the toys my little one is playing with), so I am starting to make most of my time cleaning and organizing today.  

I already did my groceries for tomorrow's dinner.  My husband and I will talk about this weekend's menu.  I already changed sheets in the guest bedroom and done cleaning the carpet with my efficient vacuum cleaner.  Since Monday and Tuesday are laundry days for me, my washer and dryer are loaded while doing all these stuff at the same time.  Whew!  Being a housewife and a mom is not easy some times.

Jun 3, 2012

Home Projects And Special Events

I tell you, this is a very busy year for us.  Here's why:

1.  Thanksgiving Day
      We are hosting this year's Thanksgiving Day.  That means my beauty will be busy planning for the event such as home decor, menu, dining theme, and cleaning the house.  Although my in-laws are here to help, I cannot help but think too much.

2.  Gardening
      My husband and I already started our flower and vegetable garden about four weeks ago.  The flower garden in front of our house still needs more attention.  The vegetable garden in the backyard looks nice and the plants are happy.  Gardening occupies our time too.

3.  Wedding
       My husband's niece is getting married this month.  I am one of the hostess for the luncheon for her and her bridesmaids.  The in-laws will be coming over in a few days to spend the evenings at our house.  So, our job is to do a good house cleaning again in a couple of days.

4.  Traveling and Vacation
     We are planning for a month-long vacation to the Philippines in December.  But we are not going to bring loads of packages because of the increasing fees and charges at the airport.  So, I am not gathering some gifts for everyone back home to send before Christmas. 

5.  Home Beautification Project
     As part of the home beautification project, yard work is one of the most difficult and time consuming.  The pathway in the front yard needs re-installation of paver stones.  The crack on the ground has made the pathway cement moved away from the patio floor.  So we need to get quote from systempavers for interlocking paver stones. 

Whew!  Lots of things to do.  Hopefully, we'll be able to finish at least the priorities.