Oct 4, 2012

New Work Shoes For Hubby

It's my honey's birthday and gladly, I was able to find something special as a birthday gift.  He has been planning to buy a pair of work shoes but couldn't get the chance to go to the store.  Well, this will be surprise to him since he didn't notice any sign that I am preparing for his birthday celebration.  

I thought it is time to replace the old work shoes.  So what I got him is a pair of Fila athletic shoes that he can wear to work.  Though this brand of athletic shoes hardly go on sale, I got a good deal at my less favorite department store the other day.  I thought I won't be able to find the right size but luckily the store has it.

 My husband liked the new shoes.  "Finally, I can get rid of the shoes I am wearing for two years," he said.

Happy birthday, Honey!

1 comment:

Rovie Aguis said...

Wow, ka sweet sad oi. I'm sure your hubby would be delighted to have this new FILA shoes.