Aug 18, 2014

Smells like Christmas In Our House Right Now

From my shopping the other day, I bought two packs of air fresheners.  I saw on the CVS ad that the Airwick air freshener refills were on sale.  And with my extra 25% Off I received thru email, I got them almost free because the store gave me back some Extra Bucks - equivalent to or like a store credit.

The scent of the Airwick air  freshener is Apple Cinnamon, which reminds me of the Holiday season.  When my husband came home from work this evening, he smelled it and said "Sure smells good in here."  :)


Chubskulit Rose said...

I like Airwick brand for air freshner.

Nova said...

I want to try that, I should get to try something different and i'll definitely try this scent.

Unknown said...

I love the scent of Christmas. I really like Airwick air fresheners too. I have the automatic one where you put a can in and it sprays every 30 minutes or hour however you set it. I am getting some pumpkin pie spice or something for now through November. After Thanksgiving I will get the one like you got. I usually do. It's great though when the home has a great scent to it.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

I bet you are excited for Christmas already. I used to buy Airwick before, but not anymore. No longer a fan of this type of air freshener at home. Glad you like it. :)