Jul 20, 2009

It Is A Swim Party Too

A lady friend sent an invitation for her baby shower party last month. I never thought it is getting closer...this coming Saturday. Until now, I am still choosing what to bring as a gift for the baby. There are a couple of interesting stuff online but I found a few nice ones at the department store too. Well, I should make up my mind. Buying a gift in the last minute is not cool. It is my day off on Wednesday, so I should have time to buy the baby shower gift I picked at the department store near by.

What I am excited about this baby shower party? It is swim party together with family and couples too :) Great!


irish daisies said...

oh i love couples baby shower and its so nice to have a pool party also. I love swimming! enjoy and have a blast.

Me said...

Ow.. I am sure you will have a lot of fun in the party. Thanks for dropping by in my site,you're link is already up now..

Holiday With Mama

Mhar's Display said...

@ irish
my husband said it is a girl thing. i told him husbands should share the excitement of the future parents too.

@ me
we got there late :( sure ur link is added too.