Dec 26, 2014

Christmas Celebration 2014

It's the Holiday season. Christmas presents were ready.
Yes I began shopping and wrapped Christmas gifts almost every night after Thanksgiving Day.  It's a little stressful thing to do but it is exciting at the same time because I thought of the special people in my life while gift wrapping.

We celebrated Christmas at the folks'.  The kids couldn't wait to open their gifts as soon as we arrived from the worship service and finished eating the meal on Christmas Eve.  My darling daughter got some great stuff.  She even received what she was wishing for - a Barbie Dream House.  She also received a Go-Go Fur Real Friends Puppy.  Thanks to her aunt, uncle, cousins, Na-na, and Paw-Paw.

Liver Dip. So good.
The Christmas Dinner was so delicious.  The highlight dish of the evening was the Liver Dip.  I thought it was ice cream when I first saw it.  I tried it and it was so good.  Mom makes delicious food especially on occasions like this.

Samsung Galaxy S5 cellphone.
I enjoyed watching the children taking turns in opening their presents.  Sometimes I helped my daughter opened hers.  My Christmas gift this year was given to me in advance already.  I asked for a new cellphone and my dear husband let me get it.  

How about you?  How's your Christmas celebration?  What did you receive this year?

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