Dec 20, 2014

Company Christmas Party 2014

Let us celebrate.
Happy Holidays, everyone!  It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Families and friends get together.  Holiday parties are held everywhere.  I honestly tell you that Holiday season is my much-look-forward-to time of the year.  I always feel the cheer and excitement when this special occasion comes.  

My husband and I attend his company's Holiday party last Saturday.  It was held at an Italian restaurant.  I was glad that the venue is closer to our place this time and I just had to let my cousin watch for our darling daughter for a few hours that evening.

It's great to know and see that companies like my husband's give yearly Holiday parties like this.  It is very motivating and rewarding.  I got to meet and mingle with his co-employees in parties like this.  And, it is also a great time to celebrate for the wonderful year that the company had.

Merry Christmas!  Cheers to you.  And let us not forget the main reason of the season. We are remembering the birth of Christ.  We are celebrating a birthday.  May the Almighty's graces be with us in the New Year and always.

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