Jun 22, 2020

My First-Time Vegetable Container Gardening

We thought of having a vegetable garden in the backyard again this year after two years of stopping it due to heavy nut grass problem.  My dear husband had treated the soil and left it untouched for two years.  Surely no nut grass came back within those times.  So this Spring we bought some starter plants of tomatoes and eggplants. I planted okra seeds and long beans seeds, too. Unfortunately, none of the starter tomatoes were growing.  Instead, they were drying up.  The okra seeds germinated but they just stopped growing. Only the long beans are currently improving their growth.  The eggplants are not doing good either.  It's very frustrating and disappointing. 

I decided to try vegetable container gardening so I bought a potted tomato plant as a start.  I found this one at Walmart and, so far, it is doing great.  It is now bearing fruits.  But only one has grown and ripened so fast that I had to pick it before the spoiled birds devour it.  This is very good in salads and soups.  There are four little fruits now so hopefully they will grow and ripen at the same time soon.

If you haven't tried vegetable container gardening, now is the time to do so. I am also a beginner like you and I want to learn more.

Thank you for sharing!


Christine said...

Yes indeed, I agree that vegetable indoor gardening is the new normal for us all. I realized that during the quarantine period, especially the first few days, I really wished I'd planted veggies sooner so we would have something to harvest if there will be a scarcity. But thankfully all went well during quarantine, we've planted kamote tops, alugbati, tomatoes, chili, eggplant, oregano and malunggay.. (we are sellers of malunggay seeds also here in the Philippines, by the way) I do hope we all learn a lesson from what is happenning these days and plant veggies all year round so we have ready supply.


MharMg said...

Hi Christine! Thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, it is great to have a vegetable container garden especially nowadays. I am still trying to increase the variety of veggies that I will want to plant in the pots. It's very hot summer here in Texas so some veggies need to be in partial sunlight. The soil dries up very fast. Unlike in the Philippines, humidity helps a lot.

Back in the Philippines, I helped my father tend his small vegetable garden. Ingredients for soups and dishes are just there for grabs.

Take care and stay healthy.