Mar 31, 2009

Spring Winds On A Sunny Afternoon

Is it not amazing how time flies so fast? It is Spring time and I am here in Texas for a year now. My adjustment to the climate, the surroundings, the people, and the new country is a little bit different. Because I am not used to living in a cold climate, my outdoor activities are limited. The people are more focused on work and family. Until now, I do not know what is the name of the person living right next to our apartment unit :).

My journey to coming here in the USA was not easy. I have had been through all the legal process. Since I am a fiancee (a woman engaged to be married), I was petitioned by my honey ( a US citizen). The application for the Petition for Alien Fiancee took place June of 2007. The overall waiting period for the approval including the visa issuance was eight months.

And this time last year we were busy with our wedding preparation. I was very happy yet nervous. Then the WONDERFUL MOMENT came. The Spring winds was blowing on a sunny afternoon of April 12, 2008. We had a garden wedding in Tyler, Texas.


belajar dan berbagi said...

Hi, very nice blog... care to exchange link with me? thanks before...

├črigida ∫chmidt © Copyright said...

Hi Mharms! Thanks for visiting me (and for leaving a message on my comment-box). You must be Asian too? From which part of Asia are you from? I was reading your recent post, it's funny how you're not familiar with your neighbor (not to mention their names)!

Anyway, do visit me anytime. You're always welcome to leave me a note :)

Mharms said...

Hello Bridge! Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you leaving some kind comments here.

I am from Philippines. I am happy you came by my blog.

Samantha said...

ahh that fiancee visa wait...I went through that before too. To me it was the longest 6 months. Aren't we glad that it's all over and we are here with our hubby eh?

Mharms said...

@ Samantha
you said it right. we are very thankful the waiting is over.