Apr 4, 2013

New Shower Curtain

Our guest bathroom has a new shower curtain.  Since we moved back to our house two years ago, the shower curtain hasn't been changed until today.  :)

I found one that matches the color of the bath rugs.  The new shower curtain has Sakura flowers on it that kinda have shades of red.  I am very pleased about it.  It is hard to find curtains that will match the theme of your bathroom.  I replaced the shower curtain liner too. 


Tita Beng said...

I love the design of that shower curtain of yours,Mhar! So pretty!
Parang gusto ko tuloy palitan din yung shower curtain namin ngayun. Lol!

Have a nice day! Tc!

Marms @ Home and Household said...

Hahaha! palitan mo na te Beng :)
Thanks for the comment. :)