Aug 28, 2009

Gifts And Stuff Are In Transit

As usual, the package we sent are full of stuff which includes the gift for my mother on her birthday. My honey and I bought some body essentials for the family.

The most special gift we have for my mother is a couple of nice tops. My mother likes blouses. She can pair them with any jeans, skirts, or shorts. Finding those blouses was never difficult because I just looked at clothing catalog online. She will surely like the trendy style of the clothes. The comfortable make is another advantage since the weather back home is unpredictable.

My mother appreciates all the things given to her. Clothing is one of her interests. That is why the women's Clothing Catalogue on the Internet helps a lot on my online shopping. I just have to be very careful with the size selection. But price wise, I get a big of a deal when I shop online. As early as now, online clothing stores displays their fall clothing collection for sale. Wide selection of trendy women's clothes are available. Prices are very low on sale items too.

Oh well, enough of the talking. What matters to me now is that, my mother will get the blouses and the other stuff by first week of October.

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Hello i'm rose
thanks..nice blog...
keep update im still waiting and drop EC (please drop and follow me too)

miss U

Aceh Barat

Mhar's Display said...

@ hi rose
sure i will follow you also. i appreciate you stopping by here. keep coming :)


Dori said...

I hope that your mother really enjoys her new blouses :-)

Have a great weekend!

BLOGZOOM said...

I miss you! I love to hear about you! Thanks! Cheers!

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Mhar's Display said...

@ dori
i hope so. but sure will :)
thanks dori.

@ Sissym
I miss you too. and I love hearing from you especially when you visit me here.

@ zephyr girl
I appreciate your invitation. i would love to learn how to make money with my blogs :)