Sep 26, 2009

Facing The Challenge With Discipline And Right Attitude Leads Your Way To Success

Another challenge is on the line. I need to strengthen the courage and confidence in me. It took me a while to learn and become confident on this matter. But after doing a lot of instruction and practice, I can say that I am ready now.

The stress and frustration has kept me going, making myself more determined to face it. It is normal to fail the first time. But with constant practice accompanied by strong discipline and right attitude, facing the challenge will be easy for me. Success is just ten minutes away. I will do my best to get this thing behind me.


Tey said...

If we can only see Challenges as a fun, everything will not be that bad to achieve any goal. I always beleive that you need to love what you are doing to succeed. Thanks for sharing my friend
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Mhar's Display said...

Sometimes when you are in a deep challenge, it stresses you out and make you want to quit. But we want to get it done so we can go ahead and say with pride, I did it!


josie said...

hey Mharms, let's x-link, I already added your food sense to mine check it out, can you add my two sites to yours? thanks

Mhar's Display said...

@ josie
sure josie.i appreciate you adding my blogs ;)