Sep 1, 2009

Additional Charge For A Month-to-Month Basis Rental

The apartment lease renewal letter was received recently. It states that we can still avail the current rent rate if we renew our lease for another seven months. If we are not renewing, they will charge us $ 25.00 addition to the rent rate if we decide to go month-to-month basis.

My honey was thinking to go month-to-month because he does not want to be tied with another contract. And if we want to move, we just have to inform the office 60 days immediately, without waiting for the lease to expire. Also, another reason why we want the month-to-month basis is that, we would want to move in a two-room apartment unit where we can have enough space for our furniture, which is currently in storage. We have our bedroom furniture set in there. But we have the sofa and some living room furniture with us here in the apartment.

Hopefully, if we become stable in our jobs right now, we will be able to buy a new house where we can put all our furniture in there. That, also, depends if our current house for sale will get sold soon.


Mom Knows Everything said...

Thanks for stopping by both of my blogs! Very sweet of you! :o)

Mhar's Display said...

you are very much welcome tammy. hope to seeing you constantly here.