Oct 27, 2009

Feeling The Blues

It is hard to leave but we have to. We are leaving Leyte and will head to Cebu tomorrow. We will fly back to Texas on the 31st. The three weeks vacation in the Philippines is truly a happiness for us. Nothing compares to the good times spent with the family. We will miss everyone...surely. Not even on the plane yet, we are feeling the blues now. I know that everyone had a great time...they are happy to see us too.

As soon as we get back to work in the USA and get our pay checks, we will start saving again for the next trip :) We are looking forward to another vacation...hopefully a month long vacation.


Lindz said...

hello there, I'm from leyte too... how's our beloved island? asa ka sa Leyte? nice to ahve found your blog..

Mhar's Display said...

@ lindz
I am from Kananga. HOw about you? Leyte is growing. They are promoting tourism now. It is nice to know you are a kababayan :)


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