Apr 22, 2010

Now Is The Right Time For Gardening

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Honestly, I do not like the cold season that much. There are a lot of outdoor activities that I cannot do when it is cold outside. My honey and I like tending the yard and working in the garden. We are happy when Spring comes because we have the time to work in our garden.

We went to the house in Nevada last weekend. My honey checked inside for leaks and he also bug treated the house. While he was busy checking on stuff inside, I was in the front yard looking at the plants we left there. I thought they needed to be transferred or replaced. But redoing the front yard garden needs a lot of work.

A friend once told me to try organic gardening. According to an article from the gardening blog I read online, you can grow flowers in your garden organically too. This needs a lot of work but it's worth it. Spring is the best time for starting the blooms in our garden. It would be very nice for my front yard garden to have a make-over, I think. And my honey will be proud because he likes gardening too.

If you want to start working in your garden, now is the best time do it. Check for tips and helpful guide to organic gardening. And if you need supplies, a 20% off coupon code: SBSSMOGB is available at Isn't that neat?

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