Apr 19, 2010

Fashion Without Exaggeration

Like every woman, I like dressing up but not exaggeratedly. I wear clothes that suit my personality. Conservativeness is still my style.

I admire women who have sense of fashion. They carry themselves with sense and style. But how far can a person go for the sake of fashion? To me, there is a limitation. Like what I said, I do not exaggerate myself. I search for a fashion tip online. If there is a cool celebrity fashion reference that catches my interest, surely it's a grab! There is nothing wrong with looking great and fashionable. The best thing to do is be confident.

Do you want to learn many things about fashion? Go to Stylecaster for tips and figure out how you can become chic like everyone else.


finance said...

actually I was not too happy with the fashion
but it never hurts to try to read, thanks for sharing

Liz said...

Yeah, that's the key, being able to carry well what you are wearing. ;)

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Dhemz said...

laag ko dire kadali...salamat sa paglabay!

JENIE=) said...

we can't just push the latest trend into our own closet...we have to know what best describes us;) i believe also that it's our personality and how we carry ourselves that matters most...then add up the fashion ;)

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