Apr 4, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers

As we enjoy the warmth of Spring, the trees and flowering plants are growing their leaves again. It won't be long, we will see the beauty of blooms around us.

When my honey and I were on our way to the Easter Sunday gathering (in Garland), we saw blooms of Bluebonnets by the highways. He thinks it is early for the flowers to show up. But the rains from the past season helped nourish the soil so early blooms will come out he said.

This morning, it's overcast and seemed like there was some sprinkles from the sky. I asked if there's a bad weather coming. "I did not hear anything from the news," he said. "Spring is the season when we get strong thunderstorms and rains. But it is good for the plants though. April showers bring May flowers."

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