Apr 25, 2010

Morning Sickness

It was a terrible weekend for me. I did not enjoy my weekend day off at all! Why? Morning sickness hit me Friday night and still feeling weird as of the moment. The worst was last night. I kept waking up running to the bathroom towards the sink. I was so emotional because there is nothing I could do about it. My honey's so worried. At 2 A. M. I called my mother back home, crying and telling her my situation. She said it is normal. It comes with pregnancy and most women get it. Then she started telling me her story while she was pregnant with me. She asked me to stop crying because it is not good for me and the baby.

My mother told me not to stay lying down. It will just make my blood circulate slow. I should go out in the sun every morning, even if I feel weird. Sunshine will give energy to my body and helps with blood circulation. That's what I did today. My honey and I went for a walk this morning around the apartment complex. I felt good after.

Right now, I am reading information on remedies to lessen morning sickness. But according to health experts, morning sickness will stop around the 12th week of pregnancy. Whaaat???

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Anonymous said...

Buntis diay ka mhar's?pang-ilan?

maayo kapa,bisan ug lisud...kailangan gyud agwantahon.

Ang maingon lang gyud nako,take care lang gyud kanunay,labi na kay duha namo.

BLOGZOOM said...

Are you in the beginning? Are your first pregnant? I thought you had children. I just got sick of my daughter in the third month and always at night. I could not dinner.
Were 2 weeks and I lost weight a lot. For every woman is a different story, but the happiness of being a mother has no comparison. I am here looking forward more news.

Cheers my dear!

shimumsy said...

wow sis, congratulations!
just bear with the morning sickness for now, your second trimester will be a lot better. take care always.

Liz said...

Wow sis, congratulations! I've never had morning sickness, so I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I do hope though that you're feeling better now. Don't worry, it'll pass.

Take and hugs to you. :)

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Senesa said...

There's a tablet that u can buy at the chemist without prescription, just ask the good lady. They will tell u bout the dosage too. Goodluck... Eucalyptus lollies too did a wonderful job for me, I always had it in my pocket during my 1st trimester. There's a lot of remedies that you can try on but not all of them will work for u. Every pregnancy s different (ay sakto kaya ang ako spelling, pardon me kung mali) hope you can find something that will suit your body needs. Enjoy the experience.

imelda said...

congrats mharms, yes the monring sickness gets off at about 3 to 4 months

""rarejonRez"" said...

buntis diay ka Mar? congratulations ha! that is a blessing, a very precious one!

i've had a very severe case of morning sickness with my first and only pregnancy and that's the reason why i am scared to get pregnant again. lol. pero di man na magdugay, when you reach 4 months, ok na ang tanan! hehehe... just make the most of those morning sickness kay sarap na balik-balikan. :)

congratulations once again!

cookie said...

mine is worst than ever..but as soon as u'll see ur baby,u wont even rmember any sickness anymore..taka care and godbless...:-)

Jhiegzh said...

Its normal though!...God bless with your health!

Anyways, you dont have any chatbox in your blogsite? Thanks for dropping by!

Would you mind for link exchange? Just need your permission though! Thanks and God Bless..


MJ said...

pwede exlink ta....

thanks in advance...