May 24, 2011

Celebrating In Brazil

A dear friend is celebrating her birthday today.  Cheers to Masquerade's owner, SissyM! I wonder where the party is gonna be?  Hmm...I cannot go to Brazil.  Arg! sweet friend.  Greetings from USA.  I am wishing you more birthdays to come and plenty of blessings for you and your daughter.  Thank you for your friendship.

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BLOGZOOM said...


The party is now universal.
It is global.
I'm so happy because I received many messages that came from various parts of the world in several languages, people who made ​​a big surprise. You're one of these people who made ​​a nice surprise.

Today I had lunch with friends and later I had dinner with my daughter Laura, my sister, nieces and a great friend of my times of adolescence. We laughed a lot, especially because both (my friend and my sister) have the daughters of 19 years and now they have boyfriends! So, we look that as it is a time travel. Our time when we were young.

I really appreciate the kindness of this post. This makes my hours, my days and my path to become more enlightened.


BLOGZOOM said...

Mhar! I return here today again, cos I feel so happy with this sweet memory!


JANZ said...

hi mhars, long time no blog na kasi ako. kmsta kna? la ka na dito chatbox ah!

janz said...

mhars, add ko ytong link m sa blog ko ha! i hope u can add mine dko kasi makita sa bloglist mo eh! thank u.

Mhar's Display said...

@Janz, hi! salamat for stopping by.
Eto may anak na turning 6 mos. next week. Glad you are back in blogging. Sure I will link you up.