Nov 10, 2013

Please Help!

This is the most horrible and damaging typhoon my country have ever encountered.  Super typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda) hit the Philippines and made its landfall Friday morning, November 8, 2013 which is Thursday night here in the US.  I was already aware of the coming super typhoon so I called my parents.  My mother told me that everyone's in the apartment including my younger sister and her kids.  My only brother and his family evacuated to his wife's aunt's house near a school.

That Friday morning I called my mother to double check.  She told me the winds and rains arrived and they saw roofs from neighbors' houses blown away.  I told them to be safe and pray and stay together.  After that I haven't heard from them up to now.  The whole province of Leyte is black out no power and the communication is down.  I am so worried sick.  

I saw news reports on television that were recorded earlier when the typhoon's landfall.  After that, black out!  News teams couldn't stream or broadcast information due to no electricity and telecommunication signals went down.  To those who were in the big cities like Tacloban and Ormoc and witnessed the devastation that morning, they were able to take photos and videos from their mobile phones and shared them to social networks.  After that, nothing followed.  No updates up to now.  

No news yet from my hometown Kananga.  Our neighborhood is located between a river and a hill.  My sister and her kids live there but they evacuated to my parent's apartment downtown.  I just couldn't imagine how our neighborhood and my hometown look like now.  So many people are homeless.  No electricity, no communication, no food, no clothing.  All I can think of now is look for a way to help my family, friends, and kababayans there, especially the young ones.

Right now they need food and clothing.  I am taking this opportunity my fellow bloggers, online friends...asking for your kind donations.  That would be highly appreciated.  No man is an island.  They need help.  Monetary or in's up to you.  It will help them start a new life.

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Thank you very much.  May God bless you a thousand folds. 

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Tony Briley said...

Good luck on collecting some donations. It is a sad thing that happened there and now they are saying another is on the way? Hopefully the next will be more sparing of the precious life and property the other has taken away.