Oct 25, 2010

The Party Still Went On

It was a stormy Saturday but still the party went on. I had a baby shower party again at our friend's in Plano.

My honey and I got there before the party started. Because it was raining, I wore my pair of cowgirl boots with a multi-colored maternity dress. I felt comfortable with my outfit. My friends said I look good. Oh, yeah...thanks! Haha!

Our close friends and my mother-in-law came but some of the invited guests were unable to attend the baby shower because of the heavy rains. My former co-employee came late because she worked that day. I appreciate her so much for attending my baby shower. We had fun playing games, eating, and talking (as usual). And my baby received lots of cute things from our friends.

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Free Baby games said...


May I know what games had you played because Im just curious, even the weather is not good you been celebrated it nicely, I thought that game was very funny..

Mickey Buarao

Mhar's Display said...

@ Mickey,
thanks for the comment.
We played the "Don't Say Baby" and Bingo games.