Oct 17, 2008

Cramps, Oh Crap!

It is the period of the month when painful cramps starts. I really hate it when it happens. It feels like I am tortured or something. I can feel a headache coming up. What's worse is that, I have driving lessons today and I am feeling uncomfortable. There is no way to reschedule because the instructor is fully booked until the second week of November. Oh man! I need to rub some mint oil on my belly and temples to make me feel better, at least. Okay...I got to go. See you later!


twinks said...

Hi Marl,

I hate having those menstrual cramps too. Kung pwede pa lang la ng monthly period. :]

Happy weekend :]

A said...

Aaaargh! I know what you mean, I used to get cramps too whenever I have my period, but lately I haven't had them but the down side is my period has gotten stronger, as in like I have to wear a diaper on my first day, that's how strong it is... try a hot compress, it works for me, usually... :)

Mharms said...

@ twinks
I know...wish ko lang but, we are made to have this eh.

@ ane
ako rin minsan super lakas talaga rin kapag first day. by d way, what's a hot compress?

imelda said...

hot compress if i may answer u sis, is that bag u fill with hot water to press against that cramps anywhere in ur body, thats hot compress.

how did ur driving go sis?

A said...

imelda is right, sorry it took so long for me to answer back, i had problems with my internet... anyway i hope wala ka ng cramps... :)

Mrs. Stevenson said...

i hate when that happen specially if u got some thing or some where to go. drop u ec po. have a good day!

cha said...

hello, nope! hindi ko nilagay since im not residing in US!
have a nice day!

Mharms said...

ah ok yun pala yun..tnx melds.

it's ok. well im doing fine na so far. medyo throbbing pa headache ko.

@ ria
ur's a suffering for me.

@ cha
i see..buti ka pa :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

have those ever month and its not good...

Mharms said...

sinabi mo pa rose...miss u.