Oct 14, 2008

I Am In The Midst Of Challenges Right Now

My heart is aching. After a bad incident happened to me last Friday night, I am still in distress. Seems like I was in the middle of challenges in the past few days. And today I was notified that my blog was cut from 3P's system. I am doing the best I can to make my blog reputable and informative. And 3P is the only place where I earn money online. Honestly, I am feeling down right now.


vicy said...

Am sorry about this..I am disappointed too coz I have zero PR again..huhuhu!!Thinkng to get my own domain now..By the way, Can I ask about the process of having a new domain?? Do I need to resubmit again to the paid blogging sites after I have my new url??Thanks in advance..God Bless!!

Unknown said...

How are you now? I hope things are ok with you already. TC

imelda said...

sis, may i know why was your blog cut from 3P?
sis, when a door closes, many windows of opportunity open.

Beth said...

Cheer up Girl! And keep on praying. Give everything to God. Just do your best, and He will take care of the rest!
God Bless

Tey said...

did they tell you why? Because I asked them why they removed my Celebrity blog and they didn't answer me. Well I hope things will turn out good for you soon Marly
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Mai said...

hi... nice posts in your blog.. care to link exchange in one of my sites???

My Touch of Heaven

Mharms said...

@vicy, gracie, beth, imelda, tey, and emjei

thanks so much for your concerns. they didn't tell me why my blog was cut :(

Symphony of Love said...

Hi, I agree with what Beth said, "Just do your best and He will take care of the rest." I truly believe that everything happened for a reason and there is always an opportunity to grow. Remember that, "The night is the darkest before dawn. Press on!" It would soon be day break.

Mharms said...

@symphony of love
i appreciate your warm advice.thank you.

Symphony of Love said...

You are most welcome. God bless!

pchi said...

just register in other blogvertising sites

your site is PR3

so you have better chances now

strike while the iron is hot

try blogsvertise, sponsoredreviews, buyblogreviews, socialspark, etc

dami pa ata

you can send a ticket! and ask why

Chubskulit Rose said...

so sorry to hear about your 3p, kung kelan ka pa nagkaPR saka naman.. submit mo blog mo sa payu2blog...

Maus said...

same here mhars
dont worry there things comes for a reasons...
i cut also to 3p
under my old acct..
its okey,,,sayang nga lng but we need to accept the reality we cannot do anything if like nila tayong alisin hehe
pls visit my babyblog...full of blooms see u

Mharms said...

@ pchi
i will try submitting this to the sites you've mentioned. salamat ha.

@ rose
this month lang rose. hayy...sayang nga talaga. di bale submit ko sa iba.

@ maus
sorry n lang nga sa'ting dalawa :)
anyways, there is always hope. thanks for the kind words.