Oct 8, 2008

We Need Clean Air

Do you sometimes experience frequent sneezing even if you are just inside your home or car? There may be two reasons. Either you have allergies or the home atmosphere is dirty. I am not pertaining to clutters or untidiness. What I mean is that the air inside your home is getting soiled. We have it everywhere I know. My husband and I are noticed ourselves sneezing with runny nose lately. But then, there’s a way to clean the air in our home by using the best air purifier that we can find in the market.

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lusia said...

HI friend,really very nice blog.very interesting post too.keep it up.

Carnation said...

hello there ... hope you feel better! nice blog

Mharms said...

@ lusia
tnx for coming by

@ carnation
as of now, we are feeling good na