Oct 13, 2008

What's Your View On Blindness The Movie?

I was impressed by the movie Blindness which opened on October 3. The movie is about the epidemic of what so-called “White Sickness” which has spread out suddenly in a city causing loss of eyesight. Blindness is a very interesting movie and is over all worth the watch. There are scenes that would surely touch your hearts.

A friend told me about a website,, where you can post your remarks and join discussions regarding the movie. My friend is active in posting comments in the site. The website is focused on user-generated contents where you can share views with the different scenes in the movie. Right now, everybody is busy participating in the forum’s concept “The Last Thing I want To See is…”, sending pictures and drawings of the last thing they want to see if the situations of the movie takes place. If you will be in the situation where you will lose your sight in the blink of an eye, what will be your reaction?

If I am blind, I will not be able to see these beautiful things. So we should do our best to take good care of something precious to us, our sight.


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