Oct 3, 2008

Getting Dressed For The Season

Oh my! What’s happening to me? When I think of the weekends I think of shopping. My mind and fingers are roaming around online. Do I need to be disciplined? I think so. I know I have to control myself but I saw this Charm Metallic Dress designer clothing by Madison Marcus. They are dazzling to the eyes and feels like they’re cool to have on just looking at the fabric. It is knee-length and made of silk. The dress’ style is in semi-formal type but also can be worn on formal gatherings. It’s on discount sale so I feel much better. Matching with the dress I saw a pair of Loeffler Randall Emmy D-Ring Black Boots. The boots look gorgeous with its black color and average high heels. This pair matches appropriately with the season. They really look good together in relation to my fall season fashion ideas.

I know most women out there would find these stuff attractive too. There are many designer clothing to choose from that suit shoppers’ taste when it comes to fashion and budgeting. I know we are after satisfaction with the price as well as the appearance. But also we consider the durability, longevity of the stuff we buy. There may be some would disagree but I am, however, shopping wisely though.


vicy said...

Was here for a visit and dropped ec

Maricel said...

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Deborah Katy said...

I have a tag fever for you. Go take a look!!!

. said...

pakiboto po ang madramang entry ko dito .salamat po!

Cecile said...

i love the christmas tree, where did you get it? here visiting and dropping ec...have a nice day!

vicy said...

Christmas is coming..I love it..Happy Sunday!!

Mharms said...

@ maicel
posted already cel..tnx i enjoyed d party :)

@ katy
i already got that tag..will add ur link to my post ok?

@ cecile
tnx cecile. i got this graphics at

@ vicy
tnx for hopping in..yes, i am excited for the holiday season nah

Mharms said...

@ enday
i voted already..ur article is nice

Carrie Tai said...

Hi.. nice meeting you. Great to know another blogger from Philippines.

I love shopping crazily too. I'm an impulsive buyer...

Mharms said...

@ cheddarina
nice meeting you too. Hahaha! we have the same weakness.