Apr 10, 2010

Oh No! Oh Yes!

Uh oh! Am I missing my monthly visitor this month? I said to myself I have to wait for two or three days to be sure. But it's been a week today.

According to woman's health experts, our menstruation cycles from 28-31 days. But it is not constant to all women. It differs according to the body system. My monthly cycle goes from 28-30 days depending on the month my monthly visitor falls. Now it is a week passed my cycle. If this thought I have in mind is true, now what am I gonna do? Oh no! Oh yes!


MommaWannabe said...

Congrats sis! I hope it all goes well for u:)

josie said...

hi Mhars,
how are you feeling, do you feel the sign? Take care!

caloy said...

Oh No! Oh Yes! Congratulations?? :-)
Blessing yan sis!

I hope u can visit my blogs too.. see u!

imelda said...

Hi there how are you??

Prettymom said...

would it be a good blessing?

MdAmor said...

I hope it is the answer that you want. Good Luck either way!

Mhar's Display said...

Thank you to all who sent their congratulatory greetings :)